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This alpha and omega foto contains anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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My friend is having a crises about Jett right now. As he continues to be a indefinite asshole to WWWarea.

After seeing Kishin_Kira continuing the fight on the dinding and artikel again, I decided to make this as a stand alone artikel this time.

So I will bring out how the artikel violates the Fanpop's Terms of Service in the ii. user conduct area.

Fanpop - Terms of Service - -

First I'll say that before anyone thinks I'm making this up, here is a link to it:

Here is what I found:
Content diposting oleh anda on the fanpop Site.

"You may not post Content that:

is patently offensive to users of the Fanpop...
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I know its a Rio fanfiction and it doesn't belong here but this is the only place where I know for sure my fanfiction will be read atau at least looked at. There are almost 5,000 fan here and on the Rio page there are barely 1,000 people and there are only five artikel and they're all about Rio II. Again, like I berkata on the wall. You'll be lost if anda haven't watched both movies.

I went to school everyday, and it begins to get dull on you. Watching the same thing over and over again; hoping that one-day your life will change. Perhaps my life will...
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Well.. Even though I hate every fuckin thing about this story.
I decided to express WHY.

Well. Not only dose this express the right amount of sex, for me to dislike it.
But Lilly and Humphrey cheat on Garth and Kate, for no reason, rather then Lilly got horny after she saw Humphrey get a boner while Kate and Lilly were tickling him. (before seeing it, Lilly gave the whole "how 'big' is Humphrey, type of questions.. Cause, it's TOTALLY something, that anda would ask about your sisters boyfriend).
Coarse, he later has sex with Kate, and his profamance with Lilly was never discovered, despite Mooch,...
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Episode 4

*Jasper Park, Canada*

Hutch: *Standing guard*

*The cliffs*

King: *Watching* Soon, my rouges, we shall strike!

Princess: Father, we can't steal their land!

King: Oh gosh...take your hippie dippie stuff back to Banff! We charge to battle!

Rouge Wolves: *Charge down the cliffside*

*The Den*

Claw: Hutch! We're under attack!

Hutch: What?!!


Rouge Wolves: *Round up the remaining United Pack serigala and herd them into cages*

King: *Laughs* Jasper belongs to us now! Now nobody can stop us!

Duke Nero: *Appears from a portal* I see anda have the wolves.

King: And where's our stuff?

Duke Nero: Saga shall...
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