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Note: I can't freaking write ;w;
Jaime couldn't believe how much the newest team member, the hyperactive teen speedster from the future, had seemed to enjoy being around him. It seemed whenever they were even in the same room together Bart would rush over to start talking to him. He didn't know why his new friend had liked him so much, he liked everybody on the team, but not near as much as him.

It wasn't anything extremely close, but it was close as two guys could get without being gay. That may sound strange, but it's pretty much the only way one could...
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Hey, my name's Jozyl Jocoti but most to all civilians like yourself would know me as Shayde. That's right I called anda a civilian, if you're getting the hint here that means I am most likely a superhero atau supervillian (Mwhahahaha! Just kidding) atau maybe I could be neither atau maybe both? I dunno I haven't picked a side yet.

Well anyways I've decided to write my life down in this very article(s) anda dear civilian are reading. And if anda are membaca this I advise anda to read with caution, this is a tale of extraordinary events of a not so normal girl along with her definitely not normal friends,...
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Willow sat, gently strumming on her guitar. Her sweet melody’s filled the whole cave from the teluk, da? doors right across to robin’s room. It was quiet a talent Willow had she could play astounding bars of musik with only a few notes and her timing was breathless. Phoebe, siting a kursi apart from willow, could listen to her play for hours and fin and delta had to same idea as anda could see them gently taping to the beat willow played.

Willows tune changed to something a little faster but familiar. Suddenly Phoebe sang out

Hey, Heeeyyy, heeeyyy

Delta began to memukul her legs to a drum beat with a...
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Today we will be talking about a hero that I made up but I think will be perfect in young justice. These are a few things about her.

Lidia McClay is her real name and she has gone through a lot of superhero names that we will get to. When she was a very young girl about the age of 5 to 9 she was a spy with cat- like instincts and she was known as agent cateyes. When she was 9 years old her parents died in the circus when they were on a mission. They knew some one was planning on destroying the acts so they went undercover as a trapeze act. At that moment she was known as Vennessa Starworthy,...
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To All Active Members of the Young Justice and Young Justice OCs Clubs:

As anda may have seen, Bakes and BelovedRobin have been engaging me in a battle over morals. I will kindly ask anda to judge this argument for the betterment of the world. If anda do not wish to. Stop membaca here and hapus this message forever. Take no part in a moral battle of right vs wrong. But it is up to anda to determine what is right. And what is wrong.

Bakes and Beloved Robin have stated that they will put themselves above anyone else. That they would not sacrifice themselves to save anyone else. They have stated, quite...
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Another OC Poem

A team is a puzzle of armor,
Many of a single piece.
Fitting together with perfect precision,
Securing every chink.

(1)Fighting the shadows,
(2)Controlling the hidden,
(3)Creating a flame,
To do your bidding.

(4)Flying high as a sparrow,
(5)Wise as a leaf,
(6)Traveling in shadows,
Quick as a thief.

(7)A Phoenix fallen from grace,
(8)Plummet from the heaven,
(9)A dark winged angel,
To catch the fallen.

(10)Measure our distances speed,
(11)Put a speedster to sleep.
(12)Manipulate a natural law,
(13)Dive a hundred miles deep.

Every chink of armor,
Protected from harm.
A total set, invincibility,
No cause for alarm.

I was feeling really guilty for taking soooo long to post this. I'll do another with any remaining OCs I've missed because I know I missed many.
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 When she realized she coudlnt get back halaman awal
When she realized she coudlnt get back home
Real name: Ava Zadeer
Status: Reformed Villian
Age: 15
Agility78%, Speed 59%, intelligence86%
Abilities: Can bring imaginary things to life. atau even pictures. She can teleport through Three Demensional Lands. Her own- The Lands of Shadows, The Land of Light, and Land of Mortals. Highly trained in combat. Controlls a pack of serigala telepathiclly. Along with blocking other telopaths from entering her mind.
Relationship to Team:Batman rekindled her senses
Back ground:
Exiled form the Land of Shadows...
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In Central City Wally ran at superspeed to his house and opened the door, " mom, dad!?" Wally called closing the door behind him, his mom and dad walked out and Wally smiled with relief and ran to his mother first hugging her tightly as his dad came in hugging them both.

In Gotham city Lucas walked into his uncles apartment, " uncle flinn!?" he called opening the door and closing it behing him, his uncle wheeled out in his cheelchair and Lucas ran to him sinking to his knees and hugged him tightly, In Gotham aswell Artemis hugged her mom dearly.

Billys uncle in Faucett city looked in sadness...
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Zeus sat in his chair across from Volt and Fang. 
"It looks like he's holding her in Hades." 
"Do anda think anda cou-" Zeus stopped Volt in mid-sentence. 
"That is a journey anda must take. If I did release her, she would not be able to return to the mortal world." 
"Can anda help in any way?" 
"There are three pearls in the United States. Hermes will help anda from here." Zeus pointed towards Hermes standing selanjutnya to a table. 
"Alright. You'll probably need this." He handed Volt a map. 
"This will give anda the locations of all the pearls, then the entrance to Hades. anda might need this too." He...
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Chapter Two-

Wally slumped on the dipan, sofa selanjutnya to Artemis. Right now, he didn’t care that he was uncomfortably close to her. He was too tired from running back and forth through the mountain.

The two sat in silence for a while, watching the news until Wally noticed Artemis was asleep.

He was about to get up when he suddenly realized Artemis’s arm was draped across his chest (purely oleh accident) and he couldn’t get up without disturbing her.

So Wally sat in silence for a while, watching news about the stocks and ikan scroll the screen. Eventually, he was on the verge of dozing off too, and would...
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"Russia?" Robin asked.

"Russia." batman said.

The rest of the Team walked over as the screen appeared with a news laporan from Russia.

"With the international banquet between the United States and Russia approaching, tensions are running high and security has been pushed up. Unconfirmed rumors suggest that the Justice League will be watching over the banquet personally." the news reporter said. "But again, these rumors are unconfirmed. Back to anda Dave."

"Thanks, Iris. If anda want to see more, just-" batman cut the news host and the screen off.

"The Justice League has other matters to attend...
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posted by Skittles98
I sat in my computer chair and started to update the encryption codes and pass words. I heard a knock on my door and I looked at the camera’s. It was the boy who had challenged me. I opened the secret door and he walked in. He walked into the Cove.
“What do anda want?” I asked, not looking at him.
“I forgot my belt” he said. I picked it up off the ground and threw it over my shoulder.
“Thanks. I’ll be going now” he started to walk away then stopped. “You know, anda don’t have to live alone like this. anda could be part of a team”
“Who berkata I wanted to gabung a team. Who said...
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 "You're gonna be alright."
"You're gonna be alright."
"Jenny?" Someone tapped me lightly on the shoulder.
Through my blurred vision, I couldn't make out who was talking to me.
"What's happening to her, Chris?" Victoria. That annoying voice would be known anywhere.
I didn't hear an answer from my brother, just a sad sigh.
Slowly, my hand felt what was around me. The soft fabric of a rug touched my back; I was still in the bathroom.
Suddenly, I felt an explosion from inside me. The air inside made me cough, making me taste the blood.
"She's losing too much blood; we have to get her to stop coughing." Was that...Batman?
"That still doesn't explain...
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