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Hello, everyone, and after finally catching up with Jojo up until Jojolion, and with either an OVA atau Vento Aureo being animated, as well as Diamond Records being released for mobile, and with the JOJO Great Festival that occurred on Sunday, I think now is a time to make at least one lebih Jojo related list. And what better daftar to make than a daftar of my favorit Stands in Jojo. And this time, I’m including them all, and that includes the main characters Stands, so I’m not holding back on anything. These will all be Stands from Jojo that I cinta and what makes them so great, as well as a...
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Commander Kane: So, let me get this straight. You're anime characters, and anda live in a place called Animeland?
Addie: Yep.
Cassie: Watch our show, and you'll see why.
Mily: *Blowing her whistle as she comes towards the humans*
Commander Kane: It's a talking train!
Mily: What's everyone shouting at me for? *Passing the humans* hey guys, welcome back. I'm Mily, and I'm your hostess tonight. I got back to back episodes of a new series joining our lineup, called Johnny Lightning. Enjoy.

Rabbit Peak, Chama New Mexico.

Japanese People: *Walking alongside a trailer, carrying Type 99 Machine...
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Well... This is one hell of a way to make a positive impression for the new year. I want to start doing remakes of some old lists, because hey, some lists have gotten old atau my opinions on a few of them have changed completely, so I think now would be a good time to change up my opinions on a few of them and give them a new light. So, with that out of the way, aren't some video game characters the worst ever? Weather these characters are just annoying, crude, atau just straight piss anda off, they are always there. Even in the best video games out there, there's always gotta be that one douchebag...
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So, it’s been awhile since I did an anime review… again. I think I’ve only done, at the most, three. And that’s only on the puncak, atas of my head. I do want to review lebih at a later time, including ones like Midori, which I have heard is very, very hard to stomach. Perfect for this series. But, for now, I’ve got something just has hard to face. Maybe. Let’s just say that, throughout the anime I have seen, blood and gore hasn’t been a major factor in these shows. Was there blood and gore, yes. But it was either very minimal atau was in the background the entire time and was not the main...
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Thomas: *Racing Sonic* You're not in any shows.
Sonic: I will be once On The Block begins season 2.
Thomas: Oh yeah.
Sonic: Plus my cousin Sean's in it.
Sean: *Blows his horn as he passes Thomas, and Sonic*
Sonic: Not that Sean.
Captain Jefferson: Gran Turismo is over. Let me go home.
Sonic: That's also the wrong Sean.
Sean The Hedgehog: *Waves hello to Sonic, and Thomas*
Thomas: But he's not.
Tom: Who cares?!?! Let's get those back to back episodes started!

This is a parody of My Little Pony. The voice actors for the mane 6 are..

Ice Cube - Twilight Sparkle...
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 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.


 The lingkaran slides in from the right, followed oleh Windwaker's name. A bolt of lightning hits the lingkaran
The lingkaran slides in from the right, followed oleh Windwaker's name. A bolt of lightning hits the circle


SeanTheHedgehog & WindWakerGuy430 Present

Men: *Racing hot rods*

Six Shooters 2

Men: *Racing in other hot rods*

Starring SeanTheHedgehog as Alan Martinez
WindWakerGuy430 as Harry Penn
Ashleigh Ball as Camryn Jones
Kristen bel, bell as Amy Penn
John Pankow as Captain Ford

