Uruha The GazettE and their shocking experiences!

VKei_Addict posted on Dec 24, 2011 at 12:44PM

Shocking Experiences

Kai: In high school, there was a girl I thought was 「pretty cute」, and when I peeked at her in class, our eyes would always meet. I thought, 「This is it!」, but even though I mustered up my courage and invited her out by saying, 「Let's go home together,」on that day, she said, 「I can't」 and shot me down. And then the next day, the parent-teacher conferences were held, so she rejected the invitation and said,「It's because I'm going home with my mom.」 On the 3rd day, we finally went home together. At that time, she asked me, 「Why are we going home together?」, and I couldn't think of anything good to say, like 「What exactly do you think of me?」, so I blurted, 「Because I like you」 and confessed to her. After I did that, the next time we met, she told me 「(This stuff about me and you et cetera) There's nothing to discuss,」 and we went back to the way things were before. And, like that, I had the shocking experience of me taking the wrong guess about love.

Aoi: When I was together with a girl I liked, every time we had to split up to go to our own houses, I always felt the painful throb of love in my chest.

Ruki: When I was a middle school student, I went on a date to Disneyland and rode the “It's a Small World” ride. While we floated around in the ride, when the girl put her head on my shoulder, I thought, 「This girl--she's totally in love with me.」(Laugh).

Uruha: When a really cute dog I had died, that was the first time I truly realized how much I loved the dog, and at that time, I cried uncontrollably in front of the dog house.

Reita: It was when I was 18 years old, but I was contacted when I was with the band at the studio, and the news reached me about my grandpa, who had always been overly caring since I was a kid, passing away. At that time, I flew back home while crying the entire way, but while I was on the road, I wondered, 「Did I ever manage to respond to Grandpa's love?」

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