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Avril Lavigne tossed out her neckties years ago. Once hailed as the “anti-Britney” with the release of her chart-topping 2002 album, Let Go, the former teen rebel has since stripped down for Maxim, launched numerous product lines, married and divorced. And now it seems the angsty power pop image that many associate with the 26-year-old Canadian has diberikan way to a lebih mature artist.

Avril’s latest album, Goodbye Lullaby, leaves out the Tony Basil-like chanting found in girl power anthems Girlfriend and The Best Damn Thing, and we barely hear any distorted guitar, a mainstay in her multi-platinum...
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This is your third Maxim shoot...and we have to say, they just keep getting sexier!
I'm older and lebih comfortable with my femininity. The first time I was about 19 and was very nervous. I was lebih of a tomboy, I guess. I've always had a great time shooting with Maxim. I feel like it gives me my freedom. It's an edgy magazine, so it's cool.

What makes a woman sexy?
Attitude and confidence.

So, a new single and a new album to follow...
I have officially just wrapped the album. I've been working on it for about two and a half years. I've lived a lot, gone through a lot, and put a lot into my songwriting....
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Waking up I see that everything is OK
The first time in my life and now it's so great
Slowing down I look around and I am so amazed
I think about the little things that make life great

I wouldn't change a thing about it
This is the best feeling

This innocence is brilliant
I hope that it will stay
This moment is perfect
Please don't go away
I need anda now
And I'll hold on to it
Don't anda let it pass anda by

I found a place so safe, not a single tear
The first time in my life and now it's so clear
Feel calm, I belong, I'm so happy here
It's so strong and now I let myself be sincere

I wouldn't change a thing about...
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Thousands of dedicated Avril Lavigne fan start a campaign on the largest fan site to have an unheard Avril track released in full.

Canadian pop singer Avril Lavigne stormed her way through the charts with her debut record, Let Go, in 2002 paving way to one of the most well-known names in today's musik industry cracking out hits like, "Complicated," "Sk8er Boi," "My Happy Ending," and "Girlfriend."

With fan around the globe, support was diberikan to Lavigne right from the get go when AvrilBandaids.com was founded in April of 2002 making it the first Avril fan site of its kind! Over the years, the...
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*From Avrilbandaids

"Gottwald was brought onto Lavigne's last album, "The Best Damn Thing," under similar circumstances. "That record was done before Luke got in," Gottwald's manager Mark Beaven says. "Her manager said, 'Look, the record's done. But if he can come up with a first single, we'd cinta to do it.' He went in for a few days, the few days extended, and that extended. And they just had such a great time that all of a sudden there were eight new songs [of his] on her record, and eight songs [by earlier producers] that didn't make the record."

"I [Dr Luke] hear this a lot, that the artists...
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posted by emmett
Avril Ramona Lavigne was born in Napanee, Ontario, to parents Judy and John on September 27th, 1984. She was the middle child. She has a brother names Matthew who's 19 years old and a younger sister Michelle, 14. But she was always the feisty one and spent most of her school years getting into trubble. Even as a teen at Napanee District High School, despite being one of the smallest in her class (5''1'), she was always getting into scrapes. "I got into lots of fights," she admits. "If someone was picking on one of my friends, I'd go bithc them out. I wasn't a fighter, but I don't take any crap....
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posted by emmett
•A fan of hers has been accused of stalking her parents and violating a court order oleh trying to contact her. (August 30, 2004)
•ASCAP Film and televisi Music: Most Performed Song from a Motion Picture, Bruce Almighty, single I'm With You, 2004.
•Avril and Deryck started dating since March 2004.
•Avril and Deryck Whibley (of Sum 41) tied the knot on July 17 in Montecito, California.
•Avril began skateboarding ever since she was 14 years old.
•Avril calls Hilary Duff "a goody two shoes."
•Avril co-wrote Kelly Clarkson's song "Breakaway."
•Avril cried when she knew that she was...
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posted by Avril_LRockz
Themes in Lavigne's musik include messages of self-empowerment from a female atau adolescent point of view.[74] Lavigne believes her "songs are about being yourself no matter what and going after your dreams even if your dreams are crazy and even if people tell anda they're never going to come true."[73] On her debut album, Let Go, Lavigne preferred the less mainstream songs, such as "Losing Grip", instead of her lebih radio-friendly singles, such as "Complicated", saying that "the songs I did with the Matrix... were good for my first record, but I don't want to be that pop anymore."[75] Lavigne's...
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All this talkin' to you
I don't know what I'm to do
I don't know where anda stand
What's inside of your head?

