winx vs w.i.t.c.h Club
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Cornelia noticed the strange sense as soon as they entered the mall. It was strange, unlike she had ever felt before. "Guys," she started, "do anda sense somthing strange, like, somthings off?"

"Actully, yes" stated Will slowly. "It feels as though it's coming from there." She berkata pointing to a group of four. Two girls and two boys.

The first girl had long bluish black pigtails, she was wearing a plaid kemeja with long pants. The detik girl had long brown hair with blonde in it. She was wearing a berwarna merah muda, merah muda dress with multiply flowers.

The boy selanjutnya to the brown hair girl had spiked blue hair and was...
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note:please read part 1,2,3, ok

layla:bloom start it ok









will comes in between of the convergence and the witch girls and she gets bruised badly just that time
bloom:no will
will:in the end blo

before she completes her sentence she faints
and because of what bloom and will berkata the winx club and the w.i.t.c.h. girls get confused and irma says

irma:stella we have to go anda just give me a letter and on that paticular hari we will continue our fight
stella:ok as u wish
and suddenly...
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note : please read the first part before membaca this.

will:so it is decided the greatest battle in whole history.
winx club : YES
w.i.t.c.h:so when does the battle begin
stella: 10 days which means on the 20th of april
irma:no matter what we have to defeat them no matter what .

10 days pass in the blink of an eye.And soon the hari arrivies near gardenia there was one small ground wich was only visible when this type of battle takes place.

stella:so where is team showoff [w.i.t.c.h]

irma:what di anda just say

stella:you heard me
bloom:will let's just start off
bloom:winx charmix
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