Also Starring

Mark Salling...
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Okay, so…. I have not seen the Alpha and Omega movies. So, I have no clue what they are about…. Thankfully, anda don’t need to know the movie to understand this piece of shit. This is known only as Lilly’s Opposite Side.
From what I can gather, Lily is a silly, innocent, fun-loving character, but, in this fanfic, she is a slut……. OH BOY! Were in good fucking hands. Well…. lets start…….. Even though I really don’t want to. So, it starts with Lily waking up. And the first word to come out of her mouth is simply “Fuck”. Only five detik in and I’m regretting this decision....
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I like Bayonetta better than Devil May Cry… Fuck you, fight me. Let’s not waste another detik and let’s talk about it.
Bayonetta follows, well, Bayonetta, an Umbra Witch who was sealed in a coffin five hundred years yang lalu before she resurfaced, with no memory of her passed and a legion of Heaven’s malaikat hunting her down. So, with the help of bar tender and badass Rodin, scumbag Enzo, and totally not Yuri Lowenthal, Luca, she travels to a far off city in hopes of getting answers, while also killing as many malaikat as she can. So like I berkata before, Bayonetta is fucking awesome. You...
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A criticism that I am real tired of hearing about is, if something is so strange, and on the surface, makes no sense, the creator must be on drugs. No, you’re not thinking. You’re on drugs! Normal people don’t act that way! Just that people completely label things that are odd as “on drugs” is just so dumb and tiresome, and can’t see the true value in a story. Now, if that drug is Japanese instead, then I am lebih understanding. And that’s where Killer7 comes into play.
Killer7 is, what a shock, a belalang game that follows the Killer7, a group of seven assassins who take...
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Well… How about that Bethesda? How about that Fallout 76? How about that Todd Howard and his Sweet Little Lies? Yeah, I am really aware of how cool it is right now to hate on Fallout 76, and I am aware that not a lot of people are fan of Skyrim. In fact, hating it is kind of a law now, but just because 76 is a mistake, that doesn’t mean I will grow to hate Skyrim, no matter how many times they re-release it.
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim takes place in, well, Skyrim, as the hero of the story, known as Dragonborn, comes to find that the land is under attack oleh dragons. So, with the use of...
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Percy: *Throwing records onto the ground* We gotta find a song! WE GOTTA FIND A SONG!!!
Sean The Hedgehog: Let's use this one that we haven't used in a long time.

Song: link

Parker: Oh no, it's that song again! *Punches Stylo*
Percy: What have anda started?! *Grabs a chair, and hits Sean in the head*
Sean The Hedgehog: WHAT DO anda MEAN?!?! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!!!

Everyone started to fight each other for no reason.

Mily: *Arrives with a passenger train, watching several people fight near her* Whoa. *Passing the fighters, and is now safe* Hi, I'm Mily. Welcome to Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories....
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I berkata it before and I will say it again here and probably again in the future, but I cinta it when Rockstar does other stuff than GTA. It usually feels lebih experimental and always feels like it pays off. And one of my favorit of their lebih experimental games is, oddly enough, their T rated game, Bully.
Bully follows Jimmy Hopkins, a good kid in a bad place, as he is dropped off at Bullworth Academy, possibly the worst school in the country where students are broken up into groups and where strict rules and cruel bullies are a common occurrence. One such bully, Gary, has it out for Jimmy...
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So despite the fact that I talked about Dual Destinies, it is not my favorit of the Ace Attorney games. Sure, I am aware of it’s really good story and it’s technical advancements to the franchise, but my favorit in the franchise is the very first one I played… And considering the narrative in the franchise, it may not have been great to start with the third game in the franchise, but whatever.
Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations follows Phoenix Wright in his third tahun of being a defense lawyer. As he deals with the past that is coming back to haunt him in the form of a mysterious...
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So back when I was talking about Saints Row IV, I mentioned that I prefer the menulis of GTA lebih than the menulis of the Saints Row games, but because of the gameplay and the sheer madness anda get from the franchise, I was lebih fond of the Saints Row games. And no game speaks massive volumes of unadulterated fun than Saints Row 2
Being a sequel to a game I did not originally play first, anda play as a member of the fallen Third jalan, street Saints gang, who fell apart a few years later due to much lebih powerful gangs getting involved and the company Ultor cracking down on gangs. So, after escaping...
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Well, it was only a matter of time until we got to the Persona franchise, and I am lebih than happy to start off with this one. But not the OG Persona 3, mostly because I didn’t buy that one. No, we’re here to discuss Persona 3: FES.
Persona 3 is set in a Japanese city where anda play as Minato-Makoto-Door-Kun- The kid in the image above, as he moves into a dorm with other young teenagers, only to learn that the city every night at midnight turns into the Dark Hour, where the local school turns into a giant tower called Tartarus and everyone turns into coffins. So, what’s teens to...
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