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anda say that I'm messing with your head
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
All cuz I was making out with your friend
yeah yeah yeah yeah
Love hurts whether it's right atau wrong
yeah yeah yeah yeah
I can't stop, cuz I'm having too much fun
yeah yeah yeah yeah

You're on your knees, beggin please
Stay with me
But honestly I just need to be a little crazy

All my life I've been good but now
I'm thinking what the hell
All I want is to mess around and
I don't really care about
If anda cinta me, if anda hate me, anda can save me
Baby baby
All my life I've been good but now
Whoa, what the hell
What! what. What?
What the hell

So, what, if...
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posted by viju
Skater Punk
"I like being a minor because anda can't get into trouble. Now I just have to try and behave myself." Avril Lavigne
Skater-punk, dynamic spirit, and a true wild child, Avril Lavigne (nickname from her official site) was tossed toward stardom with her 6 times platinum and Grammy nominated debut album, "Let Go" (2002). The album spawned the big hit singles, "Complicated," "Sk8er Boi," as well as the Grammy nominated "I'm With You" and "Losing Grip." Teen punk-rock sensation Avril later gained lebih recognition with her detik album, the double platinum "Under My Skin" (2004),...
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posted by emmett
Doing her partial to representation in for charity, Avril Lavigne attended a Race to Erase MS kickoff fundraiser in Los Angeles, California over a weekend on May 3rd.

The 25-year-old Canadian thespian strike up a Kitson Melrose venue to flog off May as mixed sclerosis recognition month.

In associated news, Miss Lavigne has been creation headlines as she’s changed upon with a brand new relationship.

After an gentle divorce with ex-hubby Deryck Whibley, a punk princess has diberikan proposed hooking up with “The Hills” bingkah, cowok Brody Jenner.

*Taken from: www.zimbio.com/Avril+Lavigne/articles/XlIJCrqPQOH/AVRIL+LAVIGNE+RACES+ERASE+MS
 Cute Avril
Cute Avril
(Hey yeah)
(Oh oh, oh oh, oh-oh-oh)
(Hey yeah)
(Oh oh, oh oh, oh-oh-oh)

Now I will move, my little self on
It won’t be, very much longer
Ve-ry soon, he will find me
I know this, because I be-leive

If I get, to know myself better
I will be, a little bit stronger
I won’t forget, everything anda told me
Yeah I miss, the way you’d hold me

The word anda told me

Things happen for a reason
You’ll become a stronger person
When life tears anda up
Then you’ll understand

It’s never easy
But anda know when anda get there
As it tears anda down, it builds anda up
Well it builds anda up

Some girls fall
Just like I did
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Lil Mama and Avril Lavigne REMIX
Lil Mama and Avril Lavigne REMIX
Lil Mama and Avril Lavigne REMIX
Lil Mama and Avril Lavigne
Hey hey anda anda I don't like your girlfriend
No way no way I think anda need a new one
Hey hey anda anda I could be your girlfriend

I could be your girl Lil Mama be your girlfriend

Hey hey anda anda I know that anda like me
No way no way anda know it's no a secret
Hey hey anda anda I want to be your girlfriend

I could be your girl Lil Mama be your girlfriend

Don't get it twisted Lil Mama got my paper on
That means I'm a paper chaser I chase my paper on
And I know we chasing paper that you...
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What the hell happened to me
I've become such a mess
I'm a walking disaster
On a road full of stress
You got all that anda wanted
You got the good part of me
And I'm getting kind of dizzy
From this crazy disease

So get me a doctor
I need a repair
I'm pushing my limits
And pulling out my hair

And it's all because of you
I just run into walls and trip over my shoes
I get up, I fall down, every time anda come around
I'm not cool
It's all because of you
It's all because of you

You've got me spinning like a record
That's already worn out
And I'm kicking and I'm screaming
And repeating myself
I gotta hold myself together...
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This is a project an Avril fan base is doing. It was an announcement we’ve all been waiting for. The fan base were going to announce it as soon as they hit 10000 followers on Twitter. So they announced it, and it’s an awesome project. The artikel explains it all :

