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posted by PftFan99

Just a story that I had to write for school... It was focused on the What If junk... Its not that good, but I decided to post it anyways... So, Peace cinta Winnie/Jesse! :D

– –

Winnie sat down in her small yard, at the same fence that she always sat at. She was holding the tiny bottle of spring water in her hands. A boy named Jesse Tuck has diberikan this to her about 7 years ago. Today, was Winnie's 17th birthday. Jesse had told Winnie to drink this water on this certain day. Winnie sighed. She had always regretted everything that hari when she let that dog kill the toad, she...
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posted by PftFan99

This is my VERY first Tuck Everlasting story! I hope its good. One-Shot.

– –

Winnie sat in the perahu with Tuck as he explained to her many things.

"Don't be afraid of dying, Winnie. Be afraid of the unlived life." Winnie nodded her head slowly, as she listened to every word that Tuck had said.

"Don't drink from that spring, Winnie... I don't want anda to become a immobile rock like us... sitting on the ground... never moving... never changing." Winnie thought of Jesse, as he berkata those words. Winnie let a tear fall out of her eyes...

"Whats wrong?"

"Jesse..." she whispered. Tuck looked...
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