Uruha Uruha's belly aches~.

VKei_Addict posted on Dec 28, 2011 at 12:14PM
--In what way are you troublesome, Uruha?

Uruha: My stomach aches a lot! It's really troublesome

---So you get stomach aches when you're nervous?

Uruha: No. It's different. Somehow- when I get in the car, I get stomach aches...I had stomach aches on the way here too. So I always have my stock of Sutoppa pills in the car lol

---I guess hoping that you won't get a stomach ache wont really help eh? Power of the mind, they say?

Uruha: You're 100% right. Doesn't help at all!

---Then what about lives then?

Uruha: I don't get stomach aches at lives.

---Good! I thought you'd have your pills put nicely on top of your amp lol

Uruha: If my stomach feels upset during a live, I dont care what'll happen- I'd just rush to the toilet lol

---And after that you can continue rocking out?! Wahaha!

Uruha: Yeah, the break time was for me to go to the toilet (laughs)

---Please don't say it like that haha!

Uruha: After my toilet break, I'll be like "I cant make a mistake now!" while playing but then I do make one (laughs)

---I guess somehow, things like that just happen.

Uruha: It's fate. I gave up trying to fight it.

---You gave up!?

Uruha: No. For instance, you've already practised it perfectly. You can play it perfectly. But on stage- you mess it up. It's fate.

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