#LittleBlackStars we did it! We have 10,000 followers! Firstly THANK anda to every single follower for just following us and supporting us! A very special thank anda to the amazing black stars who have been constantly giving us shout outs and have got us this far! anda know who anda are! We are so grateful! We promised something exciting...
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Part of the reason Avril Lavignes musik is so great is the fact that she isn’t in it just for the money. In a baru saja interview she was asked if her goal was getting a record deal when she got into musik she answered that she has been bernyanyi and performing since she was two. All through life she enjoyed performing because she loved the music, and because she loved the musik then the record deals came. Even before her first album came out at the young age of 17 she berkata that she knew this was something that she has wanted to do for awhile.

Other than her pure cinta of the musik Avril Lavigne...
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posted by LilBunn
This lyrics is sooooooooooo perfect!!!
the song is awesome and she's rock!!

When you're gone
I always needed time on my own
I never thought I'd need anda there when I cried
And the days feel like years when I'm alone
And the tempat tidur where anda lie
Is made up on your side

When anda walk away
I count the steps that anda take
Do anda see how much I need anda right now

When you're gone
The pieces of my jantung are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
The words I need to hear to always get me through the day
And make it okay
I miss you

I've never felt this way before
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 Real smoky eyes
Real smoky eyes
According to a blog for women named - "All women stalk"...Avril is the queen of smoky eyes. They made a survey on puncak, atas 10 smoky eyes.

#10 Katherine Heigl-
Absolutely Charming!

#9 Eva Longoria-
Smoking Hot “Housewife”!

#8 Fergie-
One and Only!

#7 Keira Knightley-
British Beauty!

#6 Scarlett Johansson-
Hot, Hot, Hot!

#5 Jessica Alba-
Oh so cute!

#4 Natalie Portman-
Classic Beauty!

#3 Alicia Keys-
Everyone’s Favorite!

#2 beyonce Knowles-
Incomparable Diva!


At the end we all agree that the 1st place should belong to the queen of Smoky Eyes – Avril Lavigne – the girl who made smoky eye her famous signature look. She has the most beautiful and sophisticated smoky eyes!
posted by emmett
Canadian-born pop singer Avril Lavigne and her husband, Sum 41 singer Deryck Whibley, have purchased a Tuscan-style halaman awal in Bel-Air for the reported price of $9.5 million. The purchase of the Bel-Air halaman awal marks the detik Tuscan-style halaman awal for Avril Lavigne, who already owns one such property in Beverly Hills.

While reports indicate that Avril Lavigne had intended to build her own dream home, the Canadian couple settled on a three-storey halaman awal in the upscale Los Angeles neighborhood. Together, Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley, her husband of nine months, have purchased the $9.5 million estate,...
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posted by viju
 Wipe your tears and put up your head
Wipe your tears and put up your head
You're hiding in the closet once again
Start smilin'
I know you're tryin'
Real hard not to turn your head away
Pretty darlin'
Face tomorrow, tomorrow's not yesterday
Oh, oh

Pretty please
I know it's a drag
Wipe your eyes and put up your head
I wish anda could be happy instead
There's nothing else I can do but cinta anda the best that I can
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I was there once a while ago
I know, that it's hard
To be stuck with people that anda love
When nobody trusts

Pretty please
I know it's a drag (know it's a drag)
Wipe your eyes and put up your head (put up your head)
I wish anda could...
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"Girlfriend" is a song oleh Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne. The song was written oleh Lavigne with her producer Dr. Luke for Lavigne's third studio album, The Best Damn Thing (2007). "Girlfriend" was released as the lead single from The Best Damn Thing on 27 February 2007. Lyrically, the song revolves around its protagonist having a crush on someone who is in a relationship, proclaiming she should be his girlfriend. The song has been noted to have similarities to Toni Basil's 1982 single "Mickey", and The Rubinoos' 1979 single "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend". The songwriters of "I Wanna Be...
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posted by abe3er
I can be tough
I can be strong
But with you, it's not like that at all

