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posted by deedragongirl
 The wonderful poster.
The wonderful poster.
Hi guys, I would like to write my favourite songs from West Side Story, ready?

1. America

I cinta how the movie interpreted this song, where Anita and the girls sing about why they cinta the US and the boys interjected their opinions about the US before it ended in a dance.

2. Tonight

It's been covered oleh many artist and Il Divo is one of them, I prefer both movie and Il Divo's rendition, the latter version has lebih upbeat.

3. I Feel Pretty

This song is really interesting, because it is like Maria's friends voice out their opinions about her. Interesting fact, Santino Fontana used this song for his audition in Disney's Frozen with some minor changes in the lyrics though!

4. Somewhere

Another song that was covered oleh Il Divo and Jackie Evancho with Babra Streisand, I prefer the latter as well as the movie version for some reason.

I Want to be in America!

So, only 4 songs make it through the cut, which are your favourites?
 The rumble!
The rumble!
 Tony and Maria
Tony and Maria
The tahun 2001 was a rather strange and sad year, generally, with the dearth of decent movies, the horrifically freaky events of 9/11/01's attacks on the WTC Towers in NYC, and, also for me and my family, the passing of my father in late January of that tahun after a long illness.

Now for the crux of my essay:

That year, I had the great fortune and honor, courtesy of some old friends of mine down in the Big Apple, to attend a special 40th-year-anniversary screening of West Side Story, at NYC's renowned Radio City musik Hall.

In mid-August of 2001, I'd just come halaman awal from an eye-dilation examination...
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posted by independntmnd
I was first introduced to the musik of West Side Story while attending hari camp back in the summer of 1962, when I was entering the sixth grade. Another girl in the group that I was with had just received a copy of the LP soundtrack of the original Broadway musical stage production of West Side Story for her birthday and brought it in to play for us. West Side Story mania was in the air that summer, as the kids at camp went around bernyanyi all the songs in camp, on the buses to and from camp, and even walked around snapping their fingers in the hallways. I fell in cinta with the musik to WSS...
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 Somehow, somewhere!
Somehow, somewhere!
It's been coming to 6 years since I watched the movie with the late Natalie Wood and Rita Moreno, I grew a liking on the songs and the movie.

The Songs

As many West Side Story fan like myself, I knew many of the songs. But the most beautiful song among them that I cinta is 'Tonight', followed oleh 'Somewhere'. The former would definitely be an amazing wedding song while the latter is telling us to follow your dreams, even though anda are down and upset.
Another song that I like is America, because Anita manage to stand up to her belief on her opinion on America, I also like how the boys countered...
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posted by Coffeeuser
Tony and Maria were so very happy together. They loved to cuddle, kiss, and sing to each other. This young couple was truly meant to be. Tonight was very chilly because it was late autumn; the two pasangan were snuggling in tempat tidur together. They were so warm and cozy when they cuddled against each other. The room was aglow with candlelight. Tony’s chest was bare, and Maria was wearing only a renda nightgown. These tender moments were pure heaven; it was almost like nothing else in the world mattered. Tony adored his beautiful girlfriend; gazing at her filled his jantung with joy and love. Maria felt...
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First read the following letter:

"I diposting this on David Winters site.Scary is'nt it.
" Tom Ferrini
The film "WEST SIDE STORY" is in danger.

Posted on June 11, 2010 at 09:06:20 PM oleh tcaesar

"I found out that film restorer Robert Harris has asked United Artists to restore "West Side Story".
The prints have deteriorated so much that we might not have any decent 70mm. prints left in a few years.
Harris who restored "Lawerence of Arabia,Spartacus and "My Fair Lady" and many others is worried about "West Side Story".
These 70 mm. films are in extreme danger because the negatives were not properly stored...
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This is a post that has been percolating in my mind for awhile, and, having experienced a certain amount of derision on some other boards for talking about West Side Story, because many people consider this movie mainly for adolescents. This could be because most people, when they pick a favorit film atau films, tend to pick films that they directly identify with in some way atau other, and West Side Story is supposedly a movie that teens identify with. Having first seen the film West Side Story when I was still in high school, I can see why many people feel that way.

However, over the years,...
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Hey, folks:

Although I'm new on this forum, and am still testing the waters, I finally decided to answer this pertanyaan after checking it out afew times. Although this is kind of long, I decided that posting about why I cinta this great movie-musical classic so much was in order. Here goes:

West Side Story not only has a wonderful story behind it, but the cinematic technology, the dancing, the brilliant Bernstein musical score, and the talent that was brought to the film(except Richard Beymer, of course), all helped make West Side Story the wonderfully dynamic and great package that it really...
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West Side Story, for a number of reasons, is in a special class all oleh itself, and those who berkata and who say that there'll never be another movie like WSS are right on their money.

A) The dancing, which was beautifully choreographed oleh Jerome Robbins was absolutely magnificent, and expressed the various emotions in West Side Story fantastically. Some of it made me smile, some if it made me laugh out loud, some of WSS put me on the edge of my seat, and other parts made me tear up.

B) The intensely brilliant Leonard Bernstein musical score, as well as the richly-colored costumes and photography,...
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posted by dave59
this is in my opinion is the best musicle of all time,i have seen it many times. i was a teenager when i first saw it in 1963.after leaving school in 1965 this film influnced my first employment,i stared work in the largest cinema in leeds (yorkshire uk) the majestic,now a night club.i became a trainee projectionist.at the time we were tampilkan the sound of music,the director,robert wise also did west side story. i am going to see it selanjutnya bulan at the bradford film fesival,it will be shown in it's original large sceen format with full stereo soundtack.i will be taking my gandaugter now 12 who will see it for the first time,i cant wait.