Gwen P.O.V.

After the incident that happened at mine and Trent's wedding we decided to reschedule.So right now I was at halaman awal washing the dishes while Trent was at work.When I finished I went to my room and watched TV.For a detik I looked out the window,it was raining lightly.It seemed so relaxing I could just sleep,but how could I just sleep and acted like nothing happened.Why did I puke that day,did I eat something bad?I decided to get my lazy butt up,turn off the TV,and go to the doctors.Before I left I put on my blue plaid kemeja and my ripped jeans,along with my black converse.I got in my car and drove to the doctors.There were alot of people so I just waited and waited til they called my name.

Duncan P.O.V.

I was in the dapur cooking up some food for later,I heard a knock on my door so I answered it,it was Geoff."Hey dude,what's up?!"He asked.I let Geoff inside,"Hey man,Nothing much just cooking up some grub,you?"I replied."Just visiting a friend!"he said."So how's Bridgette?"I asked."She's good,she went to Gwen's wedding"He replied."Gwen's married!?!" I berkata in shock."Well was almost married til she got sick,they had to reschedule the wedding"He said."Oh...ok..."I replied."Why do anda care?"He questioned."I don't care just...surprised...I mean we broke up like a bulan atau two ago"I replied.

The chicken was ready,after I ate it me and Geoff started to watch some basketball.Geoff's phone started to ring,"Hello?....Hey babe....what's wrong?.....what happened to Gwen?.....WHAT!?!....ok....bye"He finished then hung up the phone."What happened to Gwen?"I questioned.There was a long pause,I asked again."She's....she's pregnant...."Geoff said.What!?! Please tell me this isn't true!?! "Your kidding right?"I questioned."Nope,Gwen's pregnant alright"Geoff replied.

Gwen P.O.V.

I couldn't believe it....I'm pregnant,Bridgette just finished telling Geoff the news.I don't understand I never did it with Trent,how could I be pregnant!?!