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The reasons why Sookie should be with Eric is because Eric is cute, sexy,rich,and he's been in cinta with her since he first laid eyes on her when she walked into Fangtasia with Bill. Plus we as fan of True Blood believe that Eric is the better vampire for her because he did not look at her like she was his own personal feeding ground, he looked at her with cinta and respect and dignity. To make this clear to everyone who believes that Bill is the better vampire for Sookie really needs to go back and watch all the episodes of season 4 of True Blood and this will proove to them who is the better...
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posted by -POKERface
At the end of episode 4, season 3 (9 Crimes) the song oleh Damien nasi, beras - 9 Crimes was on & I was listening to it and then I recapped how right in the end Bill was upset but he had to do what he had to do, for that matter it was sucking blood from that poor women, since before he was talking to her using compulsion & the lyrics also say 'this is not what i do, it's the wrong kind of place to be thinking of you' which anda can relate to his & Sookie's earlier phone call.
Which oleh the way, was really funny & sad at the same time. I mean you'd except them to be formal and everything but then anda hear those like 'shut the fuck up' & 'me and Lorena just fucked like vampires' - that was also funny because usually humans say, animals, and then Bill berkata 'vampires'.

Just wanted to share something, since none of my friends are really into vampire atau even membaca for this matter so, if anda read it , thanks!! :D
posted by vampireempire
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Every t.v tampil has a theme.every tampil has a purpose.true blood is what we fan call a thriller show.true blood is about a waitress who doesnt know who atau what she is and a vampire who doesnt want any part in a vampire life. Bill,the vampire only wants to find the one person who can give himm a reason to this series is a romantic thriller.sookie and bill just want to be together but will their diffrences help them come together?season three was the best season. When sookie meets a manad that drives the city sex crazy.terra find her lover in the series but when he finds out what hes been doing he goes and try to turn hisself in but sookies brother shot him in the head.the sheriff took the blame and terra wil always hate him.or will she discover the truth?p.s WHAT THE HELL JASON?
posted by ThisSweetMoment
I found this kuis where anda can see what character would anda be in True Blood?


Comment saying what anda got! ;)
( Im Sookie; nice to meet you, lol )

Possible Results

Sookie Stackhouse
You are Sookie Stackhouse, anda know exactly what people are thinking. anda are rather accepting to all, but hate lies. You're a strong person that will do what it takes to help those anda love.

Sam Merlotte
You are Sam Merlotte, anda are a calm person with secrets. anda don't want to expose yourself for fear of what others will think and how they will react. You're not exactly the most excepting person and sometimes...
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posted by DonnaTBFan
I never watched TrueBlood, until the pass month. I really enjoyed was serious, funny. Very funny at times..sad. I cried on some scenes...came to cinta all the carterthers. Some lebih than others...true blood was a sappy silly show.....but I loved the silly sappy show.......they are talking reboot..but new cast members....No No No...bring back old cast....and a new cast...the old cast is elders, teachers to teach the new...story ended wrong but it can start where it left off...look at the kids Jason had, Skokie had one..I don't know about anyone else but I have no idea who the father was....they...
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With True Blood's 2nd season premiering June 14th, it's always nice to review what happened last season. So for True Blood, what better way than reviewing with the puncak, atas 10 truly juicy moments!

1. Sookie uses a chain to attack Mack's vampire-blood-stealing butt! Even though Sookie just met Bill at this point, she didn't hesitate to fight to save him when Mack and nasty girlfriend Denise were starting to drain Vampire Bill of his blood. - 1.1, Strange Love

2. Sookie gets beaten oleh the V thieves and sucks Bill's blood. We learn True Blood isn't afraid to get bloody when Mack and Denise came back...
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posted by LissyChristine
1) Pam: "Did I miss something? Are we girls now? Did we gabung a book club and read some queer chick lit memoirs and are bound together oleh estrogen atau sisterhood atau some other feminist drivel?"

2) Pam: "There's vampire in your cleavage." Sookie: "Oh, eww!"
Pam: "Here let me get that for you."

3) Pam: "I'll give anda 24 hours to deliver that witch to me and if anda don't, I will personally eat, fuck and kill all three of you."

4) Pam: "I don’t know what it is about me that makes people think I want to hear their problems. Maybe I smile too much. Maybe I wear too much pink. But please remember,...
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posted by lakota_spirit
Monday, March 28, 2011
Dead Reckoning-Charlaine Harris
Dead Reckoning
Charlaine Harris
Ace, May 3 2011, $27.95
ISBN: 9780441020317

In Bon Temps, Louisiana, Sookie Stackhouse helps her cousin Claude the Fairy and Great-Uncle Dermot clean out the attic cluttered with generations of junk. Sookie becomes excited with finding a letter from her grandmother to her accompanied oleh a buried treasure.

Someone tosses a Molotov koktil, koktail into Merlotte’s when the place is filled with customers. The police believe the motive is to get at the owner Sam Merlotte who has recently come out as a two-natured person....
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this artikel is about sookie stuckhouse from true blood and elena gilbert of the strongest from the vampire diaries.

first of all don't get me wrong i cinta both sookie & elena and i admier them, they are both one of the strongest and smartest female characters on tv, both are kind,funny,sweet,smart,beautiful inside and out and they make one the hardest choices almost every hari in their lives but when it comes to the matter of their jantung they really blind and make the wrong choices.

what most woman want is that the man they cinta is to be honest with them no matter what, and since hari 1 both...
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posted by melanieacbaer
Every TV series has that one episode that everyone remembers, that provides mass debat and discussion and that is the authoritative commentary on what the tampil is about. For True Blood, I think that episode is 2-9 ‘I Will Rise Up.’

