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posted by robins-gfriend
I decided to give her a lebih of an x-men touch enjoy:

Eclipse ?????? (last name unknow to even her)

(weapon name)Weapon x-235
(assasin name)Alice
(x-men name)She serigala
(Young Justice name)Eclipse

Silent Magic(no word spells needed unless using dark magic)
Nails can sharpen and extend 5cm
Can turn into pure adamantium
Superhuman strength, stamina, agility, reflexes, and senses
Expert martial artist, pro sword fighter, assassin and demolitions
Angel wings
pro qymnast and ninga

Other Notes:
Hooked on her past
Is being hunted down
Dosn't trust people easily
Socialy Awkward
Is Dyslexic
Has Discalcuar...
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posted by Skittles98
I came up with the only movie that fell under as many categories as possible: Transformers. It fell under action, sci-fi and a bit of romance and comedy. I walked in the lounge and looked at the time. 10:00 pm. Perfect for an over an jam long movie, then sleep over games and my prank. Finally, everyone was here. I got everyone to sit down, pillows already set up. Megan grabbed the fluffiest one, Artemis grabbed the green one, Connor grabbed the biggest one, Kalder grabbed the one shaped like a fish, Robin grabbed the bat shaped one and Wally grabbed yellow one. I grabbed my special blue pillow...
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Okay, I'm having one of those moments again. The kind where I get all depressed about Mercy becoming evil (because I really didn't want her to!) and about how there are WAY to many OC's! Not pointing fingers at anyone, because I'm doing it too, but seriously! If anda want to make an OC, could anda PLEASE just write an artikel about them first? We need some idea about them first!
That's why I won't be RP-ing at all until I can actually WRITE a story for Casey! I suggest a lot of anda guys do that, saying that some people don't even put up a bio for their character!
One lebih point, PLEASE refrain...
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posted by NekoTheif
Shirley and Zack and Panda Hero belong to BelovedRobin. I keep forgetting to mention this

It was well past midnight when I fell asleep. I had my head on Danny's chest. My tears leaking onto his cold chest. The bloody knives laying no lebih than 3 feet away.

So I slept on the ground. With a dead boy under my head.

When I woke up Danny wasn't there. I was truly alone now. Sighing I wiped the blood off the knives and set out again. I didn't bother hiding. I just walked and dragged my feet. Didn't care enough to do much else. Danny was dead. All because of me.

I kept moving despite my bodies rejection...
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20 ways to piss off Fang.
1). Poke him and continuously and ask if he’s emo.
2) Put fake blood on your hands and tell him anda accidently killed Phoebe.
3.) Dye his hair berwarna merah muda, merah muda while he’s asleep.
4.) Lock him in a room with bright berwarna merah muda, merah muda walls. (And a barf bag)
5.) Take a toy pisau and ask Fang if he’s lost his.
6.) Tell Fang that anda cinta him.
7.) Hack into his blog and change his status update too “I cinta Hannah Montana.”
8.) If anda ever get in a room alone with him, sing the emo song over and over
9.) Give him McDonald’s chicken nuggets and tell him he’s eating his mom.
10.) When Fang appears...
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver

I was doing my daily internet routine (fanpop, facebook, email, youtube, fanpop, twitter, fanpop and tumblr)

When I got to my tumblr I was just like I always scrolling down looking at amusing pictures of things when I came across a Young Justice post.

I started to have a mini panic attack google cari because what I read was absolutely horrifying when I read that the selanjutnya (or one of the next) episodes entitled
The keterangan was leaked.
And dude. I'm about to wet my pants. So I warn you. All of you. (Especially Robin_Love)

Title: Misplaced...
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