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Pensieve_Seeker berkata tentang harry potter
I'm going to make a prediction regarding FB. JKR is lebih than likely menulis the plot as a ring composition, like she did with HP. So here's my prediction- Since Nagini was introduced in movie #2 in her human form, I believe that her transformation into the snake will become permanent in movie #4. diposting ·10 bulan yang lalu
LowriLorenza89 komentar…
And Queenie will change sides again in #4 too? ·5 bulan yang lalu
Pensieve_Seeker berkata tentang harry potter
After 50 days, there has been a 30% decrease in the U.S. box office take of CoG when compared to the box office take of FB after the same amount of days. (I pretty well figured there was going to be at least a 20% decrease based on Depp's remark about assassinating Trump.) diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Pensieve_Seeker berkata tentang harry potter

Head of House, Professor Sprout, teaches herbology.
Dormitories are near the kitchens.

Hufflepuff, atau should it be Huff le puff, sounds like the House of Stoners. diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu