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*the night of the elmation that Jax got votted off*

*a invecabilty pass is on the ground*
Alejandro: *picks up the pass* Yes!

*the night of Ezekiel's elmation*

*a invecabilty pass is on the ground*
Alejandro: *picks up the pass* Yes!



Alejandro: 2 invecnabilty passes! YES! so this is too good! *evil smile*


*Non-first class*

Natalie: Got any 8s?
Rochelle: go fish. Got any 6s?
Natalie: man here anda go.
Rochelle: yay!!!!!!!!! I'm winning!
Natalie: how are anda so good at this?
Rochelle: I don't know.
Buddy: Can i play.
Natalie: No anda might kill the cards.
Rochelle: *giggles*
Buddy: Hey! I don't kill everything.
Rochelle: anda killed a bird just last week.
Buddy: well i didn't see it.
Alejandro: give the man a brake. He dosen't mean to kill them.
buddy: i do like killing stuff though.


Buddy: I don't know why i like killing stuff maby it's added into my evilness.

Alejandro: I figered if I joined an alivence with Buddy. I will win this season. I hope he says yes though.


*first class*

Jordan: why did anda guys vote off Ezekiel?
Ray: One that eh and that hommy stuff is so anoing if anda say it over and over and over again.
Jared: and they wantted me in and win.
Rayven: i don't know about that win part.
Draven: Lets all get along. ok?
Rayven and Ray: ok...................


Ray: he's so dreammy

Rayven: he's so dreAMMY

Jared: Ok Draven is taking all the ladys. I hate that man.


Bridgette: well i wonder where we are heading next.
Jared: me too.
Chris: everyone to the main room!

*main room*

Ray: what's................ never mind
Rayven: thank you.
Chris: we are heading to New Mexico!
Rochelle: sweat.
Chris: i will tell anda our challange when we get there.

*New mexico desert*

Bridgette: wow it's so hot.
Ray: *thouching Draven* yiks! he is hotter than hot here. I'm not kidding fill him.
Natalie: *thoughs Draven* oh yeah she is right!
Ray: wow.
Jared: so why are we in this heat?
Chris: It's your challange to stay in this heat for as long as posable.
Buddy: I think i'm alreayd sweating.
Draven: well i'm from here.
Jordan: the desert?????
Draven: No New Mexico.
Chris: Than this should be easy for you.
Rochelle: what's he temp?
Chris: ummmmmmmmmm.......... 117 degrees farnhite.
Alejandro: your kidding me.
Chris: nope! