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Russetfur, Deputy of Shadowclan, Former Rogue
warriors. kucing
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This Warriors (Novel Series) foto might contain tom, tomcat, kucing, kucing benar, kucing, and kitty.

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posted by wolfcat47
C- Cloudtail
M- Mousefur
S- Sandstorm
G- Graystripe
L- Lionblaze
D- Darkstripe
F- Firestar

C- Hello and welcome to DP wars 3! :3

D- why am I here?

C- to beat Lionblaze! :3

D- >:3 yay!

L- can I go to the dp first?

C- fine. >:|

G- :3

S- X3

M- o.0

S- I'm a buah-buahan ninja * kills buah-buahan *

G- I'm a ninja, I'm a fluffy ninja!

M- I'm a ninja

C- we forgot to thank LaughingHyena! THANK YOU!!!!! :D

G- where's Lion?

L- I'm back.



C- now to teleport you!...
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posted by StichxAngel4eva
yea soo... i was like totally bored so im just gona make a parody ^_^ (BTW THERES SWEARING)

Scene 1, The arguement.

*Graystripe is playing Pokemon on X-Box*

Graystripe: Like, omistarclan my pokeman just died!

Firestar: *Earphones plugged in* Who died?

Graystripe: Ma pokeman!

Firestar: What?

Graystripe: Ma Pokemaaaaan!

Firestar: Whaaat?

Graystripe: MA F**CKING POKEMAN!

Firestar: What? Spottedleaf? ah oh well, who cares if she dies. she was never needed anywayz. all the crazy sh*t i did tonight they'll be the best link...

Spottedleaf: Excuse me?

Brokenstar: Omidarkforest that song?! I HATE hiphop(Or whatever...
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 Pantherstorm & Shadowclaw
Pantherstorm & Shadowclaw
A grey bundle of bulu blasted into the clearing.It went into the warriors den.Sniffed.Into the apprentices dem.Sniffed."Sootkit!"A black she-kit cried.Sootkit ran up to her."Im sorry,Lavenderkit!Its just theres so many new smells!"He paced around."I know!I just dont want to get in trouble!"She berkata firmly.His ear twiched.what his sister was saying was true."Okay..Ill stop."His sister priked her ears."Those kits!"A bulky black tom walked out of the Warriors sarang, den with another she-cat oleh his side."They messed the warriors den!"The tom growled."Shadowclaw is right!They messed up all the moss!'Sootkit...
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posted by XxIvystar2345
this is a guide anda can find on warriorcats.com and is interesting to warrior kucing readers. on this guide anda have to be at least 96 moons(8 years) old to start! when anda are done membaca 5 buku anda are an apprentace. when anda have read 5 buku including a warriors book, anda have become a warrior when anda keep a silent vigil at home. if anda wanna become deputy, then help a child who has problems seeing atau reading. if anda choose to be a medicine cat, then anda have to read a book about medicine, plus a warrior book called"secret of the clans" when anda became deputy, anda will have to read 10 buku (it can be warrior buku too) to become clan reader~!
and remember membaca warrior rejects a dull life of a nonreader! (that`s membaca warriors talk for "a warrior rejects a soft life of a kitty pet!")
and anda can read about the warrior readers code on the website! <D
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Fireheart must train CloudPaw, but he's having some trouble. when he finally snaps, he bursts into song! i own nothing. sorry if somebody already uploaded this.
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