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harry potter

What is anda favorit Non Canon pairing?

67 answers | my answer: Oh, God. Drarry dramione Drinny Nevile/Luna Ha...
harry potter vs twilight

What are some things in Harry potter and Twilight that anda laughed at that wasn't meant to be funny?

16 answers | my answer: I laugh at twilight because I hate it. ITs so poorl...
harry potter vs twilight

What kind of arguments annoy anda the most?

7 answers | my answer: This one REALLY annoys me- "I hate Harry Potter be...
harry potter vs twilight

What do anda think about Breaking Dawn part 1 not getting ANY nominations for the PCAs and Deathly Hallows part 2 getting a lot?

12 answers | my answer: Because Breakingdawn cause siezures.And is pretty s...
harry potter vs twilight

who is hotter harry potter atau edward cullen?

68 answers | my answer: Harry Potter is beutiful inside and out! He is smar...
Molly Weasley vs Esme Cullen

Why is one Better? :)

6 answers | my answer: Molly Weasley. She can kill one of Voldemort's most...
Voldemort vs Aro

how terrible would the death eaters be if aro took voldemorts place?

8 answers | my answer: Terrible. The death eaters would not have a strong...
Voldemort vs Aro

What do anda think would have happened had Voldemort replaced Aro as the head of Volturi?

12 answers | my answer: What would happen?! DEATH! Death EVERYWHERE! Vol...