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posted by Rob_patt_fan
hey... so this is my new story... I don't like the other one! So... I started this one! don't forget 2 komentar and rate!

Something was missing. Something big, like my heart! I couldn't find it. I got up from my own screams. I couldn't breathe. He wasn't there to hold me in his cold hands. He wasn't there anymore. I doubted if he would ever come back. I was thinking of everything I could do to get to him. Tears came down of my face and dropped on my bantal as I tried to stand up and go to the bathroom. Charlie was already downstairs so I hurried and made him breakfast. I didn't eat anything like the past 6 months and I could say that he was mad.

"Bella, I'm gonna send anda home! That's it!"

I burst into tears as he berkata the words.

"But... anda can't do this! anda just can't..."

Subs didn't let me talk. Charlie was red and he was looking straight into my eyes.

"Bella, Renee can take good care of you! Honestly, everyday of this 6 months you're mopping around, doing everything but in face doing NOTHING!"

"He's gone! I know anda liked him very much but isn't this too much?!"

I screamed:

"No... for your information DAD, it's NOT!"

I took my backpack and got out of the house. It was raining already. When I saw the clouds, I suddenly smiled. He liked the weather like this... I guess!

"Hey, Bella!"

Mike and Jessica called my name when I was getting out of my car.

"Did anda study Math?! We have an exam!"

I nodded without thinking to math. We gave the test and then it was time for biology class. His kursi was empty.

After school, I went shopping for a pair of jeans. His favorit color was blue, so I wanted a pair of blue jeans.

I was on my way to halaman awal when I saw Cullen's house road. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if I would die there when I see their rooms empty. with no COLD ONES!

I turned around and decided to go home. I wanted to be strong. But... who was there for me to make me be strong for him?! As I went in my room I recognized something under the carpet of my room. I went closer and got the papers out from there. The judul was:

"Last part of me"
posted by Thalia_huntress
thanks dancing_banana for your idea. and if anda have any ideas send me a message plzz tell me what anda think.

There were two other women with him the first one looked like Charlie and Marcus the other was Annabel. Charllie was closer then i tought he berkata from right behind me "yes that's our mother our father got killed in jail when he saw her he killed the man." i can see where he got his looks. we kept walking. a lady saw us she welcomed us in to her house she braided my hair with pale blue ribbon running through it. she gave me a dress that was pale blue like the ribbon. it had white roses...
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posted by Bella_Swan3
Taylor sat with her back against the wall, her arms wrapped around her knees, as she relived memories of pain.

The broken glass that littered the floor served as a reminder. Everywhere she looked, she saw a memory, the earliest being when she was barely four.

Dying. Perhaps that is how it feels, filled with the thoughts and reminiscence of the life anda have lived, and in some cases, wished anda hadn't.

The slight nine tahun old sat on the riverbank. There was a boy, about as old as she was sitting selanjutnya to her.

"He did it again, didn't he?" the boy asked softly, gently touching a bruise on the...
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She stepped into the flat sorely, gazing at his stuff. He’s left so soon, without saying he would do so, without mentioning any goodbyes with his deep, sad voice. Everything was the same, nothing has been moved, and nothing has been replaced. He took nothing with him but his endless tears. He took nothing with him but his sadness and misery. He took nothing … but the shattering hearts with its deep wounds.
She did fool him with her sweet words and enchanting look, but she’s never thought that such a smart person like him can’t be fooled with her stupid words. Her words did nothing but...
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posted by Thalia_huntress
"catch me if anda can!" my little sister yells running in the back yard.i go after her. she suddenly stops. "Jaz!Jaz! come here!" she calls. "yes Abbie?" i fallow her eyes. smoke was riseing from the house. oh-no i thought. i grab my cell phone and dial 911. there here in twenty minutes. they've put out the fire. our parents are dead. i sit on one of the chairs in our back yard. abigal climbs into my lap and hides her face in my hair then she crys. i must've looked like a statue becuase my breathing was shallow. "sweeties are anda ok?" my rich aunt said. i blinked "yes were fine aunt julie" i...
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posted by twilight-rocks9
please tell me if anda like it.

The rest of the night i didn't sleep. When it was time to wake up jose found the package dad sent. His was like mine but he had a skull ring and a skull and crossed bones necklace. He loved it i still disapproved of it. And suprise suprise Brandon had the same one. I stopped talking to near everyone until i can understand what was happening. Tyler tried to get me to talk but i couldn't till today. "Babe please say something i want to hear your voice." he pleaded. "Don't worry Tyler it's better this way." Maybel said. That was it i hated her lebih then ever. "Maybel...
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I still remember the hari I saw you. I never thought that meeting anda would destroy me, would leave deep wounds that no one is able to heal not even you. anda looked like a beautiful malaikat walking between your tow friends, carrying your books, ready to start a new tahun in collage with arms wide open. anda laughed and the whole world laughed in my face. anda waved to us, me and him. When he pointed to anda I could hardly listen to him. I could hardly see anyone but you. anda charmed me with your beauty.Your silky, long, black hair. Your big blue eyes, their look full of cinta and passion. Behind those...
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posted by gossipgirlxoxo
That night I locked my windows it seems it only really brings me trouble. But again I couldn’t sleep. “Knock, knock” Dawn berkata coming in her voice was gentle. “Hey, you’re up late” I berkata getting out of bed. “Yeah, what did Ethan do?” she said, Dawn could read your anger. “Nothing, there was just a misunderstanding, that’s all” I said. “Really?” she said. “Well we kissed” I berkata now sitting on my bed. She followed and sat down selanjutnya to me. “Wow, Why?” she asked, “Why would anda ask me why?” I asked. “Because anda have always berkata that anda would never go...
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posted by iluvtheshow
I remember the hari I fell in love.
Not just simple love.
No, this was head over heels, I'd die for anda love.
I remember where I fell in love.
A small middle school in a small town.
A place anda could easily miss.
I remember the my matchmaker.
A short women, but with lebih api then anda could ever imagine.
lebih passion for what she does then I had ever seen.
I remember my girlfriends who were with me.
My athletic, sassy, fun-loving chicks.
My flirting consultants.
I remember him.
Good God, he was beautiful.
Yes, I remember the hari I fell in love.
True Love.
Head over heels love.

This is dedicated to my first real bola basket coach. She taught me not just how to play basketball, but how to be part of a team. I have so much respect for her and I know I should thank her everyday for helping me fall in love. For Coach Joy.
posted by XhuddyobsessedX
I looked out the window at the man I wanted to be with. He doesn't know my name atau that I watch him leave for work everyday. He doesn't even know I live selanjutnya door to him. But, one hari that will change.
The selanjutnya hari I brought myself to go meet the man I had watched from my window for so many years. I wanted to know evetything about him. And most of all, I wanted him to know everything about me. From the detik I saw him I knew we were ment to be.

I went up to his door and knocked on it. It opened. He looked at me with curiosity.

"Can I help you?"

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posted by CullensFinest13
anda hurt me I hope anda die I cant belive I trusted anda I cant belive I loved anda I cant belive I stayed up and worried that anda wouldnt call. I cant belive that i loved anda i trusted anda and cared for you. im tired of anda its time i let anda go but your always there anda wont leave me alone...its time for anda to leave so never come back walk out of my life i am going to lock my door and never let anda back in stay out so i can be happy anda need anda need to die let me live my own life anda shouldnt be controlling me anymore im not property im a human and i dont belong to the likes of you, anda were...
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posted by Euri
The red glare of the api blurs all other colors. The smoke chokes me with its sulfuric perfume. I watch from the tower as the city burns to ashes before my eyes. I want to stop it, I wish I could, but I cannot. I listen hopelessly as I hear the cries of the people, shouting, taunting.
Tears run down my cheeks. I lost it all, the power I once had has been taken from me. I could have helped so many, but I was foolish and in my foolishness I did not realize what was transpiring under my nose, what would lead to this, the burning of once a proud city to rid it of us.
Turning from the window, I...
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added by roxy_cutegirl
menyeberang, salib my jantung hope to die.
Cut my throat if i tell a lie.

