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Let it begin...

10. Aurora- Sleeping Beauty
Aurora was so iconic in my childhood. I had two of her costumes and I wore them every hari after school. I loved her idea of her romance- and still do. Even though some people find her boring, weak and a "Mary-Sue"- I can't say I disagree with that now. Nevertheless, it still is a masterpiece and one of the gems in the Walt disney company.
"Everything's so wonderful..."

9. Tiana- Princess and the Frog
I was like 10 when the movie was released so it wasn't really a MAJOR part of my childhood but I was still technically a child then. Tiana inspired me to work hard for my dream. I really loved the movie. It kinda bothers me that Tiana ended up with a man- don't get me wrong, Naveen is F to the I to the N to the E- FINE!- but it would've been lebih empowering to me that way. But it doesn't bother me THAT much.
"I'm almost there..."

8. Esmeralda- Hunchback of Notre Dame
Hunchback of Notre Dame used to creep me out at some parts- EMPHASIS ON FROLLO'S HELLFIRE SCENE- so I used to just watch the Esmeralda parts. I watch the whole movie now and it doesn't creep me out now. I cinta cinta cinta "God Help The Outcasts"- it just shows how Esmeralda is so selfless about asking God to help outcasts like Quasimodo. That made me really think about other people who are less lucky than I am. I feel lebih related to Esmeralda now then I ever did before.
"Are anda always this charming? atau am I just lucky?"

7. Jane- Tarzan
I cinta the movie Tarzan! Not also because of the music, animasi and story but because of Jane! I really cinta how Jane loves to learn, explore new things, how she loves to draw- I could go on for ages. I relate to her cuz I cinta to learn, explore and draw like her!
"I'm in a pohon with a man that talks to monkeys..."

6. Jasmine- Aladdin
I loved melati as a little kid. I used to have a costume like hers, wore it and whenever the part in the movie when they go on Carpet and sing "A Whole New World", I used to go on a carpet and pretend I was melati :3 I relate to her sassy attitude and how she doesn't like people telling her how to live and what to do. When i was in Kindergarten, I never liked it when the teachers told me to do stuff so I used to throw tantrums and not finish my food- REBEL B-)
"I am not a prize to be won!"

5. Mulan- Mulan
I looooove Mulan! I truly admire how she was so brave to take her father's place in the army. I almost died in Disneyland when mulan waved, smiled and blew a ciuman at me O_O Best. Moment. Ever. -when I went there. I like how her song Reflection reflects me; how I wish I could be myself and free myself from people's expectations. Sometimes when I see myself, I wonder if that girl staring back at me is actually me.
"When will my reflection tampil who I am inside?"

4. Cinderella- Cinderella
She is such an iconic character; her rags to riches story is just a tale everyone loves. I don't think anda could go wrong with loving Cinderella. I truly cinta how even though she was abused and mistreated, she still remained ever gentle, kind and had new hope that her dreams will someday come true. I try to be lebih of Cinderella- it's one of my New tahun Resolutions. cinderella taught me to keep dreaming and have faith in them. I know my dreams will come true, someday. I just know it :)
"If anda tell a wish, it won't come true, and after all. A dream is a wish your jantung makes..."

3. Belle- Beauty and the Beast
BELLE O__O I really cinta Belle! I had her iconic emas dress and her red and emas dress from the enchanted Christmas. I relate to how she's the odd one out in her little town. Same goes for me at my school. She reads (fairytale) buku and I like that :) I cinta how selfless she is when she makes a deal with the Beast to set her father free in return for her staying at the kastil, castle forever. I don't know if I would be brave enough to do such a thing but I can aspire to be that :) I cinta how she's not judgmental and looks past appearances, I've learnt a lot from this. People who I've met who aren't as nice looking on the outside are actually really lovely people.
"There must be lebih than this provincial life..."

2. Megara- Hercules
MEGARA O____O Oh my gosh, Megara could be my soulmate! I only wish they have Megara merchandise in the disney Store, I would literally blow my life savings on it XD! I relate to Meg cuz I have jaded opinion on boys. I tend to not get into relationships because I don't want to hurt and feel pain like Meg did. I have a huge dinding up. I try to keep away from boys. Seeing my friends with boyfriends just make me feel... uggghhh. I act confident and like I don't care what people think, but if only people actually listen to what I don't say rather than I do say. There's no one I can actually talk to and trust. Like Megara, I'm independent, strong, witty and smart-mouthed. I just relate to her :) That's why I cinta her so much!
"Name's Megara. My friends call me Meg, at least I would if I had any friends."

1. Ariel- The Little Mermaid
ARIEL O________O I. LOVE. YOU. When I was in my childhood, I never liked Ariel- I thought she was insane to trade her fins for legs- (I WANT TO BE A MERMAID!!!!)- Aurora was my fave then and Ariel was my younger sisters favorite- she had an Ariel costume, Ariel birthday, Ariel cup...etc. But I decided to make Ariel my favorit because in my mind when I compare her to other disney Leading Ladies/Princesses, she just wins. Her longing and desire to explore the world above and wanting to be with her Prince (Mmmmmmm Eric O_O :-P) makes me think about how that relates with my life. I cinta my daddy and all but my dad does set up boundaries like King Triton does with Ariel- Ariel is rebellious and I relate with her and her relationship with her dad- but my dad is just a liiittttlle bit less strict. Ariel, anda ARE AMAZING. *bows and hails Ariel poster*
"Watch and you'll see someday I'll be part of your world..."