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girls generation/snsd

[Contest] 2: Post a pic and komentar about the member anda least like. Mine is Yuri. I'm sorry to Yuri fan but it's my opinion. And write why anda don't like her.

6 fans have answered this question
girls generation/snsd

[Contest] 1: Post your fave SNSD member's cute atau pretty pic. And write why anda like her.

14 fans have answered this question
T-ARA (Tiara)

Post a pic of davichi's haeri and t-ara's hyomin and boram. (only this 3). 2012.09.20exp

1 fan has answered this question
Kim Taeyeon

Post a picture of Tae and Sica. Contest ends in 2012.07.13. Like the one below.

3 fans have answered this question