transformers Prime Create A Predecon

ivor696 posted on Mar 02, 2014 at 01:15PM
so heres how you do it and my example

name- Leo convoy
affiliation- predaking and his own predecon army
gender- man-bot
beast mode- white tiger/dragon combination
weapons- machine guns coming from its wings , rocket launcher coming from right arm , battle ax coming from left arm , massive uni-beam coming from chest [mouth in beast mode] and 2 shotguns detachable from inside legs.
story- predaking forced shock-wave , sound wave and star scream to them create one predecon two fully preserved fossils of predecons and has helped him find fossils and create predecons for all suitable needs of there army
likes-killing decepticons and fighting wheel jack
hates- decepticons and all autobots but wheeljack

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