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 iu & Lee Joong Ki for Le Coq Sportif
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This iu foto contains bola basket, pemain yg menggiring bola, yg..., pemain basket, basketeer, and cager.

After raising further interest as well as backlash from speaking up about IU's current controversy over her track "Zeze," the publication company behind 'My Sweet jeruk, orange Tree,' Dongnyok, issued an apology.

On November 10, the company took to its Twitter once again to relate, "We apologize for having been unable to respect different interpretations. We are posting this in relation to defamiliarizing ourselves to another interpretation because we published the book only under the intention of the original writer and empathized with that intention.

"We only hope that the menulis we diposting beforehand...
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Despite the baru saja controversies that now surround the idol, iu was able to hold a successful fanmeet at the Jamsil Lotte World Square Mall Atrium earlier this month.

Although IU’s album Chat-shire was able to quickly climb to the puncak, atas of charts and her track “Twenty-Three” maintained its high ranking despite many releases from other artists, the singer has recently been embroiled in various controversies regarding plagiarism and “lolita” themes.

Despite this, many fan still showed their support and cinta for the singer at her baru saja fan meeting event. As shown visually through the photographs...
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