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Chapter 10: The Cat’s Out of the Bag
I was in complete awe of my body as well as the little miracle that it contained, “She knows your voice Jake,” I told him through my tears of happiness. He smiled at me and seemed to be genuinely happy for the first time since he found out that I was pregnant. He again kissed my stomach and then continued with a trail of kisses leading to my face, ciuman my cheeks and nose, “I cinta anda so much Renesmee.” I kissed his ear, “I cinta anda too,” his lips found mine and he kissed me so overpoweringly that I fell back into the tempat tidur with him. He lay there looking at me rubbing my face, “I cannot believe that anda are giving me a daughter,” He spoke softly. It was as if the joy of this realization was hitting him for the first time. “She is going to be so beautiful, if she is anything like her mother,” he whispered. I smiled at him as he kissed me again. “I’m sorry that I have been such a jerk Ness, I really am happy I just worry about you.” I kissed his nose, “stop worrying, and just be happy.” He looked at me pleadingly, “Will anda do me a favor, princess?” I looked at him receptively, “Anything.” “I need anda to eat something.” My stomach lurched at the thought and my hand flew to my mouth. “What?” He asked in alarm his hand poised over me ready to go to whatever spot was causing me discomfort. “I’m just so nauseas Jake. The thought of …food atau blood...”I shuddered visibly at the thought. He looked at me in concern, “you have to put something in your stomach, have anda told your grandfather about this?” I shook my head. “I don’t want to worry anyone.” He stood up furiously, “Renesmee anda have to tell him,” “Wait!” I called after him weakly, “I will try. I will eat something and try a little blood too; anda know to see what she prefers.” He smiled at me. “What do anda want, I will bring anda anything.” I smiled at him impishly, “Cherry Garcia?” He rolled his eyes and grinned, “I should have known.” He kissed my forehead and locked his eyes onto mine, “I absolutely swear I will be right back this time, and then after anda eat we will talk to your family.” I narrowed my eyes at him, “you’d better,” I attempted a weak snarl and kissed him, and then watched as he slipped out of the door closing it behind him. After he left I sighed and then placed my hands on my growing stomach. I looked down at it and smiled, “Sarah, mommy loves anda so much. I bet anda are hungry, don’t worry we are going to figure out what anda want mommy to feed you.” I felt a little poke from her inside of my stomach and an overwhelming sense of cinta for her swept through my body so forcefully that it took my breathe away. Moments later Jake was back he had my ice cream and a cup with a straw. He sat down on the edge of my bed, “What do anda want to try first?” I took the blood, “Well she is most likely part vampire so let’s try it.” I placed the straw in my mouth. The scent of the blood alone was enough to send me running to the bathroom, but I forced myself to stay put. My head spun and I felt sweat breaking out along my forehead as I gagged. Jake looked at me anxiously, “human blood is your favorite.” I brought my hand to my head, “Apparently our daughter doesn’t agree with me.” I whispered. Jake went to take the cup he placed it on the night stand, “Here Nessie, try this instead.” He opened the container of ice cream and gave that to me. I placed a spoonful of it in my mouth. I gagged as I choked down. He looked at me helplessly. “We have to do something, anda have to eat.” I waved him off, “I am fine,” I said; but the gagging had brought little tears to my eyes that betrayed me. He shook his head, “I’m going to get your grandfather, “No, Jake, I will eat all of this and then we will see if it gets better.” I forced myself to finish half of the pint of ice cream and to drink the blood. It was one of the hardest things that I had ever done, the entire time the contents threatened to force their way back up. But I did it. Jake’s eyes searched my face, “Are anda alright?” I nodded I couldn’t open my mouth for fear that it would all come back up. I lay myself back down until my stomach settled. Then I smiled at Jake, “Let’s go and tell them, now.” He looked at me uncertainly, “Are anda sure that anda want to get up just yet?” I nodded, “I feel fine,” I attempted to ignore my queasiness. He helped me up; I stood up and slowly made my way to the mirror, “Oh god.” I berkata when I saw myself. My face was ashen, making the deep purple circles under my lifeless eyes even lebih noticeable. My hair was a matted mess, “I have to take a mandi, shower first Jake I look horrible.” He nodded and helped me into the bathroom, “I’m ok, I reassured him. He looked at me skeptically but decided to pick his battles with me and said, “I will be back in Amore’s room if anda need anything.” I nodded I was starting to feel weak again but I didn’t want to worry him. As soon as he left I felt myself getting sick again. I shut the door and ran the mandi, shower so that it would cover the sound as I collapsed over the