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One hari at the cinta & Pet Shop, Flora was dancing with Musa. " Hit the party!" Musa said. Then, Flora felt a strong energy there. " Musa, do anda feel that?" she asked. " Yes, there's a strong energy here," answered Musa.
Five girls stepped inside the shop. " Flora, those girls, they may be evil," suggests Musa and she points to the girls.

* W. I. T. C. H *

" Irma, are anda sure anda wanna buy a pet here? There's a strange energy.. do anda think this toko is evil?" asks jerami, hay Lin. " Look! Those girls..." points Cornelia.
They walk to the two girls which are dancing. Then, five other...
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-NOTE: I'm pretending that Earth forgot about magic again, since if they do know about magic, this story is not going to work.-

It was mid October, the autumn winds blowing into jerami, hay Lin's face. jerami, hay Lin smiled as she felt the breeze, she loved the wind, after all, they were part of her element; air.

Hay Lin and her friends, Will, Irma, Taranee and Cornelia was walking towards the local mall, Cornelia leading the way.

"Hay Lin, you've been quiet, is everything alright?" Will asked in concern.

"Next time, ask after you've seen her face," berkata Irma. "She's smiling with the wind."...
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Source: Image credit goes to Winxlove for finding the foto
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Source: Image credits goes to Winxlove for finding the foto
* Winx *

The selanjutnya day.. "Tecna, can anda locate them?" asks Bloom. Tecna creates a data using a ladybug. "Hmm.. they live in a house where jerami, hay Lin's mother is the leader!" told Tecna. "So anda mean jerami, hay Lin;s mom is the one who turned them into witches?" asks Stella. Flora stared at Stella from behind.
Five menit later, they found the house. They knocked. "Yes?" jerami, hay Lin's grandma was there. "Hi Yargggh!" Bloom kicked jerami, hay Lin's grandma. They step inside and found the witches drinking coffee at the dining room.

* W.I.T.C.H *

"How did anda know where we live?" asks jerami, hay Lin. "Well I am the fairy...
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