Draco Malfoy in disguise, I bet!
Well, since nobody has come up with this topic (or so it seems), I'm going to be menulis about what really happen to Prince Adam's parents in the original 1991 version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

They Died Overseas

As royalties, I guess they died while they were doing their state visit. They were either assassinated atau died from an unknown plague, leaving the servants to spoiled their only son Prince Adam!

They Ran Away

Upon believing that the Beast had killed their son when they return from their state visit, they ran away in fear.

The Beast Killed Them

Okay, I know this sounds morbid and cruel at the same time. But I believe their son killed them out of anger, for leaving him behind and for being in this monstrous form!

Suicide & Natural Causes

When they found out that their son was actually the beast after running away from the kastil, castle through the Enchantress, the King committed suicide and his wife died of a broken heart. Another morbid taste, I know!

Please Come Back, Mom & Dad!

Only 4 theories make it, do anda agree with these 4 theories. atau is it?
An even sexier Prince Adam, agree?
Matthew Crowley!