toilet, my stomach heaving. After it was over I shakily got up and I took my clothes off. I looked at my stomach in wonder. I didn’t know if my eyes were playing tricks on me but it looked even larger than it had this afternoon. I patted it lovingly and I felt another nudge from within. “What do anda want me to feed you?” I whispered frantically to her. I stepped into the mandi, shower the water felt marvelous as it washed over my sore body. I felt much better, my head had stopped spinning and my stomach; emptied of the unacceptable contents was at peace. I showered quickly, excited oleh what we were about to do. I got out and dried off quickly, wrapping the towel around me, I went back into the room I found clothes on my bed, someone had already shopped for larger clothing for me; I guessed it was my aunt Alice but then became confused when I saw that it was a casual outfit. Jake looked at me, “Amore brought these for you; she berkata it’s her first “god-motherly duty.” I snorted, “She isn’t going to give in, huh?” He shrugged and I smiled to myself as I dropped my towel and prepared to get dressed. Jake gasped, “What?” I asked. He looked at my stomach, “Nessie, I swear your stomach is larger and it has only been a day”. I swallowed hard mildly concerned but shook it off. “My grandfather berkata that my mother grew rapidly with me too.” Jake looked at me as doubt flickered through his eyes briefly and in that instant I felt myself start to panic. He sensed it and quickly changed the subject, “Come on let’s see what Amore has picked out for you,” I smiled at him weakly as I let him help me to put the slightly larger jeans and t kemeja on. Jake looked at the dark grey kemeja and laughed, “What I asked?” He held it up for me to read, “I grow people, what’s your superpower?” I rolled my eyes at Amore’s selection. “She is such a dork. I guess it will be kind of funny to see if anyone notices the shirt…” I got dressed and then ran a brush through my hair. I borrowed some of her make up I had to cover those circles under my eyes. Jake watched me intently, “If anda don’t feel up to this it’s ok, anda don’t have to go to all this trouble Ness.” I smiled at him, “I’m fine. This is an important moment. I want to look nice.” He came up behind me, wrapping his arms around me as he kissed the puncak, atas of my head. “It would be impossible for anda to be anything less than beautiful with atau without all of this,” He berkata gesturing to the make up. “Come on.” He took my hand and led me downstairs. We walked slowly down the stairs he was even lebih gentle with me now than ever before. I gasped when I saw everyone gathered. Billy was in the living room, looking slightly apprehensive as he spoke with Sam. Even Emily was downstairs with the babies. Aunt Rose held one while Emily held the other. My whole family looked at us. “Are anda feeling any better, sweetie?” My mother asked. I nodded. Jake looked at me expectantly but I waited I wanted to see who would notice the kemeja first. I walked up to my father in law and he smiled at me, “how was the honeymoon?” I sighed happily, “It was perfect,” I berkata as I shot Jake a private smile remembering the highlights of the trip. My father groaned, “Not again…” as my mother elbowed him. “Oops” I though to myself realizing with chagrin that he saw everything I was remembering. Aunt Alice came walking up to me shaking her head in displeasure, “What are anda wearing? I definitely did not pick it out for you.” She looked at my kemeja closely, “What does that mean; your super power is that anda grow people? Who does that?!” She shrugged in agitation and turned away, “Nessie I will go get anda something to wear, I swear anda leave my sight for a week and anda come back forgetting how to dress.” She started to walk away and then my grandmother looked up her eyes flickering excitedly, “Oh my god… Renesmee, are anda PREGNANT?!?!” I nodded happily and she squealed. Jake and I were suddenly swarmed oleh people. Aunt Alice came back to me with a scowl, “How come I didn’t see this coming, I thought that I could see Jake now.” Jake laughed at her visibly pleased to have an ounce of privacy for once. We were hugged oleh everyone, I caught my father and Jake exchanging a look of trepidation over my head; but I put it out of my mind. I was too happy. My mother came up and kissed me and my father did as well. Emily walked up to me slowly and hugged me, whispering, “I told anda that it would work out”. Seth and Amore walked up to us, “So”, Amore berkata excitedly, “Any other news?” she elbowed Jake. We looked at each other and rolled our eyes in exasperation. “Amore and Seth are the godparents.” Jake berkata in mock aggravation. Amore squealed, “I had no idea! We are so honored, right Seth?” She smacked his arm. He nodded shaking his head at her “It is all her,” he mouthed to us. Uncle Emmett looked at his daughter in amusement, “Amor, immortals kind of don’t need godparents.” She stomped her foot and looked at him obstinately, “Yes they do!” She hugged me, “I am so happy for anda Nessie.” She brought her head down to my stomach, “we are going to