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VikingVulcan berkata …
Saw Enterprise on Netflix. Magnificent show. Great crew, new technology and a fine myriad of aliens. Poor ol' Capt. Archer. Always in scraps and scrapes diposting ·29 hari yang lalu
hoosejamesl berkata …
I want to be on your ship diposting ·6 bulan yang lalu
bedford08 berkata …
I am 69 YO and been watching bintang Trek since it's inception and,ruling out the original series, this has finest writing, casting and story line of any of the remaining series.It is a shame it was shown on a non main stream network. Like "Space, above and beyond" it was in the wrong place at the wrong time. All of our loss. diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
VikingVulcan komentar…
I saw Enterprise on Netflix. A magnificient show! Has it all in the one series! New technology, a myriad of aliens. A damn fine crew to put Enterprise together after she goes through. Poor old Capt. Archer, always getting into scraps and scrapes ·29 hari yang lalu