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 Young Justice is Styleish!
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This in young justice fan art contains anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

Wally slowly opened his eyes. He had no idea where he was. The last thing he remembered was Artemis ciuman him and then everything went dark. He strained his wrists, grimacing as rough rope dug into his sensitive skin. "Think, Wally, think." He pondered the multiple possibilities on how to get out of this mess. He could easily vibrate himself loose, but there was a possibility of the rope cutting through his bone at that speed. His flesh could easily burn and never properly heal. Wally sat there in the dark. Maybe if he played opossum...
Dick knocked on Wally's door. He had seen Artemis storm...
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Chapter 5-

Alexa peered over the balcony into the courtyard below.

"So Dick Grayson goes out on these public meetings to support his adopted father's charity work?" Alexa asked.

"Yep." Poison Ivy said. "His 'father' is Bruce Wayne."

"Never heard of him." Alexa said.

"You've lived in the alleys too much. Bruce Wayne is the richest man in Gotham. He has billions to his name."

"So that's why we're going after Grayson."

"Yeah." Poison Ivy replied.

A limousine drove up and an old butler got out of the driver's side. He opened the door and a small kid, no older than thirteen atau fourteen, stepped out.

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posted by 66Dragons
Just a prologue quickie fanfic that acts as a prologue for Revenge of the Soviets


Robin was thankful when Revenge arrived. He could always somehow manage to keep the two lovebirds from destroying the Cave.

So naturally the first words out of his mouth were "Robin, I need your help with something."

"Get rid of them." Robin said, jerking his thumb over his back without looking up from his keyboard. "Then I'll help anda as best I can."

Revenge sighed and walked into the training room where Artemis and Wally were arguing.

"That was illegal!" Wally said.

"Was not!" Artemis yelled back. "That was...
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 Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl
Becca walked to where Robin sat. She sat on her knees on the other side of the cage.
“Robin. I need to apologize. For all I've done. I lost sight of everything I loved. I allowed someone else to hold my emotions. I may never be good enough for you, but that doesn't mean anda cinta me any less. And I know I cinta anda with my whole being. I would rather fight against anda than have to live without you. So please forgive me. And...never let me leave again.”
Becca looked up into the mask that hid Robin's eyes. Her own were filled with tears; some that she had been burying a long time. She swallowed,...
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posted by 66Dragons
 Ice Crystal (I know Im not a good artist)
Ice Crystal (I know Im not a good artist)
Image Coming soon! Check for updates!

Name: Ice Crystal
Alias: Crystal {{}}
Current Location: Moscow, Russia
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 119 lb.
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Gray/White
Superpower: Minimal ice powers (Can summon ice shards)
Outfit: White tank top with light blue bolt down middle. Light Blue jacket with white fur. White Jeans. Light Blue cape. Pale skin.
Description: {{{Data Limited}}}
Ice Crystal serves the Light. At age 14, she was sent on her first assassination mission. Her target: Bruce Wayne. While she failed at this, she did manage to gather supplies that the...
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posted by Robin_Love
Wally's brain was running in overdrive. Finding out what had happened to Robin led him to a fork in the road. After visiting Wayne Manor, it was clear that Robin was not there. In fact, it seemed that every one in Gotham city and surrounding areas knew Robin had vanished. But there were no leads to follow, no change in superhero protected cities. And that meant one of two things.
Robin had decided it was enough and ended his misery.
Robin had just disappeared.
Wally hoped to heaven, hell, and back that it was the latter; if he had made Robin cut is own life short...Wally had no idea what he would...
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