winx vs w.i.t.c.h Club
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Bloom : Taste the power of the dragon fire! *blows fire*
Taranee : *been hit oleh fire* Ouch! anda stupid fairy!
Roxy : Let's play the animal way! MAGIC FOX!!
Irma : Water! *Irma creates a shield*
Layla / Aisha : You've proven a little, but can anda hold up with all of us?
Tecna : Musa, are anda ready?
Musa : anda bet! *holds Tecna's hand*
Tecna : MAGIC BACKUP!! *blasts*
Cornelia : Backup? It means anda guys are as weak as I thought!
Bloom : anda never taste the power of convergence of the seven atau five of us! *holds hands with Stella*
Stella : *holds hands with Bloom*GRRRR!!
Layla :...
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bloom:hey guys have anda heard about the team called w.i.t.c.h. .

flora : yeah. they also control the five elements like us.

musa: do anda know they know about us. they seem not to like us.

tecna : guys i received a email from irma [a member of the w.i.t.c.h.] that they want to have a fight a see who is the best.

bloom: so guys ready for a WINX VS W.I.C.H. quarrel.

winx: yes!

THE selanjutnya DAY

bloom: tecna when are they comming for a fight.

tecna: today at 11 a.m near the park.

stella: ready!!!!!!!!!

winx: YES!!!!!!!

flora:lets move....


bloom : there they are ...

stella: so anda are the jerami, hay lin who wanted to fight with me.

will: anda bloom is just hate you.

flora: so cornelia anda control earth and think anda are powerful.

bloom: so shall we start our quarrel....

w.i.t.c.h. :yes!!!!!!!!

winx :yes!!!!!!!

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Cornelia : Why are we not making a converge, hello?
Stella : Maybe because anda all are "idiots"?
Irma : Hey! Watch, watch, watch,.. your mouth!
Stella : Dorky "witches"!
Will : Guys! Let's do this!

Bloom : Dragon Fury *blasts*
Taranee : Aah! *hits*
Cornelia : What is your power, girl?
Stella : Sun and moon, anda got a problem with that anda *****!

***** = twerp

Flora : Roxy, ready for a converge?
Roxy : anda bet! *holds Flora's hand*
Flora : Convergence! Maximum Nature! *blasts*
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It was a warm day, and Cornelia was walking with her best Will. Suddenly, it started to rain, " OH MY GOSH!!!!!!" Cornelia cried "My Hair!, why does everything hate me!?!?", but Will just frowned and said, " its not normal rain. Its way to hot to be............LOOK OUT!". Will pushed Cornelia down and ducked herself, a api ball went flying past there heads. "Thanks Will, i Sooooooo owe anda one" Cornelia berkata gratefully. Will just smiled and said, " no problem Corny, but we better transfrom, i got a bad feeling". Cornelia didnt have to be told twice, "EARTH!!!!!!" she cried. "QUINTESSENCE!!!!!!"...
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note: please read artikel 1 2 3 first.ENJOY

will: cedric was going to harm my mom so i flew away oleh the ways how are you.

bloom: fine, listen lets continue our fight, then we'll explain it to them.


NEAR THE PARK[where the fight was continuing]

stella: moon ray

bloom:stella wait!


bloom: me and will want to tell anda something.

will: guys see me and bloom's sister daphne were good friends our friendship was very strong when the ancestral witches came to know about they harmed my parents ant put the blame on daphne ,
then we broke.

bloom: after that they hid my parents and to save...
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a great party in alfea everyone are enjoying themselves until the roof 's glass breaks and and the w.i.t.c.h appear

will:we are loooking for some stupid idiots named winx club
stella:who are anda calling idiots we are the winx club anda have to cal us with respect
hay-in:and why is that
tecna:because we are the most powerful peri in this dimension that is why

corenlia:no ways
layla:you cannot imagine how much powerful we are bloom our leader is the controller of the dragon flame.

bloom:girls stop it
layla:no ,bloom

will :so anda are the famous controller of the dragon flame .
flora:tecna can you...
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