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So I decided to compile a daftar of Within Temptation songs in order of my favorit to least favorite--which is easier berkata than done because they are all my favorit lmao. Excluding the covers because they aren't Within Temptation songs per-say.

1. Our Farewell
2. Jillian
3. Mother Earth
4. Ice Queen
5. Jane Doe
6. Deceiver Of Fools
7. In The Middle Of The Night
8. What Have anda Done
9. Aquarius
10. Stairway To The Skies
11. In Perfect Harmony
12. Solemn Hour
14. See Who I Am
15. The Howling
16. Caged
17. Supernova
18. Dark Wings
19. The Promise
20. Bittersweet
21. Stand My Ground
22. The Cross
23. jantung Of Everything...
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