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posted by amoremusic
I don't envy anda for the life
that anda had lived, anda kept
yourself guarded oleh all of the
horrible things that could've
happened to you.

You tell me that anda
don't want atau need my
sympathy vote that anda
won't take it from some-one
like me.

you came through the
most devastating part
of your life and that is
why i admire anda so much.

I know that I don't
fully understand the
ignorance that anda lived
in, I pray to God that i
never will, but anda didn't
let that put anda into a position
that left anda feeling bitter-and
hating every-one who came
to know anda and cinta you.

You survived and came
out of...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 2

At the hotel, everyone was talking to Nick Wolfe, congratulating him on his heroic deed.

"Nick! Nick!" Mari, a half Ram girl asked Nick.

"Yes young lass?" Nick responded to his new fan.

"Can anda tampil me how anda slashed off that scientists arms?" Mari asked him curiously

"Of course!" Nick responded as he showed them the slash that cut off the scientists arm.

"Woah..." All of the girls were watching in suspense.

"Nick...I have to thank saved Lucy...and...I can't find a way to pay you..." Emily told Nick.

"You don't need to pay me!" Nick responded, "I just save people because it...
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posted by alicia386

I don't want to talk about the funeral. I don't want to talk about how I cried all weekend atau how Velvet, my only friend at home, went with my aunt to Malibu for the weekend. No, I won't talk about any of this. Instead I will say that Kyle invited mr to this awesome party Wednesday night. Yes, I know it is a school night but in less than 6 days school will be over for me. I can't wait. No lebih preps atau annoying L. J's. Kyle, however, I will miss. Maybe I could invite him to the film atau something.
posted by alicia386
(I hate it when stories are not in paragraph form but I don't have time to change mine and out it in paragraph form. beruang with me until the summer)

Chapter One The Last One Standing
I stared at the glorious sun shining through the thick glass windows. Why did I have to be caged inside of this place while my friends were enjoying their summers? Johnny boasted all about how his parents were taking him all of the way to India. I have never been to India. Marcus, my other best friend, berkata he was going to spend most of his summers staying inside relaxing. What am I doing? I am stuck here. Apparently,...
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Author's note: Sorry for my English :P

Once upon a time…

Wait, should we start the story like that? Because, it's rather difficult to find a proper opening for it. We can't say Once upon a time, because this is not a fancy fairytale. It is not.

Or, we could start it like this. It happened in feudal Japan…

During the time, the country was very wealthy, no war happened, no droughts, no floods, no danger. However, the people were not completely happy, because of a long-lasting, legendary fear had existed, threatening every single person, from generations to generations, throughout the land…...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 1

Lawrence was an odd man. He lived in a gossipy town, but he didn't gossip. He just read buku and studied History, Science, and the Arts. Every Girl loved him, but he just Read and Studied.

"He is so dreamy!" One Girl berkata as she saw Lawrence while membaca a book about Philosophy.

"Hello" Lawrence berkata as he looked up from the Book.

"Hey, do anda want to go out sometime?" The Girl asked him as Lawrence just looked at her.

"No, thank you" Lawrence replied politely, as he continued walking down the street.

"Soooo dreamy..." The One Girl wooed.

Lawrence continued walking down the jalan, street as...
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Note: This one's from Ash's point of view. Hope the few people who are membaca it enjoy.
Also, can't wait until they get older and I can make them do other things: strip each other, make out...XD. My mind is so sick.

My clock read 9:47. I lay I my bed, my face buried in my bantal to muffle my sobbing.
    What was wrong with me? What had I done to deserve this?
    I felt the tight feeling in my stomach, lebih painful than it usually is. I needed to throw up again. I got up and...
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This one's from Lisa PoV

During hall time, I saw Zoë and Ash sitting on the steps together. Ash had his head on Zoë’s shoulder. Zoë had wrapped her arms around his neck and was stroking his hair, whispering to him. She looked up when I came over.
    “Is he okay?” I whispered.
    “He’ll be alright,” she said.
    “What’s wrong?”
    She shook her head. “He won’t tell me. He doesn’t want to go home, though. Like,...
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Okay, I changed Wesley from being homosexual to being pansexual. Just so anda guys know.
Also, this chapter's from Zoë's point of view.

We had a substitute teacher. They’re the only ones who ever bother with the roll call. The other teachers do it for the first three days of school and then just give up on it.
    The substitute was one of those grumpy old ladies with the white hair and thin glasses that she wore on the end of her nose. She introduced herself as Ms. Norman. She pronounced it Mizzzzzz, drawing out the Z so she sounded like a bumble bee.
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“Ryker Fargo, please laporan to the office; Ryker Fargo.”
    Um, no, I won’t laporan to the office. It’s stupid that they call anda on the loudspeakers to the office. Sound can’t make me go.
    I was in the library. Hiding, really, so I wouldn’t have to go. What if someone had figured out that I was the smoker?
    I was searching through the library. No sign of Ms. Levitt. Maybe she wasn’t here today. I pulled a cigarette from my pocket and lit it, took a drag.
    I heard the door opening. I snuffed...
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posted by MissCarolyn143
Author's Note: Sorry I took so long with this chapter!
I was just so busy!
And as usual please komentar it anda loved it atau if anda found something wrong with it,cause I really want to improve my writing!
Lynn ❤

Part Three:
In front of her was a sleeping girl hung oleh manacles from her wrists,she was on her knees head tilted downwards causing a mane of Jet Black hair to cover her face,and extending along both her arms were X shaped scars still oozing blood she wore what looked like a white sheet that covered her chest to just...
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Note: to those who are membaca this and like it, I will take requests, as long as:
1) It doesn't interfere with what I've already written
2) It doesn't create a new character

Sometimes I hate school so frigging much. Actually, I wouldn’t mind it so much, except for no one really likes me. See, I’m real social. So when the only people I have to talk to is a budding juvenile delinquent, a geek with freckles and braces, a hyper redheaded girl, and a sarcastic blond (Quin can get really sarcastic sometimes), anda can understand why I feel like that.
    Don’t get me wrong....
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Ryker's point of view.

I couldn’t go home. I just couldn’t make myself. I knew Sami was there, waiting, but I was worried if I got beat one lebih time, it would kill me. Then who would take care of Sami?
    I leaned against a large building and thought. Should I at least go tell her where I was? But then He might catch me. I decided that I wouldn’t go today. That would make sure that I was alive to take care of her. Anyway, I needed to sell what was in my backpack.
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This chapter's from Ryker's point of view.

I left school early. I did every Wednesday (which it was). I had business to do with someone, and they weren’t patient.
    I walked home. Do that every day. Mostly ‘cause I don’t want anyone to see where I live.
    It’s a pretty rough place. Gotta watch your back, atau you’re gonna get a bullet in it.
    I walked into a short alleyway. I was in the rough parts now. I listened to make sure no one was there. When...
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