There's a girl
who gives a shit
behind this dinding
You've just walked through it

And I remember, all those crazy things anda berkata
You left them running through my head
You're always there, you're everywhere
But right now I wish anda were here.
All those crazy things we did
Didn't think about it, just went with it
You're always there, you're everywhere
But right now I wish anda were here

Damn, Damn, Damn,
What I'd do to have anda
here, here, here
I wish anda were here.
Damn, Damn, Damn
What I'd do to have anda
near, near, near
I wish...
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*taken from avrilbandaids.com

We've been waiting to hear some solid news about Avril Lavigne's new record for the last year, and none lebih solid than information coming from Avril's mouth herself. Recently on Twitter, Avril stated that she was finishing up in the studio... but the strange fact was that she was working in eropa with a mysterious producer. We're glad to see that this record is finally moving out of 'The Family' if it means that it's release is sooner! We're hoping some kind of Ellie Goulding collaboration maybe? atau maybe she could be working with huge hitmaker Max Martin? Who knows. We can just see that this record is finally coming to the end of its production and we couldn't be happier.

~ Perphaps eropa was where Avril was headed when she was spotted at the LA airport recently...
posted by Avril_LRockz
In July 2008, Lavigne launched the clothing line Abbey Dawn, featuring a back-to-school collection.[12] It is produced oleh Kohl's, which is the brand's exclusive U.S. retailer. Named after Lavigne's childhood nickname, Abbey Dawn is designed oleh Lavigne herself.[101][102] Kohl's describes Abbey Dawn as a "juniors lifestyle brand",[12] which incorporates skull, zebra, and bintang patterns, purples and "hot pinks and blacks". Lavigne, who wore some of the clothes and jewellery from her line at various concerts before its official launch, pointed out that she was not merely licensing her name to the...
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Hey,Hey anda anda I Don't Like Your Girlfriend
No Way No Way Think Ya Need A New One
hey hey anda anda I Could Be Girlfriend
hey hey anda anda I Don't Think anda Like Me

No Way No Way anda Know It's Not A Secret hey ( Skip Part) anda Know I'm Da** Precious And Hel* Yeah I'm The Fu*king Princess


posted by modrockz
Been seeing too much of anda lately* and you're starting to get on my nerves* this is exactly what happened last time* and its not what we deserve* it's a waste of my time lately* and I'm running outta words* if it's really meant to be* then anda can find the way to say*

That maybe anda just shut up, even when it gets tough* baby cause this is love* and anda know when push comes to shove, it's gonna take the both of us* baby this is love, baby this is love, love, love, love

It's really great to be with anda this is* how I spent my life* but I'm capable of taking care of myself* so if anda fuck...
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posted by bakuargirl729
Lalala-a (lalala-a)
Lalala-a (lalala-a)

I coulda been the one anda noticed
I coulda been all over anda
I coulda been like all the others
Is that what I'm supposed to do?

It woulda been really stupid,
If I woulda went halaman awal with anda
To give anda everything anda wanted
It woulda been way too soon

I try to be sensative
I try to be tough
I try to walk away...
I try to be innocent
I try to be rough
But I just wanna play

You're my daydream, anda know that I've been thinking about you... lately
And everytime I look at anda
I can't explain I feel insane, I can't get away
You're my daydream

And anda know,...
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posted by Avril_LRockz
On 26 February 2006, Lavigne represented Canada at the closing ceremony of the Torino Olympics, performing her song "Who Knows" during the eight menit Vancouver 2010 portion.[42]
While Lavigne was in the studio for her third studio album, rubah, fox Entertainment Group approached her to write a song for the soundtrack to the 2006 fantasy-adventure film Eragon. She wrote and recorded two "ballad-type" songs, but only one, "Keep Holding On", ended up being used for the film.[43] Lavigne admitted that menulis the song was challenging, making sure it flowed along with the film. She emphasized that "Keep...
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