What a fantastic episode! I honestly think this the definitive, game-changing episode of the season and possibly the series. There is just so much to say about this episode – the storylines, the cinematography, the characters and the wider implications for the vampire/human world.

OK, while I obviously understand that TV is fiction and purely a method of entertainment,...
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ok so we all know that eric lost his memories,but did sookie loss her memories too??

i mean the last time sookie saw bill (before she went to fairy land for a year) she just fond out bill real motives that the only reason he went aftre in the beging is to bring her to his queen so she can drain her to death,she learned that he SET HER UP he chamred a couple of people to BEAT THE LIVING CRAP OF HER tricked her to drink his blood and manupluited her to fall in cinta with him,lied to her many many times,cheated on her,kept a secret fill on her,don't forget he drunk her blood to the point of death...
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 Watch True Blood Season 6
Watch True Blood Season 6
supernatural drama and horror tampil is all set to premier its action packed sixth season. The storyline of the tampil is taken from a series of novels, which is based on the existence of vampires. The tampil has ten numbers of episodes, whose very first episode is premiered on 16 June, 2013 on HBO. Like sebelumnya seasons of the show, Sookie Stackhouse, Sam, Bill, Tara, Jason, Andy, Eric, are the central characters of the sixth seasons. Apart from them, there are several other characters, which can be seen paying various roles.

The first episode of the sixth season opens with Sookie, Jason, Eric, Jessica,...
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as u may all know right now, TRUE BLOOD SEASON TWO will be starting up on JUNE 14, 2009 on HBO. JUNE 14 is a SUNDAY, and hope that ALL 932 fan out there (including me) will be tuned in that night for the premeire! I know I'll be there and some of you! DEAD AND GONE which is the 9th book in the SOOKIE STACKHOUSE series oleh famous author: CHARLAIN HARRIS is out now in EVERY bookstore around the globe that has it in that language! anda can see lebih and learn lebih about the series and Charlaine at
TRUE BLOOD season 1 and the soundtrack come out on MAY 19, 2009! so yeah, be...
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posted by megloveskyle
Hello Fellow Fangbangers! I am trying to start a link in this spot. There seems to be a lot of active members in here. I think it would be awesome if we could get everyone in here to participate. It's fun membaca everyone's take on each episode and character. This tampil deserves some hardcore fan so please help me oleh interacting in komentar and contests!!linkended today but anda can link for your favorit now! And link started today!!!

 Caption Contest #2
Caption Contest #2
posted by BuzzyKelly
 My Vote :)
My Vote :)
We have begun preparing for the new season with little refreshers on what happened in seasons past...

This one is oleh June from BuzzyMag. She goes over details on each guy and their specific romantic histories with the main gal, Sookie Stackhouse.

Included are the obvious tales of her first vamp-love, Bill Compton, the "nice" vampire who strolled into town and opened up the can of worms that changes Bon Temps forever. June then provides us with the profiles of the vampire who created Sookie's "bad boy" phase, Eric Northman, along with her pining anak anjing, anjing (i mean shape-shifter) boss, Sam Merlotte....
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posted by TeamJacobInigo

This is the main cast:
•    Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse
•    Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton
•    Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte
•    Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse
•    Rutina Wesley as Tara Thornton
•    Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman
•    Joe Manganiello as Alcide Herveaux
•    Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica Hamby
•    Karolina Wydra as ungu Mazurski
•    Nathan...
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 Alan Ball
Alan Ball
    Ok, let me start out oleh saying,"YES I KNOW IT IS A TV Show!" Now that is out of the way, I am not sure why Alan Ball is taking so many liberties with the sumber material. The buku are first person, so I understand the need to change them to facilate a ansamble cast. However, I do not understand the need to change so much of the sumber material. They have changed the secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan personalities of the characters as well as the actually storylines of the books.
Once again, yes I realize this is a tv show. Let us look first at the secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan plots...
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True Blood Season 3 Episode 1 Highlights

Well, True Blood Season three episode one premiered FINALLY and for those of anda who missed out on the episode, here is a recap of the episode highlights (and low lights) here.

These spoilers will spoil just enough without giving too much away.

First, the True Blood Season 3 episode 1 was good, not amazingly awesome but very good. It did contain some mind blowing stuff but Sookie's character didn't have much meat.

Jessica, however, was very noticable in this one. Our little Jess is coming into her own and potty mouthing up a storm which made her both funny and...

bill has known sookie 4 a longer time than eric has known her. Sookie has gave her virgnity 2 bill. Bill was there when sookie's gran died and was there to "comfort" her ( in both ways). Bill Knows lebih about Sookie. Eric was willing 2 give up sookie 4 Godric. Bill went out in the sun to save her.(he would do it twice). Even though sookie has eric's blood she has bill's 2. bill loves sookie so much when sookie resent bill's invite he was crushed and still went to save from Renee in the sun. Eric held sookie's friend laffte captive for weeks. Sookie slaped eric and berkata something like " u should be ashmed of youre self" and looked the same then when she berkata ill call the cops that's when he pulled out his fangs.Eric dosent really cinta her but bill does and sookie loves bill.