All this thinkin' of you
Is that what you're doing too?
You're always on my mind
I talk about anda all of the time

Don't waste another day
Don't waste another minute
I can't wait to see your face
Just to tampil anda how much I'm in it
So open up your heart
Help me understand
Please tell me who anda are
So I can tampil anda who I am
You're just standin' by
You're just wastin' time
Why don't anda just tell me the truth?
About me and you

And as the time goes by
I hope anda realize
If anda ask me to,
I just might be with...
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Yeah, that's right. Avril is on the Justin Bieber puncak, atas 20! it was on MTV. They showed Complicated and he (justin) talked about Avril being The Pop-Rock-Punk princess.

1st Place- Michael Jackson
2nd Place- Britney Spears
3rd Place- Justin Timberlake
4th Place- Avril Lavigne

She didn't made it to the podium but it's nice to know she hasn't been forgotten.

This guy has a great taste of musik , i guess :P

but i wonder why did he choose Britney in detik place?
she is , what is the word for it..? untalented.
Avril Lavigne is pop's presiding mean girl, sneering and snarling like a punk kewpie doll with Tourette's over some of the most sticky-sweet melodies ever to hit the Billboard charts. "What the Hell" is Avril in a nutshell: Co-written oleh Max Martin, it's an anthem about a good girl who goes on a crazy-bender, staying out late, swapping boys and exacting psychological revenge. She starts out defiant ("All I want is to mess around") and quickly turns vicious: "I am messing with your head/When I'm messing with anda in bed." (In fairness, the dude has been pretty neglectful.) The musik is easily some of Avril's catchiest yet, with piping garage-rock organs, a pogoing, do-the-frug beat and a soaring singalong chorus. It's strychnine disguised as bubblegum.

I'm really glad Rolling Stone is giving this good reviews. It sounds like a possible crazy boy bashing song on a whole new level which I'm excited to hear.
Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne were spotted on the cold beaches of Costa Rica last Friday. Why a cold beach, anda might ask? Well, they apparently needed a reason to warm one to the other.

As anda can see Avril was wearing a cap. She didn't want to be recognized oleh paparazzi atau oleh Kristin Cavallari?

The couple started dating almost two months yang lalu and was seen enjoying lunch in public last month. So it has to be something serious going on!!!

This pic somewhat clears uo guys that they are really really dating each other and they cinta each other! Anyways....well thnx brody for helping avril and giving her heat! I wish if there was deryck instead of brody! *SIGH*
1 Beatles - 1
Apple - 2000 - 31 million copies

2 Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
Blue Note - 2002 - 22 million copies

3 eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP
Aftermath / Interscope - 2000 - 22 million copies

4 eminem - The eminem Show
Aftermath / Interscope - 2002 - 20 million copies

5 Britney Spears - Oops!...I Did It Again
Jive - 2000 - 20 million copies

6 Santana - Supernatural
Arista - 1999 - 19 million copies

7 Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
Warner Bros. - 2000 - 18 million copies


9 Celine Dion - All The Way...A Decade Of Song
550 musik / Epic -...
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posted by emmett

01. Lose Control
02. Cry
03. Everybody Hurts
04. Without anda
05. Heal My Broken jantung
06. Darlin
07. Black bintang
08. Oh La La La
09. Let`s Fly Away
10. Again
11. Only
12. True Love
13. I'm Alive

The album will be released in June 2010!

