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Opinion by sweetie-94 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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My first artikel here so I decided to start with my favorit leading ladies!

10. Alice (Alice in Wonderland):

I cinta Alice, first of all I cinta her curiosity and her fantasi over that there's another world where everything is upside down, but that she also gets annoyed oleh all the mad people she meets in Wonderland.

9. Jane (Tarzan):

This is the most hilarious disney Leading Lady in my opinion, she's incredibly funny, but also interested in learning about the jungle and she has a very interesting personality.

8. Lady (Lady and the Tramp):

If I ever buy a dog I want the dog to be like Lady, a little bit funny, but willing to get the magazine every morning to me. One thing that I cinta about Lady is that when she saw that horrible tikus she didn't stop barking even though Aunt Sarah told her to stop. Lady is an inspiration for my dream dog.

7. Ariel (The Little Mermaid):
Opinion by BelleAmie posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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With love, BelleAmie :) <3 x
First artikel ever. Yay! Please komentar and I hope anda enjoy the pics I made :)

Let it begin...

10. Aurora- Sleeping Beauty
Aurora was so iconic in my childhood. I had two of her costumes and I wore them every hari after school. I loved her idea of her romance- and still do. Even though some people find her boring, weak and a "Mary-Sue"- I can't say I disagree with that now. Nevertheless, it still is a masterpiece and one of the gems in the Walt disney company.

9. Tiana- Princess and the Frog
I was like 10 when the movie was released so it wasn't really a MAJOR part of my childhood but I was still technically a child then. Tiana inspired me to work hard for my dream. I really loved the movie. It kinda bothers me that Tiana ended up with a man- don't get me wrong, Naveen is F to the I to the N to the E- FINE!- but it would've been lebih empowering to me that way. But it doesn't bother me THAT much.
Article by tangledfan posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Someday my prince will come
Someday we’ll meet again
And away to his kastil, castle we’ll go
To be happy forever, I know
Someday, when spring is here
We’ll find a cinta anew
And the birds will sing
And wedding bells will ring
And my dream
Is a wish your jantung makes
When you’re fast asleep
In dreams anda will lose your heartaches
Whatever anda wish for, anda keep
Have faith in your dreams, and someday
Your pelangi will come smiling through
No matter how your jantung is grieving
If anda keep on believing
The dream that anda wish will come true…
I know anda
I walked with anda once upon a dream
I know you
The gleam in your eyes are so familiar a gleam
And I know it’s true
And visions are seldom all they seem
But if I know you, I’ll know what you’ll do
You’ll cinta me at once
The way anda did once upon a dream…
Part of your world
What would I give
Opinion by Takuya posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Here is a very short artikel about my three favorit disney ladies, I will try to make it as long as I can.
I will try to explain my reasons for placing these three ladies as my favorites.

At a very strong third place we have the Brittish young lady Jane Porter.
She has taken the third place oleh being a very funny character and for the fact that she is a total misfit in the jungle and even so she decides to stay there.
I like her romance with Tarzan because it feels really natrual to me, it takes a little time and she is very confused over what to do about it.
Her personality and her looks are also very impressive, she is a very talented artist which is something that I want to be and she is one of the cutest adults in disney history.
Most people complain about how she looks in the tv-show but I think that considering how much differences there is between a movie and a tv-show it is not as bad as it could have been.
Opinion by lovegypsy64 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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#10. Kida(Atlantis:The lost Empire)
She's so cool and though I've only seen her movie about three times,it is kind of underrated. Ever since I first saw the movie,Kida was my favorit character(though Milo is a cool character,too,and he's cute). I've always thought she was very cool and she's beautiful,too. I cinta how she's so curious when meeting Milo and how adventurous she is.

#9. Mulan
A beautiful Asian heroine who kicks butt. I've always admired how she became the hero of all China. First she tries to be the perfect bride to honor her family but then she ends up honoring them anyway as well as all her friends in the army. mulan is very cool and her movie is fun to watch,too. I remember it was one of my younger brother's favorit disney film as a kid. Good ol' memories. ^^

#8. Megara(Hercules)
Like Kida in Atlantis,Megara has always been my favorit character in Hercules since I first saw the movie. She is so beautiful and I cinta her voice. Also,her sarcasm is really funny and I like how at first she's all tough then ends up being a real softy for Hercules. Awwww! She really...
Opinion by madisonsavanna posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Image credit goes to pupazzoso on deviantART
JUST MISSED THE CUT: Ariel and Alice

5. Pocahontas

I like Pocahontas a lot lebih than I used to, I used to think she was too serious, but my opinion of her has totally changed since then. I don't think she's too serious anymore, in fact, she doesn't like Kocoum because she thinks he's too serious. She has a sense of fun and rebelliousness that makes me really like her.

