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News by dragonsmemory posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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One hundred years yang lalu today, the Tiktanic sank. On her maiden voyage from England to New York, she struck an iceberg. Due to an unlucky combination of circumstances, the ship succumbed to her fate, floating gracefully to the bottom of the frigid Atlanti, where she remains to this day.

titanic was called "the unsinkable ship." She was large for her time, easily drawing admiration. Yet, she carried fatal flaws in her design. These flaws aided in her death.
titanic carried lifeboats, but she only had enough for about half of the passengers on board. She did, however, carry the minimum number required oleh the White bintang Line. On the night of April 12, 1912, these lifeboats were barely half filled. Made to carry about thirty people each, many left the doomed ship with a cargo of a dozen atau so women and children. Over 1500 people died that night.

When she struck the iceberg, titanic did not hit it head-on. Rather, she turned to one side, hoping to miss it. As is now common knowledge, 8/9 of an iceberg is invisible underwater. Thus, the berg scraped her side, tearing a massive gash in her hull.