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Here are some answers. I will update over and over so if anda want to get the jawaban right, anda can check them here :P Note: Not in order.

1. missgemtastic LOVES laughing, so if anda see laughing as one of the options, it might be the correct answer!

2. missgemtastic's favorit buku are humorous ones.

3. missgemtastic's nickname is Jelly. Call her that!

4. She has two younger siblings. One is a boy and one is a girl.

5. missgemtastic's accent she is best at is exaggerated Indian accent. She rocks at that one!

6. missgemtastic's favorit warna are jeruk, orange and purple (Mine is purple XP)

7. missgemtastic...
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posted by missgemtastic
Hi Everyone!
Thanks to all who joined my club. My lovely cousin Mellie made it for me.
If anda want to know a bit about me, here are my hobbies and interests. anda can also know a bit lebih oleh taking my quiz!
So... starting off with my favorit sport, and yes, I'm a very sporty gal; I do a lot of gymnastics. (This will give anda a clue to one of the pertanyaan in my quiz.) I am also very athletic. I am a fast runner.
SOME of my hobbies are: Reading, Writing, Drawing, Coloring, Singing, Dancing, Painting, and most of all; LAUGHING!!
I am very good at all of these. Especially laughing. It's my specialty! My 'laughter alarm bell' is very sensitive, so it goes off easily. Hehehe...

So! That's just a bit about me... having my own fanclub makes me feel like a celebrity!
Thanks to all!
posted by missgemtastic
Hi everybody!
My name is Jewel and I'm new here. I just joined yesterday and guess what? I've already gotten like, 10 fans!
This is the first website EVER I've joined that has so many nice people! anda guys are so friendly, and that's what makes this site so special.
It's quite a small article, I haven't written one before so I have no idea....
But thanks to all my friends who have kept company with me for the wonderful two days, lebih like wonderful two years with great friends to chat with, and checking my wall, I feel so great! I laughed so many times and like my motto; 'Laughing is the best medicine!'

Thank anda for viewing, I hope this is the sort of FanPop artikel anda would expect.