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posted by juurizero
kakashi:sasuke! hurt too many innocent people!
sasuke:as anda did my brother do
kakashi:was for the good of all
kakashi:not give me a choice I will kill you<saying he rising bandana and activating the sharingan>
sasuke:hm!listen me!the sharingan is a symbol of uchiha why not have the right to use<saying he activating sharingan>
>>fighting tow powerful<<
>>sasuke throw some daggers explosive<<
the fight carried when sasuke chidori been active
and kakashi as face to face fight has just begun
kakashi:fire style fireballs
sasuke dodge well
sasuke:chidori nagashi!...
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(In the hospital)

"Oh! Sakura anda are awaken"Sasuke said"Where i am?"Sakura asked "Don't anda remember the kyuubi attacks anda oleh the way Ino and Hinata will visit anda and i will go to Naruto's room to visit him so just stay here a few menit Ino and Hinata will be here"Sasuke answered

(In Naruto's room)

"Sasuke"Naruto said"What?....What do anda wan't?"Sasuke answered angrily "I'm sorry to what happen i will promise that i will not do it again"Naruto berkata "Not do it again even you..you can't control your kyuubi and your promising that anda will not do it again"Sasuke shout "I promise that i will...
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posted by yukikiyruu
it is a reserch artikel about sasuke.so don,t mind if i say something wrong.please it is request.

sasuke is from uchiha clan we all know.His name literally means japanese warrior and uchiha means fan.but we know that is grandson of madara uchiha

but this not matter
as a conclusion of my reserch abot sasuke and uchiha clan i found out many things about them.These are:-
1.uchihas use their beloved wokmen and marry them just because to secure their clan.i mean just just to give birth to selanjutnya generation of their clan(madara do this)
2.they don,t care about their wifes and boloved womens.they only care...
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posted by Sasunaru120
anda are Liarli uchiha! your bff: gaara, sasuke. most lilkely bf: gaara
You were born into the uchiha clan, a powerful clan in konoha in the api coutry witht he sharingan bloodline limit. your brothers itachi and sasuke (sasuke is your twin) cared for anda a lot. But at the age of 8 sasuke and anda came halaman awal to find that itachi had murdered your entire clan, sparing anda and sasuke only. itachi then went to gabung akatsuki leaving the two of anda alone.
Since then anda and sasuke have lived in pain, only surviving to become stronger and kill itachi! The two of anda are quiet, not speaking much. Whilst...
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posted by BurnOut
I,m Not A Sasuke fan !
I,m A Sasuke Lover !
Just Like anda .. !
But Why ? ? ?
Because Sasuke Uchiha is Just Amazing in Our Lives..
He is Too Hot ! ! ! Too Sexy ! ! !
I Wish That May Sasuke Was Born in Real Life,
Both Guys / Girls Are CraZy! For Him . . (Me Also)
& anda ?
Let,s Come To My Personal Life!
I'v Collected Almost Every Picture Of Sasuke.. (Sounds Looks Crazy?)
Why Sasuke Don,t Cares Sakura?
I Think His Life is Full With Dangers & He Don,t Wanna Hurt Sakura!
Because He Loves Her ! !
Sakura walk to the forest and she see that Sasuke is training there Sakura watch Sasuke training Sasuke seen that Sakura is watching Sasuke berkata to naruto and Sir kakashi to wait so naruto and Sir kakashi continue to practice "Sakura what are anda doing here?" Sasuke questioned "I am bored at halaman awal so i walk here"Sakura answered"Do anda want to gabung our team Sakura?"Sasuke questioned again"I will decide for it"Sakura answered"If anda say so i think it would be best if anda joined us oh come i will introduce anda to naruto and Sir Kakashi."Do anda mind?"Sasuke questioned"Okay"Sakura answered"Sir Kakashi...
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So Ino and Sakura walk slowly to Sakura's house"Ah Sakura can i ask anda something if it is okay to you"Ino said"Sure what is it?"Sakura Questioned"Who is your crush in the konoha?"Ino asked"You first"Sakura said"Don't say this to anybody just anda abd me will know this thing okay my crush in the konoha is Sasuke Uchiha"Ino said"So who is your crush in the konoha?"Ino asked"My crush to the konoha is Sasuke Uchiha too....But i have a pertanyaan why his brother killed his clan?"Sakura said"Because the konoha ordered it"Ino said

(A few detik it is raining so Sakura and Ino need to hurry)

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posted by hinagogo123
i just wanna tell ya about this anime called konoha highschool. ITS SO AMAZING!!!!! ALL OF THEM ARE IN HIGHSCHOOL, AND ITS SO FREAKIN' INTENSE!!!! im sorry, i got exited..
it envolves sasusaku, naruhina, saiino, a little bit of nejiten and i think shikatema... anyway, the main character is sakura and its about the shikatema life in highschool. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!! i didnt even finish it.ya know y? because everyone makes their own spinoff of it JUST TO GET ON MY NERVES!!!!
so if u all like sasusaku, come and see it!! find the 1 with a theme song. i find membaca the komik jepang better... the anime is a little cheap and slow,but its still something 2 see. C'MON!!! ya know ya want too... ):)
Sakura return to the forest she berkata to Sasuke that she will gabung so from that time Sakura is a Team kakashi member now!

