U2 Anyone here going to the Hawaii show?

hocyouthguy posted on Oct 31, 2006 at 12:19AM
I've got my ticket for Dec 9th at Aloha Stadium. Anyone else here going? In "U2 by U2," Bono says that the stadium shows on the second leg were the best and this will be the only stadium show they do in the US. Can't wait!

U2 2 balasa

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu dave said…
Oh man hocyouthguy, I'm so jealous of you. Maybe I can crash at Papa's parent's place in Honolulu!!! How'd you get your hands on tickets?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu hocyouthguy said…
hi, dave. i picked my ticket up about 2 months ago on ticketmaster. i had general admission floor for the oakland and san jose concerts last year, but the hawaii tix are seats. not complaining, though! there are actually still some nosebleeds left, so yeah, come on out! pearl jam's opening, too, so it should be amazing!