4. Jessica Rabbit

Some may not consider her Disney, but I do. I think Jessica is really cool. She's very mature and feminine, and just awesome. She's a really good singer and I like the sparkles on her dress (kind of random, I know xD) She kind of reminds me of madonna in a way, IDK why though. She obviously is very pretty and has some funny lines.
Opinion by LisaForde posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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I will never be yours,you creature
Here is a daftar of my favourite heroines from film that I love.

#10 Odette(Swan Princess)

At no 10 is Odette from The angsa, swan Princess. What I like about Odette is that she is so beautiful and so sweet. In the beginning of the movie she starts off very nerdy and then she becomes a beauty. She gets transformed into a angsa, swan oleh a warlock who wants her for himself. The reason why I added her at no 10 is because she never saved her mans life at all ,in fact its Derek who saves her from Rothbart.

#9 Fiona (Shrek)

Fiona is from Far Far Away and she is the princess in the shrek trilogy. She is the cinta interest of shrek who is an ogre as well as herself(she transforms into an ogre whenever the sunset goes down but she ends up being an ogre in the end). What I like about Fiona is her feisty ways and her attitude towards shrek and Donkey. She is also quite stubborn like Belle from Beauty & the Beast. She also can kick ass.

Opinion by Straggy posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Here's some pinup Disney ladies... Yes, this is the best I could find. Stfu.
I, for one, am much too lazy to go into detail about every single one of them and you'd all soon get irritated with my bitching about the ones at the bottom. So I thought I'd do anda a favour and just give anda my puncak, atas ten.
Yes, I swear. anda can moan about it as much as anda fucking want to, but I'm not going to stop doing it.
I'm also used to a bit of controversy. So if anda don't like this, then sucks to be you. On with the countdown!

10) Cinderella

I don't actually know how she managed to get on here, but whatever. It's not that I dislike her, but I don't particularly like her either.
With Cinders, I'm sort of neutral. Her personality is way too generic but she looks like a fucking supermodel and that gives her plus points. Her hair is awful, but all she needs is a good hairstylist and she'll be on her way. Some of her clothes do not beruang talking about (particularly that god awful nightie!) but she's generally quite well-dressed. In fact, she's so neutral it sort of irks me. I like to have a passion about things, whether that passion be negative or...
Opinion by KataraLover posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Okay so on the disney princess fan club everyone seems to be making daftar of their opinions on the prettiest princesses so I thought I would give some credit to those disney heroines who are not official disney princesses some of them are technicly princesses but not official ones because either their movie wasn't populer enough atau they didn't have the right qualities to be an official disney princess and Giselle and tinkerbell are not on here because Giselle's movie was a live action movie so it doesn't count and tinkerbell didn't become a heroine until her computer animated film and I don't like to mix hand drawn animasi and computer animasi together other wise tinkerbell would be my number one Penny's not here either since she's not a heroine and I might make an artikel of the most beautiful disney princesses maybe enjoy
Opinion by LisaForde posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Ok here is my puncak, atas 10 favourite leading ladies.

10.Snow White:sweet and childlike,Snow White is my least favourite as I find her too sickly sweet.She lives with her evil stepmother who wants her dead.

9.Pocahuntas:From Virgina Pocahuntas falls in cinta with a handsome english sailor from England named John Smith.I personally like her brave personailty.

8.Cinderella:I like cinderella as she is lot like me a hardworking and a hopeless romantic.

7.Belle: I cinta this charcther so much because she treats the beast like a human being(well he is one but she doesn't know yet)and she is not afraid to stand her ground either.

6.Mulan:Like Pocahuntas mulan is a brave young woman who poses as a man in order to help her father in the war as he is unable to do it. I like her tomboyish ways.

5.Ariel: I was always fascinated with this movie and Ariel because I cinta her love-struck ways as she loves a human and her father doesn't approve of it because his wife got trapped with the humans in the 3rd film.