Avril Lavigne's new single from her upcoming 4th album will be a song titled "Alice Underground" for Tim Burton's new movie, 'Alice In

'Alice' might be on the new record...
Does anyone know if it's actually definately going to be on it? ;)

Can't Wait for the new Album!
posted by ace_cider
"I liked being a minor because anda can't get into trouble. Now I just have to try and behave myself."

"I might look like a tough chick - and I am - but I'm also a hopeless romantic inside."

"Why should I care what other people think of me? I am who I am. And who I wanna be."

"I'd like to be a little lebih hard-rocking on my selanjutnya album. But I hate the whole label thing."

People ask me if I regret wasting my last teen years on becoming a singer. anda know something? I don't. Because bernyanyi is my life. When and if anda want something so badly you'll see. I mean, I'm just so blessed to be doing what...
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1.If u met Avril what would anda do?
a.Wave to her
b.Ask her for an autograph
c.Scream on puncak, atas of your lungs and ask her to sign your shirt

2.You see Avril in a toko but you're late to meet your mates.What do anda do?
a.Ignore her,ur mates are important!
b.Hug her and tell her:"See u later!"
c.Forget the mates,Avril rox!

3.Are anda mad about Abbey Dawn?
a.Nope,its not my style
c.Hell yes!!

4.Do anda lyk the new atau old Avril?

5.Why did anda take this test?
a.To find out who this Avril person was.
b.To see if I'm an Avril lover atau hater,duh!
c.To prove to myself that i luv Avril

Mostly a's: Avril Hater
anda treat Avril as if she was an annoying younger sister!You hate her!

Mostly b's: Controlled
anda lyk Avril but anda treat her as if she's a mate. Well done,sista atau brother!

Mostly c's: Avril-sessed
You're obsessed and anda WILL meet Av one day!I'm the same as you!
posted by cuteemma
I’m tugging at my hair
I’m pulling at my clothes
I’m trying to keep my cool
I know it shows
I’m staring at my feet
My cheeks are turning red
I’m searching for the words inside my head

(Cause) I’m feeling nervous
Trying to be so perfect
Cause I know you’re worth it
You’re worth it

If I could say what I want to say
I'd say I wanna blow you... away
Be with anda every night
Am I squeezing anda too tight
If I could say what I want to see
I want to see anda go down
On one knee
Marry me today
Guess, I’m wishing my life away
With these things I’ll never say

It don’t do me any...
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Here's my ideas for 31 Candles: Avril Lavigne's Unforgettable Moments.

1. She's from Canada
2. Late 90s/early 00s is full of nostalgia
3. 2002
4. Complicated, the one that started it all
5. The Matrix
6. Let Go, Avril's first album
7. Avril on TRL
8. He was a boy, she was a girl
9. I'm With You
10. Avril won a nomination on mtv VMAs
11. Avril received 8 Grammy nominations
12. fan loved the first two albums
13. So much for my happy ending
14. Avril's musik videos
15. He Wasn't should premiere on MTV
16. Keep Holding On
17. hey hey anda you, I can be your Girlfriend
18. How The Best Damn Thing lost Avril's fans...
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 old avril
old avril
Do anda always do this to me?
Couldn’t anda just see it through me?
How come……
You act like this like anda just don’t care at all
Do anda expect me to be-lieve?
I was the only one who fall

I could feel I could feel anda need me
Even though you’re far away
I could feel I could feel anda baby

It’s not supposed to feel this way
I need you, I need you
More and lebih anda stay
It’s not supposed to hurt this way
I need anda I need anda I need you

Tell me
Are anda and me still together
Tell me
You think we could last forever
Tell me

Listen to what we’re...
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When it comes to a pop star’s image, let’s just say things can get very complicated. For some, it’s all about evolution, pushing boundaries and experimenting. For others, it’s about find what works and sticking to it. After all, there’s something to be berkata about consistency in the style department.

Just ask Avril Lavigne. The Napanee-raised bernyanyi sensation first mencuri our hearts when she burst on the scene at 17 with an album that went four-times platinum in the U.S.

Her skater-girl style topped the trend charts for the pre-teen set and young teenagers, as she took neckties and tutus...
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