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Everyone sat in the living room/ dapur area. Meagan stood stirring a bowl of batter, as Wally put his arms on the counter and leaned his head on them, Robin sat on the dipan, sofa facing away from everyone, Aqualad leaned against the wall, Artemis leaned on the opposite dipan, sofa from Robin. Becca sat resting her back on the dinding with her head in her knees. Bullet leaned against the counter, Astreous sat on the inner counter of the walk in kitchen, Willow layed on the floor facing the tv, Andrew and Lucas sat selanjutnya together on the dipan, sofa but faced away from eachother, Joy and Superboy faced away aswell,...
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Just a little heads up, this story takes place between season one and season two.

The hari started out the same as all the others. Connor was sitting on the dipan, sofa watching TV, although for once it wasn’t static, M’gann was trying out a new cookie recipe, Kaldur was curled up on the recliner with a book, Wally and Artemis were snuggling on the opposite side of the dipan, sofa and Dick and I were sitting on the other side of the dipan, sofa watching the news. All the sudden the words “Breaking News” flashed on the televisi screen. Everyone leant meneruskan, ke depan as if it would help them hear the news to...
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Zatanna sat crossed legged on her tempat tidur in Mount Justice.
"Hey there" Robin approached her, hands in his pockets.
"Uh hey I have to go now" Zatanna jumps off her tempat tidur and walks to the door. Robin blocks her.
"What? I'm fine why would there be problem? Do I look like I have a problem?" she pushes Robin's hand out of the way and scurries out.
"Zatanna!" Robin chases after her grabbing her oleh the arm.
"Its about Artemis isn't it?" Zatanna sighed.
"Well anda don't have to tell me. Okay?"
"Okay anda got me" Zatanna says.
"What? I didn't-"
"Shes dating Icicle junior!" Zatanna cuts in. Robin chokes....
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Beep! Beep! Beep!
Artemis shot right up from her tempat tidur and hit the alarm clock with her right hand and smashed it to pieces.
Red panah stood outside her open bedroom door looking at the pieces of the alarm clock on the floor.
"What are anda looking at?" inturupted Artemis as she got out of bed. Roy looked at her questioningly. Artemis shoved Roy as she got out of her room.
"Hey!" Roy berkata in a high voice. "What's your problem?" Artemis stopped at the edge of the stairs. She sighed and replied,
"Sorry. I guess I'm still mad at Wally!" Roy walked up to her.
"Rough night." The two archers began walking...
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posted by AislingCarterYJ
We followed the old man, Alfred down the hallway, our footsteps echoing across the silent house. Finally we arrived in the large living room, and Alfred turned to face us. “You must be starving.” Wally nodded eagerly. “There is some food in the kitchen, anda can fix yourselves a little snack, then get to bed. Megan, Artemis, Nathan, Connor, and Kaldur, anda can share the three guest rooms. Robin and Wally, anda will be sleeping in Dick’s room, and Fin and Aisling will be sharing Kyra’s room. Please get to tempat tidur quickly. It’s quite late.”
We all nodded, Robin gave a small yawn, and Wally...
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posted by EclipseYJ
I think everyone needs to know about me so:

Name: Phoebe Katia Shannelle Alice Rouge

Hero name: Eclipse

Race: White,Human (half french and Japanise)

Hair: Brown (but looks a little blond in the rain)

Eyes: Green (but she has to wear contact lences because her eyes are purple and can hypnotize if looked into for to long)

Gender: Female

Age: 13 (but her soul has been living since the dawn of time, her host body is 13)

Mentor: Wolverine/Professore Xavier

Relation: Girlfriend to fang

Powers: Very powerful Magic, Adamantium skin and claws (which are her nails but they can extend to about 30cm &...
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posted by Robin_Love
FANFIC CHALLENGE- insisted upon oleh 66Dragons

written oleh Robin_Love

What do anda wish for? What if anda could take the one thing anda know no one would let anda have? What would anda do? What would anda say? Would anda think it's all a joke? atau would anda go and get it? I was like that first one. I thought it was all a joke. Nothing has ever turned out right for me so why now? Being raised in a criminal family, it's not easy to get through life. Especially when anda go to Gotham Academy. The school of all snobs. Especially one who EVERYONE knows; Dick Grayson.

