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Every movie that hits theaters is going to have its critics and fans; some lebih than others. This has certainly been the case with the Twilight saga as it has fan in a frenzy and haters going berserk.

Then the fan turn on the haters and become the haters of... well... the haters. All this going on with extreme passion on both sides of the ring.

It is a bit conspicuous that those with strong negative view points are not happy; but why?

Vampire film have been around for decades including Nosferatu and Bram Stoker's Dracula. Some claim that these are "real" vampire film and truly frighten people as they should. The argument is Twilight is lebih of an entertainment movie with infallible forbidden cinta as opposed to terrifying creatures on the screen.

However, we have seen that before in the vampire genre. Buffy loved Angel. Bram Stoker's Dracula loved Mina. Beth Turner loved Mick St. John in Moonlight.

So why the strong tampilan of this vampire film? Why now?

One thing is for certain; vampire film are in. film like Daybreakers and 30 Days of Night are amongst the newer film that have been atau are about to hit theaters. Some may claim that these too do vampire film justice with the scary plot and grotesque characters.

However, it is a bit puzzling that haters of Twilight and New Moon have gone to the level they have to express their disgust for the movie.

People have the right to say whatever they would like about movies, but for some reason this movie has people going off the charts about how much disdain they feel for it. Teenage girls are certainly in a frenzy over the depth of affection filling the screen from it's main characters. However, this is just one lebih reason why haters are so, well... hateful.

Not only are teenage girls going crazy over the movie, but there are actually grown adults out there obsessed with the buku from Stephanie Meyers and the Twilight and New Moon movies. Can this be adding to the mayhem?

I know much of the emotion uprising from the critics has to do with the fact that the vampire in the Twilight series are 'sparkly.' They spend time, resources and emotions hating a FICTIONAL creature that is sparkly. Isn't the point of being fictional? The fact that it can be anything the creator wants it to be?

Joss Whedon took create license and gave one of his vampires, Angel, a soul. No one wished him a death of a thousand fiery suns. So why is it happening with Edward, Bella and Jake?

Not every movie that hits theaters is going to impress everyone that sees it. This is a given. But why people feel the need to express such negativity toward the Twilight series is interesting. One thing is for sure; it will not take anda long to find hate comments, blogs, and web sites regarding the series on the internet.

Connie is owner and editor of VAMPIRE EMPIRE link. A must see site for any enthusiast with pages offering information on all things Vampire related. From history to cult classics to phenomenons we never saw coming Plus vampire movie reviews. Specializing in custom vampire art. link
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