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The Comeback Stage: Semifinals - The Voice 2019 (Digital Exclusive)

John Legend Performs "Preach" Live - The Voice menyeberang, salib Battles 2019

Rod Stokes: How Am I Supposed to Live Without anda

Maelyn Jarmon: Mad World

dexter Roberts: Believe

Andrew Jannakos: Yours

Celia Babini: A Thousand Years

Oliv Blu: Gravity

Domenic Haynes: Damn Your Eyes

Matthew Johnson: Who's Lovin' anda

Kayslin Victoria: Stay

Presley Tennant: cinta on the Brain

Lisa Ramey: It Hurt So Bad

Karen Galera: Unfaithful

Selkii: Torn

Betsy Ade: anda Oughta Know

Mari: My My My

Kim Cherry: Poison

Kayslin Victoria and Oliv Blu: Location

Selkii and Cecily Hennigan: Head Above Water

Patrick McAloon and Andrew Jannakos: Free Fallin'

Rebecca Howell and David Owens: Unchained Melody

Jacob Maxwell and Talon Cardon: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Abby Kasch and Jackson Marlow: Bring on the Rain

Hannah Kay and Andrew Sevener: tequila

Mari and Anthony Ortiz: Like Me Better

Lisa Ramey and Betsy Ade: The Joke

Taylor cepat, swift | Dancing, Tall People & Lots of Taylors | The Voice Season 7 Knockout Rehearsals

Coaching the Coaches - The Voice 2019 (Digital Exclusive)

Jimmy Mowery &. Kalvin Jarvis: U Got It Bad

The Comeback Stage: Kanard vs. J.T. - The Voice 2019 (Digital Exclusive)

The Comeback Stage: Ciera Dumas vs. Kayla Seeber - The Voice 2019 (Digital Exclusive)

Kendra Checketts' Gets Stolen The Voice Battles Part 2

Kendra Checketts' Gets Stolen The Voice Battles Part 1

Kim ceri, cherry & Kendra Checketts: Here

Ciera Dumas & LB Crew: Done for Me

dexter Roberts & Dalton Dover: Hurricane

Julian King & Denton Arnell: Grenade

Celia Babini & Karly Moreno: friends

Matthew Johnson Gets Stolen The Voice Battles Part 2

Matthew Johnson Gets Stolen The Voice Battles Part 1

Presley Tennant vs. Rizzi Myers: Whataya Want from Me

Beth Griffith-Manley & Jej Vinson: Jealous

Savannah Brister & Maelyn Jarmon: When We Were Young

Domenic Haynes & Trey Rose: I Need a Dollar

Gyth Rigdon vs. Rod Stokes: Drunk Me

Mikaela Astel & The Bundys: Songbird

Shawn Sounds vs. Matthew Johnson: Never Too Much

Jackson Marlow: Troubadour

Maddi Fraser: Get It While anda Can

Kayslin Victoria: Feel It Still

Andrew Jannakos: Beautiful Crazy

Calista Garcia: Wishing Well

Rod Stokes: To cinta Somebody

Presley Tennant: Stone Cold

David Owens: I Can't Make anda cinta Me

Ava August: House of the Rising Sun

Kalvin Jarvis: A Good Night

Cecily Hennigan: Foolish Games

Celia Babini: idontwannabeyouanymore

Anthony Ortiz: What Makes anda Beautiful

Shawn Sounds: All My Life

Mari: Boo'd Up

Kayla Seeber: Baby One lebih Time

Oliv Blu: On & On

Abby Kasch: Here for the Party

Mikaela Astel: Electric cinta

Crystal Rose: Wicked Game

Andrew Sevener: Honky Tonk Women

Ciera Dumas: Tell Me anda cinta Me

Denton Arnell: Hold On We're Going halaman awal

Jae Jin: Hallelujah I cinta Her So

Beth Griffith-Manley: Until anda Come Back to Me

Selkii: I Try

JT Rodriguez: Higher cinta

Kendra Checketts: Sober

Rebecca Howell: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

Dalton Dover: Don't Close Your Eyes

Betsy Ade: Hunger

LB Crew: Waves

Jej Vinson: Passionfruit

dexter Roberts: Like A Cowboy

Kanard Thomas: Riding with the King

Alena D'Amico: In My Blood

Ruby McAloon: Back to anda

Patrick McAloon: Runaway Train

Talon Cardon: Say anda Won't Let Go

Carter Lloyd Horne: Drinkin' Problem

Luna Searles: Nutbush City Limits

Karly Moreno: Starving

Jacob Maxwell: Delicate

Julian King: All Time Low

Hannah Kay: Coal Miner's Daughter

Klea Olson: No Roots

The Bundys: Closer to Fine

Savannah Brister: Don't anda Worry 'Bout a Thing

Domenic Haynes: River

Matthew Johnson: I Smile

Nathan & Chesi: Waymore's Blues

LiLi Joy: Cool