Hotel Transylvania Pitrocks14...

pinkarray posted on Oct 28, 2012 at 01:42PM
Don't you remember him from the Ultimate N Zone and he was cussing people out? Yeah, same guy and he also submitted multiple tags for people that got denied on Anime-Planet, he also did the same thing on AniDb. He signed up many times to VGBoxArt to post pictures that; could've been better. Also to DeviantArt just to steal, HE ONLY NEEDS TO WRITE STORIES NO DRAWINGS. He placed long text of bad words for Smashwii and he's been spreading his hate for this movie.

Mavis... I dislike her but Selena Gomez, I like the voice work for it. Not my view on cute but she's okay.

You compared it to Blood+ many times and it has amnesia in it. Ruined a scene just to destroy the film, saying that Mavis is a coward and she's mischievous.

I understand your dislike for the film but you don't go looking for comments all over the Internet to reply to.

Hotel Transylvania No balasa