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harry potter

Please go read my new story in the artikel section!! its called The Secret Life Of Ginny Weasley!!

2 answers | my answer: ok
harry potter

What's your favorit quote from Harry Potter books/movies?

22 answers | my answer: I cinta Hermione when she says 'now, i'm going to be...
harry potter

If anda found out that the Death Eaters wanted anda to gabung them, how would anda react? And why would anda react this way?

37 answers | my answer: Well, first of all, i'd be really shocked and a lit...
harry potter

Horcruxes... (!!!)SPOILER FOR THE END OF BOOK 7!!!

6 answers | my answer: I don't really think it's 'used one up,' if you're...
harry potter

Would anda tell your children about Harry Potter ?

49 answers | my answer: Of course I would! I have it all planned out: Rea...
harry potter

Should i be a harry potter character 4 halloween?

9 answers | my answer: Yeah, go for it! I might be Hermione atau Luna... but...
harry potter

Who do anda hate most in Harry Potter series

55 answers | my answer: Let's see... there are a lot of villains I hate......
harry potter

What would anda do, if anda had the chance, to Bellatrix lestrange?

17 answers | my answer: I actually wrote a story about it :) ‘Merlin...
harry potter

Who would be your detik in a Wizard Duel?

22 answers | my answer: Hermione. :D
harry potter

Do anda have a song,that every time anda hear it,it reminds anda of Harry Potter?

24 answers | my answer: Any song oleh MoM x) "One" oleh Simple Plan. The fi...