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Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun finally take their wedding pictures!

During the cuplikan for selanjutnya week’s MBC “We Got Married” viewers were able to get a glimpse of Jung Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun’s long awaited wedding pictures. Because of the cuplikan depicting Seo Hyun in a wedding dress and Yong Hwa in a tuxedo, fan have tampil an overwhelming interest and anticipation for selanjutnya week’s episode.

In the preview, the lovable couple are seen holding hands and sitting down while staring into each other’s eyes. Because they look even lebih like a couple, viewers are excited for selanjutnya week’s episode.

Netizens left comments, “I can’t wait for YongSeo’s wedding pictures!” “I want to see the pictures quickly!”

One netizen even left a photoshopped wedding picture congratulating the YongSeo’s 300th hari together.

Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun’s wedding foto shoot will be aired on the 25th.

[[ note the pictures that are shown in the article, are fan-made.]]
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On April 30th, athlete Lee Yong Dae and f(x)’s Sulli made a visit to Nichkhun and Victoria’s newlywed halaman awal on MBC’s “We Got Married“.

On this episode, Lee Yong Dae and Sulli accidentally spilled red ginseng on Nichkhun and Victoria’s tempat tidur while the couple were out shopping. When they realized that the blanket was stained, the two guests became flustered and acted quickly to remove the cover and wash it off in the bathroom.

The two placed the cover in the bath and poured in detergent. Despite the situation, viewers expressed their amazement over how the two were able to turn a simple task into a beautiful scene that looked straight out of a CF.

Thanks to the chore, Lee Yong Dae and Sulli became closer oleh sharing funny jokes with one another as they completed the task.
2PM’s Nichkhun showed his ‘wife’, f(x)’s Victoria, some childhood foto during their visit to Khun’s house in Thailand.

During this episode, Khun and Victoria had a nice makan malam together with his family, and afterwards, Victoria was able to have a sneak peek at family foto albums. Nichkhun’s mother told Victoria, “Nichkhun was fat when he was younger.”

In one of the pictures, Khun was seen smiling shyly while standing selanjutnya to another girl. Victoria asked, “Was this your girlfriend?”, and Khun replied hesitatingly, “Yes, she was my girlfriend…”

Seeing Khuntoria treating each other kindly and affectionately, Khun’s mother commented, “They look like a real couple.”
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Super Junior’s Leeteuk revealed that he had once received f(x) Krystal’s consent for her hand in marriage.

On the 30th, both Leeteuk and Krystal appeared on the MBC tampil ‘Enjoy Today’. On this episode, viewers were able to see the first meeting of the two members for their musik project on the ‘Enjoy Ballad’ corner.

While heading to their rehearsal, Leeteuk asked Krystal, “Why did anda choose me as your duet partner? Is it because anda wanted to win, atau because anda promised to get married to me a long time ago?”

Leeteuk then reminisced back the hari they first met and continued, “Didn’t...
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f(x)’s Krystal who is currently akting in MBC daily sitcom, lebih Charming oleh The hari has expressed that she is a big fan of hot actor, Kim Jae Wook and would cinta to get “married” with him through We Got Married.

During a break in filming, Krystal gave an interview and expressed that she was envious of her leader, Victoria’s “marriage” with 2PM’s Nichkhun. She said,

“Victoria unnie actually berkata beforehand that her partner couldn’t be Nichkhun after we had suggested it. She berkata that they were both foreigners, wouldn’t it be difficult to film if they became a couple on the...
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