I'm not calling anyone out. No, that's not...
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After we kissed we were on a rooftop and we ran and jumped the bio ship was there to take us to the airport we were going to Irland on the other side of the world.
Okay why did anda pick Irland?
"Is it so bad that the groom wanted to see irland?"
No but how long is the trip?
"About 10-14 hours,gives us time for anything"
Good one!
The Bio-ship was driven oleh a clone M`gann and it had just marriend in the back.We had packed our clothes and our gadgets hidden from each other He brought his sabuk and I brought my wepons.

When we got off the bioship Robin did`nt want us to change so we took our stuff and...
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posted by Robin_Love
A laugh echoed throughout the docks. The shadows seemed to pindah and the sailors were starting to freak out. There boss barked at them to hurry but still the laugh echoed. A dark figure entered the lights. And it was a young boy.
“You might wanna put that down,” he said, gesturing to the illegal crates waiting to be unloaded with one of his escrim sticks. They laughed heartily as they advanced on him. But the clad figure only smirked at them. A girl came up beside him and she used her shields to push them against a metal wall. They groaned as their heads hit the dinding with a metallic thud....
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 There guys thats my home.
There guys thats my home.
Shit!Today is my reunion It`s okay calm down maybe they forgot.
I woke up and went to MT.Justice it was training time good that`ll take my mind off of things,
just when we started the guards came in and tried to arrest Black Canary She said: what is the meaning of this?!
I spoke tammaranian to them:Gokta shinori tarien!

