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well, since my last artikel made it to the "what's hot" page, i thought i'd write the detik part of it.
So, recently Avery has come back as a strigoi...She attacks rose and dimitri's house because adrian is there. Cchristian and lissa were out at a restaurant that night and the baby was with them, so dont worry about adrian jr. because adrian and deirdre were so in love, she sacrificed herself for him and got badly hurt.dimitri staked avery then asked rose to call sydney.dimi and rose couldnt rush her off to hospital because then they would be telling about the world that humans dont know about....
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posted by RozaBelikov111
omg adrian is lissa's brother!!!!!
btw im gonna start menulis in rose's point of view.

"adrian i think you've been drinking too much maybe anda should-" adrian interrupted me.
"i'm serious, i dont want to tell her."
"alright fine but tell me how this happened" i said.
"when i was born, my parents wanted a girl incase she got a chance to be queen someday so they sent me away . i was adopted oleh daniella and nathan. the queen was shocked when sh heard that nathan adopted me but she didnt know that i was lissa's brother, infact she still doesnt. i lived with daniella and nathan and then i heard about...
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 Team Dimitri Are anda ready for your first lesson?
Team Dimitri Are you ready for your first lesson?
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 team va
team va
posted by stormypelt
Kady's Story - Chapter 3

I was five menit early for the guardian meeting. I know that you're probably thinking 'Rose? Early? Never!' But there anda have it. I proved to be professional when it came to my job, therefore requiring me to be on time. I was hardly ever late for anything, guardian related that is. When it came to meeting friends for makan malam etc…Well anda could count on me to be 'fashionably' late.

I took my place at my usual seat, near the front. I had moved up in ranks quickly, despite a slow start from having my little angel. The east wing was separated into even smaller sections...
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posted by RozaBelikov111
"oh my god Rose are anda ok? I came right away" lissa asked frantically.
"i'm fine really, all I did was break my hand" i lied. i was really NOT ok. Dimitri took the cast and studided it. I knew he was really worried about me. my hair was still out and dimitri pushed back a strand of it that had fallen across my eyes. he gently kissed my forehead. i realised adrian sitting selanjutnya to lissa, holding her hand while christian stood behind her chair and repeatedly rubbed her shoulders. "the doctor berkata anda were good to go today. but first, tell me what happened last night" dimitri said. i took a deep...
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posted by RozaBelikov111
recently: dimitri berkata that they should all go to baia together

"what?" berkata rose. dimitri repeated that he thinks that they should all go to baia together. rose took a deep breath. she still hadnt told dimitri about his sister almost becoming a blood whore. "ok, this might sound really weird and its even harder for me to say this but....i kinda got kicked outta ur house when i went there." dimitri stared at her shocked. "because...." he prompted.
"because Viktoria and rolan were in a relationship sort of and i kinda made them break up."
"because..." he repeated
"because.......she was going to...
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posted by RozaBelikov111
basically i decided to write my own idea of what should happen.
Dimitri and rose should tell everyone that they were in cinta and that they were together even though there is a major age difference. rose and lissa then graduate.If i was richelle i wouldnt have made avery evil..i would have kept her good and then she should have stayed ina realtionship whit adrian. moving onto lissa and christian, there relationship should stay perfectly okay. later on in the series, rose's b-day would come again once and same for dimitri...a few weeks later dimitri would propose to rose and rose would accept.they...
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I cinta the artikel oleh the reviews the puncak, atas five fan made Vampire Academy trailers!! Please check out the artikel and write a comment!!
Here is their introduction:
Vampire Academy continues to gather devotees as it slowly heads toward the big screen. During the wait, fan of the Richelle Mead book series have been trying to help it along, creating their own trailers. We asked Tina and Sabrina, the duo behind the Lil fansite, to pick their five favorites, telling us what they liked about the trailers — and what didn't quite make the cut.

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posted by stormypelt
I had been out on the tracks jogging for well over two hours. It had left me drenched in sweat. My pony tail had become loose over that time and stray hairs stuck to my neck. I was breathing heavily. I went into the gym changing rooms and took a quick shower. As much as I wanted to stay under the flowing water forever, I had to pick up my little malaikat from the nursery. As I knew I was going home, I dressed in casuals: light blue skinny jeans and a white tank top. I dried my hair under the hair dryer, but gave up quickly. My dark curly hair fell well below my shoulders. It would take ages to...
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posted by stormypelt
"Come on, angel, it's time to wake up," I said, nudging my three tahun old daughter in a hopeless attempt to wake her.

"No," she grumbled in her sweet little voice, under the duvet.

"Kady, do we have to do this every morning?" I sighed, gently pulling the covers away from her, while she tried tugging it up towards her.

"Nooo," she whined. Weren't three tahun olds supposed to be lively and bouncing up and down like they were high around this time? Yeah, my Kady was lebih like me on that front.

"Kady," I berkata in a stern voice, "it's getting late. anda have to get dressed, have breakfast, then I have...
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