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pilihan fans: No but I wish I could
pilihan fans: Merliah
pilihan fans: Hadley (MT)
pilihan fans: No
pilihan fans: YEAH!!!
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XTinkerBellx berkata …
What would be your ideal barbie movie? diposting ·8 jam yang lalu
MelodyLaurel komentar…
At this point, I just want them to konfirmasi that the another movie is coming, period. I don't know what my ideal barbie movie would be like (I certainly don't want to go with the same, tired cliche "I want classic fairytales like Princess & Pauper atau Nutcracker back! Also Kelly Sheridan!", because I understand the franchise has moved on from those and I admire that they're constantly reinventing the theme of the movies), but I know what I don't want in the selanjutnya barbie movie, and that's Barbie's sisters. I enjoyed their presence in moderation, but it seems these days all the content we get have to do with Barbie's sisters, and I'm kind of tired of them. Especially since they're all one-note walking stereotypes (The Nerdy One, T ·2 jam yang lalu
MelodyLaurel komentar…
(cont) The Sporty One, and The One That's Supposed To Be The Same Age As The Target Audience Included To Make The Movie lebih Relatable To Kids). ·2 jam yang lalu
WilliamBinh15 berkata …
Has anyone on this group have Subtitle of every episodes of 'Life in The DreamHouse' series ?

I've a plan to make Viet-sub for every episodes of that series BUT cause my English not really good, and I can't understand 100% some of the things they say, so I really want English subtitle that can help me translate to. Thanks!!!! diposting kemarin
WilliamBinh15 komentar…
komentar atau send message if anda can help me! ^^ kemarin
XTinkerBellx komentar…
Hi there, I don't know where anda could find all of the episodes with subtitles, but there are transcripts available here: link ·8 jam yang lalu
purplevampire berkata …
I liked the princess and the pauper and angsa, swan lake. and I really like the pesenam secret agent movie. diposting ·2 hari yang lalu
XTinkerBellx komentar…
I like those movies, too :) ·8 jam yang lalu