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The Newborn War had just started in the clearing.If Alice was correct.Only half an jam to go,to declare Bella was safe,in my arms.And not jacob's. Then i heard the yelling,screaching,and tearing,of the war.Going on just in the clearing.The newborn's thoughts going through my head,my mind.Of how,what angle they would choose to attack my cinta ones,and then the pack.Emmett's thoughts going through my head.He was pleased with himself.Jasper was being a little too protective of Alice,takeing on every newborn that lauched after her.One of the newborn's i had to admit,very clever.Went to hide for a final attack when everyone thought they had finished them off.This newborn had known that his fellow members of the of newborns would be finshed off.And was not pleased.Leah Clearwater's thoughts going through my head now. She had seen the newborn run off to hide.She wanted to tampil off.Jacob Black was now going after her.Knowing what she was doing.Then i heard bella's breatheing beside me.Heavy,worried,scared...I turned to her.She was looking straight ahead now.I knew she thought this may not work.And if any of the newborns harmed one of my family,or the pack.It would be her fault.Not even with the hundreds of times i've told her it wouldn't have.Which it wouldn't.She refused to believe me.Then i heard yelling.It was Jacob Black,in pain.Seth stood to his feet.Bella and I watched him,as he whimpered.In one eighth of a detik later i was to my feet.Rage going through me.This suprised me.That I would feel rage for Jacob Black in pain.Then I came to my sinces of course i would.It would hurt her.Hurt Bella.Her breatheing came lebih heavy now.Anxious even.''Go,'' i told Seth.He charged into the forest.Even though he tricke Bellanto ciuman him.And i would ot let that go.I still felt the pain he did.His pain going through my mind.As his voice,his thoughts came closer.To the border line as his brothers carried him off.I was still standing.Bella looking up at me.I looked down at her.Her eyes were filled with pain,worry,and even rage,for the newborn that caused it.I wanted to take off,with her in my arms.Away from our small little tent.But then,new scents came into the small area.The scent from Bella's room.Her visitor.And then another i knew from anywhere.James mate.The one and only.Victoria.She was back.Bella was right.It was her.All this time.''Edward.'' Bella's small voice beside me.''You were right,all this time...It was Victoria.She's here.She knew anda would be where i was.She picked up our scent.She's coming.'' i explain.She then came into sight.Victoria,her eyes bright red with thirst.Her red hair like flames,her thoughts filled with rage,already decideing how to attack to get to Bella.She came with a boy.Riley.I read in his thoughts.He was her new mate.Victoria had lied to him.So he would fight with her.He knew all along but did not want to believe it.Seth's growl was comeing up now.His scent mixed with his brothers that he had just come back from.I could tell Bella was trying to slow her heavy,scared breatheing.Knowing that it would only attrack lebih attention toward her.I wanted to take her in my arms and run.Take her to safety.But then i would not be able to finsih off Victoria.Then she would only be after Bella.I knew that.This was my chance.To finally get rid of her.To take at least one worry off everyone's mind.Then we were danceing.Victoria moving side to side trying to find a loop hole,to get Bella.I moved with her.Makeing sure there wasen't a chance she would find one.Taht there wasen't one to find.I read her thoughts as she sped up trying to confuse me.Which didn't work.And wouldn't work.I wouldn't let her circle.For her to get one inch closer to Bella.I wouldn't allow.The dance sped.Bella's foot steps backed up three feet.Seth was now fighting Riley.Then I heard Bella's breatheing.Quiet but heavy breatheing.Victoria's eyes never left Bella's.Holding her gaze.Making the breatheing even lebih heavy.She was trying to challange herself oleh akeing in Bella's scent,while thinking of her cinta James.Makeing her rage stronger,makeing her stronger.She launched herself toward her.I launched at her before she was one foot closer.She landed in a half crouch aswell as I.We started danceing again.But lebih speed.Then something flew in the air.Blood covered.Riley's arm.Seth was winning the fight of him and Riley.Victoria now holdin my gaze.I let her.It made it lebih easy to chase her thoughts around her head.Thinking of Riley.''Victoria'' Riley cried.She didn't flench at the sound of his agonized voice calling her name.She didn't care.It was always a lie anyway.I felt bad for the poor boy that thought she did. This was it.Then she tryed to take off.Running.I launched after her.Directing my angle to make me land on her to kill.I felt like i was flying in a half crouch.When i landed i land infront of her.I bit her neck so hard,reckless,filled with rage.I beheaded her.Orange red waves falling of her hair to the ground.Her body fell.Seth was at my side then.''Pick up every piece.'' i told Seth.Seth and I picked up every piece of limb and put them all in a pile.Bella watching the whole time.I was scared that she would be afarid of me.I let her absorb it all.Never meeting her gaze as i built a api and burned to limbs.A thick smoke went into the air.Then i turned to her.Pine needles,in her hair a sharp rock in her hand.I didnt realize how that would have looked in her eyes.Watching me fight.Showing her the predator i really am.The monster i am.She always thought i belonged in a fairytale.But i knew i was mean't for a nightmare.''Bella.'' i berkata in a soft voice.Raiseing my arms elbow level slowing steping toward her.''Its ok.Please put the rock down.careful.dont hurt yourself.i wont hurt anda Bella.'' she ran to me ciuman me over and over again asking me ''Are anda okay?did she hurt anda at all?why are anda telling me that?i know anda wouldnt hurt me?'' i was relieved then.Knowing she thought of me the same way.Just lebih protective.Relief washed over me when I realized that she would think of me the same way,that im the same person..well,by person i mean cold one.
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 Alice New Moon wallpaper
Alice New Moon Wallpaper
Heyy guys, so I've got lebih awesome quotes/ funny things that are associated with the Twilight Saga buku atau movies!

* Can I just say before anda read them, these are for the purpose of everyone, they aren't my opinion so please don't shout at me :(

Here goes...

Some people say 'You're obsessed with Twilight!' like it's a bad thing!

Whoever says they don't have an imaginary vampire/werewolf boyfriend obviously hasn't read Twilight!

I’m just wondering... If choosing between vampire and manusia serigala is like choosing between sparkles and fleas... Can anda have sparkly fleas?

Team Emmett... because every...
continue reading...
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