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Renesmee's POV
Weekend NO school...
I was up,and getting ready to go cliff diving with Jake!Mom hates cliff diving,Mom and dad have told me there cinta story many times,I dont think my mom was trying to kill her self but everyone else does,I think she was lost with out daddy like I would be with out Jake...

I was wearing my bright Pink&Lime green bathing suit with jean shorts over puncak, atas and a see through white tang top.

"Hey Rems"Maggie berkata as she walked in my room,jumping on my bed,looking at me

"Hey Mags,What do anda think?"I asked,and spinned around

"Very sexy"She berkata I blushed"I want to come...
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Hey- here's Jane!!

Alec's POV

The hari they arrive...

She'll be here,Near my cinta Maggie and Im Scared I wont be able to protect her,as if she heard my thoughts she says

"Ill be fine stop worrying,If anda were Human all of anda hair would be Gray"Renesmee laughs at this

"So true"Renesmee add's

"Ha,Ha"I said

We were in the yard,Walking to the Clearing,every one was talking to different people,Esme and Carlilse just got back a few days ago.Jacob was in human form holding Renesmee's hand,Seth and Leah were walking way in the back in serigala form,They'll howl for the others if we need them,There...
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