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I admit I loved disney Princesses as a little girl, I collected stickers and pictures of my favorit (Belle and Ariel and Cinderella) and have a lot of the movies.

But one curious thing I started to notice about disney film as I got older was that there were usually no mothers around, it was almost always a single dad and his daughter trying to get by. If there was a female adult, she was an awful stepmother atau a wicked witch.

Here is a daftar of disney film (and many of these are based on folk tales and Grimm fairy tales, but they are the ones disney seems to like to make film of...) where...
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A mothers whisper

In the night when your fast asleep.
Precious eyes closed…and in a beautiful dream.
anda hear a whisper…a soft gental sound.
anda smile…and laugh..nowing mother is around.
Trying not to wake up from this dream of yours.
It makes anda feel safe….all nice and warm.
anda feel a nice, soft, warm hand on your head.
Mother cries… she dead?
anda try to pindah to tell her you’re alright.
But anda cant pindah at all that night.
Mother sings me a beautiful ryme.
I try to wake up…its about time!
I wanna feel her warm imbrass.
Is it really way to late….
I see an malaikat up in the sky…
I see mother standing right by,
I walk to here and give her a hug.
Mother whispers…your in heaven my love(=
Some girls really hate themselves. They think there fat, atau to skinny, atau they have huge eyes, atau they hate there acne. Every girl has a flaw about themselves. YOu wont find a perfect girl. But what i can say is that every single one of anda girls are beatiful. Y? Because anda were created oleh a wonderful god! He created anda in his eyes. Think of yourself as a painting. YOu see the ones that look like a mess! well because they were made oleh a famous artist, there beautiful, and unique! LIke you! Whos to say anda arent pretty?The boys? The other mean girls? Who made up the rule that being fat, or...
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I didn't know these things existed...
safety first gals
crunchy feeling?
 (c)Lisa Regna, A Write to Heal
(c)Lisa Regna, A Write to Heal
"The mystery of our time is the inability of decent people to get angry."-- Eric Hoffer

I'm going to ask anda a pertanyaan right now, and anda can feel free to answer honestly. Do anda consider yourself a feminist?

After membaca the responses to _lina_'s link, I decided to remind everyone here, particularly women in the western world, what feminism today is really about.

Modern women in eropa and North America enjoy a multitude of freedom that often goes underappreciated. Women today are afraid to call themselves feminists because of the negative stereotypes associated with that word. Before I talk...
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A long time ago, I wrote an artikel on link, and the misconceptions about not calling yourself a feminist. Since it was so long, I highly doubt that it was read oleh its target audience, so I'm going to keep this one very short.

I won't repeat myself on detailing all the different schools of feminist thought, especially because I doubt you're interested. Instead, let me just say this: Feminism is like many religions atau philosophies. Just as one person who calls herself a Christian can have vastly different tampilan and beliefs oleh another calling herself a Christian, the same can happen with feminism....
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