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Role Players Needed

Hi! My name is Guilherme and my muse is Marshall Lee. I have been Role Playing for a while now and I came to fanpop to rebuild my muse, kind of like a clean slate. I'm looking for a community of friends to roleplay with. I'm looking for reverse Adventure Time characters and just normal peeps who want to roleplay with me. I want to keep it reverse Adventure Time but I can make exceptions. Your fanpop doesn't have to be dedicated to a character to gabung in.

Character description: Shy, funny, mischievous. Mun ships Fiolee. Casually flirting with Gumball. Rivals with Flame prince. Jokingly mean to cake.

Just answer and I'll pick some peeps to gabung :)

Also pujian to everyone who jawaban ^_^
 Role Players Needed
 CoelhoMew posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Foxy10 said:
:3 well I'm not really good at the AT universe (Normally just in the IZ universe) but meh... anda could give me a try if anda want, always looking for new RP'ers ^w^
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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
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