"My dear Princess it`s been to long anda have`nt changed a bit,Have anda forgotten the reunion?
come lets go."Said A guard.
No im staying here with my friends.
"You have to go we`re all going."Said The Dark knight.
Okay are anda sure? bout what u just said?
"Yes we`re all going The team...
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Young Justice: Invasion had no shortage of surprisesthis season. From secret invasions to covert missions, the tampil had us shouting at our screens on a regular basis? Here are our most shocking moments from Young Justice.
10. Miss Martian/Superboy Breakup
A lot can happen in 5 years. Superboy and Miss Martian went from power couple to awkward teammates in no time. Their off-screen breakup had us scratching our heads. It turns out Conner broke things off with M’Gann because he didn’t approve of the way she used her telepathic powers.
Even lebih shocking; Miss M started dating Lagoon...
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posted by DeltaYJ
Delta flew at Robin who dodged and pulled out his bow staff. And then a fireball came at them, the two leaped out of the way then attacked Fin.
“Hey! Two agents one?” Fin protested and she ducked down from Robin’s staff
“The fight is never fair,” Delta berkata mimicking Batman’s gravely voice. Then Delta’s phone beeped distracting her then got Fin’s boot in her stomach
“OW! Hey! Distracted!” Delta berkata clutching her stomach and walked over to her phone.
“Well get tracted!” Robin berkata and leaped at Delta who easily moved to the side and he crashed into a practice dummy. Causing...
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posted by justjill
A figure suddenly hit Riddler in the face,knocking him down. The figure approached the glass and unlocked the door. To my surprise, in front of me There stood a boy slightly shorter than me with the same costume and same hair style but I could see past his faint fabric mask was green eyes. "Urm...thanks" He left to help save my friends as I made my way towards KidFlash s' cage where I released him. "I didn't know anda had a twin." KidFlash looked at me with curious eyes. "I didn't know either." I replied my eyes darting towards Riddler's army of men approaching us. "Robin! Go deactivate...
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 "And hopefully, his reign of terror will finally end."
"And hopefully, his reign of terror will finally end."
"Just yesterday, two scientists were arrested and charged with kidnapping and attempted murder," berkata Summer Gleeson, the morning newscaster. "Their trial is expected to be in three weeks."
"But on a lighter note," she berkata brightly, "Nora Fries, the famed wife of the supervillain, Mr. Freeze, is on the race to recovery with the help of two superheroes, Robin and Nightfury. Mr. Freeze has agreed to go to jail and wait for conviction until his wife is cured, where he'll be set free and hopefully, his reign of terror will finally end."
I shut off the televisi with the remote and rested my head...
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posted by DiamondYJ
The night air is cold. I sit on the ledge of city hall, watching the people walk in and out of the populer building. No one notices me, for I am cloathed in the darkness. I pull out the small, wrinkled piece of paper from my pocket. Happy Harbour, they'll help you. I clench the paper in my fist and shove it back in my pocket.
"Vanessa." I whisper, moving away from the ledge. "I'm over here." balasa her voice. I pindah towards the sound and find her huddling on the ground. "Are anda cold?" I ask, sitting selanjutnya to her. "Just a bit, Danielle." she responds. "We have to keep moving, we're almost there."...
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posted by ecoelo
"No!Let go!" Wally squirmed as they were dragged oleh two very strong men. They threw the teenagers into a dark cell.
"Your staying here for the night. The boss will decide if your free to go" the men walked away locking the door up tight. Artemis hit her head on the wall.
"I can't believe we're in jail!" she hit her head again.
"Well your the one who punched him in the face" Wally explained. Artemis turned to him.
"Yeah but ow!" she shook her hand. "It was like punching a brick wall. There's only skin and bone in that guy!"
"I can't believe anda tripped!" Artemis complained smacking her head.
"It is...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Wally resisted when his parents tried to get him in the car. They tried to push him in but he grabbed the sides of the door and held on tight.
“No I won’t go” he yelled.
“Wally we don’t have any time for this, we have to go atau you’re going to be late for work”
“I’m fine with not going at all” He said. Then using his super speed he ran off.
“Ha-ha can’t make me go now” He berkata laughing an evil laugh. Suddenly a blur was coming right at him.
“Oh crab” He berkata sliding onto his back when the blur attempted to grab him. He was about to get up when a strong pair of arms...
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this is the weekly young justice interveiw. (oh great i have to make one every week?) this time we will be talking to wally west about the couples we have made.
me: hello kid flash.
wally: anda can call me wally.
me: okay. what do anda think of wally/artemis?
me: moving on. what about superboy/miss martain?
wally: they would be cute together, but i dont think it will happen.
me: really? cause it the 2nd most populer couple.
wally: what the most popular?
me: wally/artemis. so, what do anda think of megan/wally?
wally: i aproove.
me: wel its the third one thats least...
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The team groggily wakes up in a pitch black room, all with a pahit taste some recognise as a sleeper drug.
"Hey, where are we?" A voice calls out
"Rob, is that you?" KF voice rings out as cold winds slap the team around.
"KF THATS MY FOOT!!" Artemis yells. Then someone gave a very girlish squeal.
"What was that?!" Connor said
"Delta?" Robin called out
"He thinks I'm Delta..." the voice giggled
"Calm down," Another said
"Becca?" Robin berkata now utterly confused. Room fell silent and the wind was the only sound that could be heard.
"This is soo cool!!" The other voice berkata "He thinks I'm Becca!"
"Oh my...
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Since YJI is about to be over I thought that I should give myself the time to enjoy it and write my own review down for these last episodes.

Past episodes: Didn't like the first episodes in Invasion maybe because I was not happy with the time jump but now that I'm over it then I guess the episodes were okay. But these past few episodes when thing started to make sense ,loved them.

Roy: I really cinta how well he is trained since we was abducted and Frozen for eight years and has just been around for couple of months, good job Ollie ;)
The Runways: Man, they are seriously badass, I had chill all...
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