One hari Master Tsunade gave them a mission to the Team kakashi the Team kakashi need to group the Team to 2 so naruto and Sir kakashi is Team A and Sasuke and Sakura is Team B Sakura ask something to Sasuke "Sasuke why anda the joined Team Kakashi?"Sakura questioned "Because my clan died"Sasuke answered"But who did it?"Sakura questioned again"My brother please Sakura dont aska about him"Sasuke said"I'm Sorry"Sakura said"Thats okay"Sasuke said

(So Sasuke and Sakura cari what they need the Team failed so they need to camp)

Hmmm.....But why?Why would his brother do it?"Sakura questioned to herself

(The hari after)

The team kakashi cari again after a week past they found what they need.........So the Team return to the Konoha and tehy return to they houses.......

One day,Sakura run to the forest and Sasuke is training there Sasuke heard that someone is crying "Why are anda crying?"Sasuke questioned."Because i don't know some people here"Sakura answered."Don't worry i will tour anda inside the konoha."Sasuke said."Thank You"Sakura berkata and she is blushing."Don't mind it'I am Sasuke Uchiha and anda are?"Sasuke questioned again."I am Sakura Haruno,I am from Haruno Clan Nice to meet anda Sasuke".Sakura said."Nice to meet anda too Sakura"Sasuke said."Let's go i will tour anda at the konoha".Sasuke said.............

(So sasuke toured sakura to the konoha.)


Sakura saw a house that she liked so she taked it"So it's beautiful"Sasuke said"Yeah"Sakura said"So Goodbye see anda again"Sasuke said"Goodbye and Thanks again."Sakura said"Bye!"Sasuke said......

posted by BurnOut
First Of All,
Happy Birthday Sasuke-Kun ..
I'm menulis This artikel On Sasuke's 17th Birthday, Especially For fan ..
"Sasuke is The One, Only One Perfect Character in naruto .. Whatever He Does,He Becomes, He's Still Sasuke , Yes OUR Sasuke ..
Nobody Else Can Compare Him, i Like Both Sasuke's Good And Evil Personality .. Not Like Some Others, Who Only Like One ,Sasuke's Good atau Evil Personality , Why The Hell They Don't Understand He's Still Sasuke .. Yup, That Sasuke Who anda cinta ..
I Had Prepared A Large Site For Sasuke's 17th Birthday, But Due To My Laptop Problem , The Preparation Was'nt Complete...
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its right i cinta sasuke so much that cant explain!

but some one who loves sasuke should underestand how he feels right ?

sasuke always loved sakura bcuz

when they was in the fight with zabuza he berkata thats sakuras voice kakashi wat are u doing ?

in the exam he brocked the boys hand who hurt sakura first when he wacked up !

he always loved her but reveng was first so he didnt want to hurt her and he knew his path is not aman, brankas !

he never gonna kill her that is just nothing wen he berkata that she will be in plays of karin he wanted her beside him but she wanted to kill him
so he turned to kill her too !

i hope this helps who dont like sasuke b cuz of sakura!
posted by banu23
stay right where anda are b cuz i cinta anda in that role

cry as anda was that night b cuz i like why anda cried

say what anda usually say bcuz i cinta what anda say

lie as anda always do bcuz i cinta the way anda lie

be with me as long as anda can b cuz anda are my watch

walk with me b cuz who knows what happines selanjutnya

i cinta your( smile . anger . evil. lips .hair.sckin.eyes hands.clothes )

every part of anda

anda are far from my body but so near my jantung billive anda are the first boy i like

remmember im always beside anda !

written oleh

banu 23

my strange love

posted by KHluver101
Sasuke walked down the tan thick line of dirt.Sakura walked beside him.The sun beat down Sakura's head.Pearls of sweat rolled like tears down her forehead.She wiped the sweat of with her right wrist."How much longer do we have to walk to get to you're older sister's house?" Sakura said."We will get there in probably five days."Sasuke said."Five days!?We'll probably never get there!" Sakura complained."Yeah.Never because Sasuke is so freakin slow!" naruto said."AHHHHH!When did anda get here!?" Sakura and Sasuke said,both jumping in fright."Who invited anda here?!"Sasuke said."I want to get some...
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posted by aznQteechrista
Ohemgees! Sasuke is sooo damn fine! && on a scale of 1-100 he'd frigg'n break it! He's strong, smart, cool, calm, and SEXXAYY!! <333 Girls worship this guy and guys wish they were him. [[That's rite be jealous]]I like know everything about him but if anda know something I don't know please tell me!! I wanna make an "I cinta sasuke" fan club, that's like my dream && to collect anything that has him on it. I know I'm not the only obsessive sasuke freak out there so if any other girls wanna write lebih about this smok'n hott dude, please feel free too! I <3333 sasuke uchiha!!