have many shopping trips so anda rest up while anda can Aunt Amore is going to keep anda vey busy!” I laughed at her. My grandfather strolled up to us a smile playing on his perfect lips, “I do still want to do the ultrasound we didn’t get around to doing it earlier.” My aunt Alice Looked at him angrily, “You knew and didn’t tell us?” He shrugged at her, “Patient confidentiality.” I looked down remembering how Jake had left. I felt his hand around mine. “Grandpa we don’t need it, I told anda it’s a girl.” My hand flew up to my mouth. “Oops.” Everyone looked up, “How do anda know that?” My aunt Rose asked. I shrugged; the cat was out of the bag. “I have been having dreams about her.” I turned to Billy, “we are going to name her Sarah.” His eyes turned red and he started to blink, “That is beautiful…” he berkata we went over to him and he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. Then he turned to his son, “You know I am way too young to be a grandpa…but I will take it!” He chuckled as he hugged his son. My aunt Rose handed the baby to Sam cam up to me and hugged me tightly squealing, “I’m so excited congratulations.” She turned to Jake and hugged him too. He looked at her in surprise, “What no komentar about having a anak anjing, anjing atau housebreaking/” She looked at him in shock feigning innocence, “Why, Jacob, I thought that we were past all of that.” He rolled his eyes t her. “No seriously, my great niece is off limits as far as being made fun of. anda on the other hand, dog, it is always open season.” Jake snickered. She hugged him, “Congratulations Mongrel.” “Thanks Blondie.” Uncle Emmett came up and looked at me wistfully, “So I guess anda are off limits with the rough housing for awhile.” I snorted, “It’s just temporary; and then I will have an ally to tag team anda with.” He winked at me and snorted, “You don’t scare me; as long as anda don’t chuck a picture frame at me.” He chortled as he patted an exasperated Jake on the shoulder and hugged me “Congratulations anda two.”
Sam came up with Leah and Nahuel selanjutnya to congratulate us. oleh that time I was starting to feel very tired, Jake looked down at me worry creasing his brow. “Do anda want to go back upstairs?” He asked me. I shook my head, “No it’s nice to be out of bed.” He put an arm around my waist and held me to him. I nestled my head into his chest and closed my eyes. I loved it when his arms were around me and I was encircled oleh his scent, I felt so safe. When I opened my eyes again we were on the couch. Jake’s father was gone and the only people in the living room with us were my grandparents and Aunt Rose who was mindlessly flipping through the channels. I looked up at Jake who was still holding me on his lap. “Where is everyone?” He smiled down on me, “My dad went home, Sam and Em are sleeping and everyone else is hunting.”
“What happened?” I asked, in a state of disorientation. He grinned, “You fell asleep standing up.” My grandmother chuckled from across the room. I felt my face flush, “Oh, guess I was lebih tired than I thought.” My grandfather looked at me kindly, “Nessie, anda need to make sure that anda are getting enough sleep. Why don’t anda go upstairs and go to bed? I will try to do the ultrasound in the morning. Did anda eat at all today?” My stomach reeled at the memory. I nodded weakly. I let Jake help me up and he started to walk me up the stairs but my legs gave out, I was exhausted. He picked me up and carried me to bed, lying down selanjutnya to me stoking my hair. “You made my father really happy.” I looked at him in surprise, “He is thrilled that we are naming her Sarah. He is really excited to be a grandfather.” I smiled as I felt my eyes shutting, “that’s nice…” I whispered. I nuzzled my head up to his neck and fell asleep, content. Everything was as it should be.
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Uh great, are anda kidding me? My car would have to break down in front of this house of all them wouldn’t it? Gosh my life sucks. The creepy house down the road stared at me menacingly; I was closer to this house now than I had ever wanted to be in my entire life.
It was pouring down buckets and I could scarcely see because the now arising fog. I’d have to go to the house to get help, after all I could leave my car stalled in the middle of the jalan, street like this, but the big guy scared me so much that I was willing to sit here...
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Have anda ever felt like your entire body was on fire, and there was nothing anda can do about it? You're in excruciating pain and all anda can do is lie there and let it happen. That's how it feels to be turned into a vampire.
I didn't ask for this. I honestly would have rather died, but I suppose that wasn't an option ever since Emmett and Rosalie found me. Rosalie must have taken pity in me, being raped, beaten, stabbed and left to die in the middle of nowhere. Right before my spirit almost left my body, I could feel bite marks all over my body. My neck, my legs, my stomach and wrists ached...
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