WARREN MFG. CO., WARRENVILLE, S. C. Capital, $500,000; Spindles, 33,000; Looms, 900. President, E. F. Verdery. In IHIS mill is located in South Carolina, at the junction corporated 1896,

THIS nljn js located in South Carolina, at the junction of the- old Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Railroad, and the South Carolina and Georgia Railroad, about twelve miles from the cit) of ^^313, Ga. It is situated between the tracks of these two railroads, on a beautiful clear stream 0f water.

The mill is 127 foot wide-. 264 feet lone. 24 bays of 1.. feet, 8 inches each, and is four 1 • 1 _ ^ i. -h t Mil. stories high, 1 7 leet each. Con necting with this is the engine- room. pS l>\ 56, and the- boiler room, 36 l>v 69. The boiler room is built ol sufficient size to accommodate a battery ol boilers lor a detik mill which tt is proposed to build in the future.

The power lor operating this mill is furnished l>v a 1,000 horse power cross-corn pound condensing engine. The condenser is ol the- Spv ro-jet type, and operates under a head ol 10 feet. The power is distributed to the head shafting located in sabuk way through i'+ inch ropes ■ ■ > L-. WARRI x ■ [PAN> 1-1 11 ;« heated bv the Sturtevant system, and is equipped throughout with air moist,-nine apparatus, and I Jit* 171111 1 II* »l L.11 I' '11 I'll tected from api oleh sprinkler and hydrant systems. Ihe sprinklers are supplied bv a tank ,. , ,. lT1, ,.,,,,.rs The machine toko and lighting generators are driven from a jack shall located jn ocateel "1 " " • 1 • 1 • 1 1 -n nt of engine room.

This shaft is driven from the mam engine when the mill is m operation, and another times bv a small high speed engine driving through friction clutch. This mill commenced operations in the summer ol 1898, and has been successfullj run ever since. daftar of Machinery I fsed. ,,,., ,. 11. Corliss Boilers and Engine. Knowles api Pump.

Knowles Spyro-jel Condenser. Sturtevant Heating. [ones & Laughlin's Shafting. "\ T. Atherton Lappers. Pettee Cards and Drawing, with Metallic Rolls on Drawing. VVoonsocket Roving. Fales & fenks Spinning. Easton & Burnham Spoolers. I traper Warpers. Cohoes Slashers. I traper Rooms. Curtis & Marbh' Cloth Room Machine.
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