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  • Note: I am planning a change in username and might replace this account.
  • Favorite TV Show: Shingeki no Kyojin(Attack On Titan), The Walking Dead(have yet to decide lebih at the moment though)
    Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, disney movies,(I still have yet to decide lebih favorit and these are not in order)
    Favorite Book or Author: Jurassic Park oleh Michael Crichton
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MasterChief58 berkata tentang Spider-Man
My cousin has actually seen Tom Holland in person, even taking a picture of him with his phone, but couldn’t get close of course due to his guards. diposting sebulan yang lalu
MasterChief58 berkata …
TFW you’re super close to changing your fanpop account as planned but still feel indecisive with choosing a new username... diposting sebulan yang lalu
MasterChief58 berkata …
diberikan how long the Spanish Flu and Swine Flu pandemics lasted, we’re stuck with the Coronavirus for one to two years.......... diposting ·3 bulan yang lalu