Tayce’s p.o.v

The team were failing badly, before my eyes. “You all owe me 20 bucks” Ruby berkata as she pulled out her hand. Kale sighed and then rolled his eyes. “Only because anda have no faith in them” he said, she smiled and then took the 20 bucks Bobby was handing to her. “Why should I? They’re new and they know nothing” She berkata with a giant smirk. Belinda sighed and then bit her bottom lip she had a worried look on her face. “What if someone gets hurt?” She asked, Tayce smiled and Ruby just rolled her eyes. Someone...
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“So your on the Track team?” Murphy berkata as he sat selanjutnya to me.
“Yeah,I have been since I was a freshman. I liked it a lot but I'm worried about this new team.” I berkata thinking about the way they looked at me when I walked in. It was my hair,I shouldn't have braided it-too much just like always. “I don't think they take well to-” I started to say but Savannah sat down across from Murphy.
“What are yall talkin' about?” Savannah asked
“Skiro's on the Track team.” Murphy berkata excitedly
“oh really?” Savannah looked at me “And did Murphy tell anda that he's going on...
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posted by twilight-rocks9
Chiron was happy to see us back unharmed. Maybel kept staring at me evilly when I was around Tyler (witch was a lot). We were one of the camp couples. Jose told me he liked sherry from Aphrodite’s cabin. She had dark red hair that shined, tan skin and light blue eyes. She had a boyfriend but Jose was sure shed dump him. That night I had the same dream but it was sort of different. “Sorry I haven’t told anda my name daughter I hate these interruptions.” he said. “It’s ok now can anda tell me who anda are?” I berkata this started to irritate me. “Of curse I’m Hades and I sent you...
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posted by Thalia_huntress
plz tell me what anda think.

"yes little girl it is wrong i won't do it again" the man berkata he voice was sweet. my jaw dropped he listened to her. "would anda like to go to a party with me?" he asked. "yes that would be lovely." annabel said. something wasn't right about this man. when they left. i followed them but i stayed in the woods. they made it to the party me and annbel saw when we meet the old woman. they went in. about two hours later they came out. "that was so much fun." annabel said. then some drunk men stumbled out like last night. with girls at their sides. they stumbled away like...
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posted by Sweet_Pants
Give away to the morning

Light is here

Look away from the mourning

Is she gone, is she still...?

And let the hari go ahead

Without you

Find a place, a dark space

To hide you

What’s a day, a sunny day

To you?

Fade away, let the your rainclouds

Guide you

There goes the downpour

Long gone your hello...

Find it in you

To make that last stand

It’s a silent drive

It’s her very last one.

Here come the clear skies

There goes your fare well...
posted by DietCokeGirl
This is written about the perfect silence only found in the dead of night, and the feelings it inspires.
The judul comes from the keterangan a friend of mine gave when we were stuck in the middle of nowhere at midnight and I found it sort of beautiful.
Enjoy (I hope) :)

Weighted air and winking stars,
darkness draped, tension wrought.
This night, this hour, is ours.
Silence chimes unspoken thoughts
that choke my mouth.
Silver moonbeams in glittering outline
surround you, and in our youth
this night, this hour, we intertwine.

I'd cinta to hear what anda like atau hate.
Thanks for reading.

posted by whitelion
i always thought, and i always knew
i would end up here with you
i was a restless wanderer on a distant path
anda were a lonely dreamer with a broken laugh

i would go anywhere the road would lead
my hopes and dreams is all that i would need
i don't need a house atau fancy cars
i would rather sleep underneath the stars

anda did'nt have much to call your own
but what a lovely smile on your face shown
anda berkata your chance at cinta had past anda oleh
i told i'm here so dont anda cry

our lives were like the pieces of a broken heart
now that we're together what a life could start
there was magic in the air that night
everything was moving at the speed of light

anda were like my juliet and i your romeo
anda cinta me i cinta anda thats all i need to know
no longer will anda dream of cinta thats true
no longer will i wander my cari has led to you
posted by iluvtheshow
"Harper! Aren't anda happy she's eating with us?" Gwen asked happily. Harper shot her sister a glare. "It shouldn't be a big deal that your step-mother decides to eat with you." Harper spit out, looking back at the book she was reading. Gwen's face fell. She didn't care what Harper thought, she was going to make the best of this. Their step-mother, Lyn, hadn't eaten with them in 2 months. Gwen walked down the hall toward the kitchen, her sister's words echoing in her head.

Chapter 1 *Gwen*

Divorce. God, I HATE that word. It's like something something toxic. Something that can ruin lives...
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