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 iu & Lee Joong Ki for Le Coq Sportif
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This iu foto contains bola basket, pemain yg menggiring bola, yg..., pemain basket, basketeer, and cager.

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Source: http://boksungas.tumblr.com/post/63991091773/iu-for-ceci-magazine
iu is once again proving to be a global power and name as her baru saja controversy with "Zeze" has even grabbed the attention of British news outlet, 'The Guardian.'

While the artikel glossed over making any commentary on the actual controversial nature of the issue, it does reveal that the book her song was based on, 'My Sweet jeruk, orange Tree,' has seen a great revival as people scramble around to get their hands on a copy and read it for themselves.

In response to this international feedback regarding a rather negative story, netizens relayed their displeasure, leaving komentar like, "This is embarrassing,"...
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Singer iu recently revealed a foto of her father for the first time, as they spent the hari hari together doing fun activities.

On March 28, iu diposting a caption on her personal Instagram account that reads, “This is my dad,” along with a foto as well as video featuring her dad.


In the snapshot of the father-daughter duo, they can both be seen dressed chicly in sunglasses, with iu wearing a black sweater and jeans, while her dad is clad in a black leather jaket and jeans. The singer’s dad is receiving attention for his stylish outfit and youthful appearance that makes it hard to believe...
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iu and Lee Hyun Woo showed off their close friendship in sketch-cuts for their spring advertisement for apparel brand 'UNIONBAY'!

The brand's new faces, iu and Lee Hyun Woo, shared during their interview on set, "We joke around and felt comfortable with each other as if we were friends that meet up every day, so we had fun during this photoshoot.

With our teamwork being great, if the opportunity presents itself, we would like to work with each other in a good production."

iu and Lee Hyun Woo previously worked together as 'Inkigayo' MCs and for IU's "You&I" MV.

source: link (more foto here)
The lovely iu has shown her equally lovely jantung oleh giving fan the gift of her voice with a new song! She revealed the song for free with an upload through Loen Tree's YouTube channel, and it's titled "Knee"!

As if to thank fan for her win at the '2014 MAMA', iu diposting on her Twitter, "I'm happy. It's all thanks to you. This is a present." She then provided the link to the audio heard above, which avid fan of the singer may recognize it to be the full version of the sebelumnya snippet she let fan hear on a fan community page.

IU, of course, wrote and composed the song herself, so make sure to give it a listen above!
To celebrate 6 years since her debut, fan from over 30 different countries collectively donated over 1,000 KG of nasi, beras and 1,000 bowls of instant ramen! What a good way to support IU! Taken from "dreame .co.kr"s YouTube channel
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Subete wo wasurete
Dokoka he nigedashite
Iketa nara sometimes anda swear

Kako ni shibararete
Mirai wo osorete
Tojita eyes Hiraite take me there

Motto jiyuu ni
Motto karei ni
Bokutachi wa utai odoreru
If your tears are falling
Makes your smile lebih shining
KIMI-rashiku umarekawaru
Start of New world

Shippai wo Hajiratte
Jishin sae nakushite
Soredemo if anda couldn't despair

Dareka wo aishite
Iki mo dekinaku natte
Isn't it hard pretending like Okay

Motto kirameki
Motto kagayaku
Bokutachi ga hikari hanateba
If your tears are falling
Makes your smile lebih shining
Arata na tobira wo hiraite
Start of New world

Sono sekai...
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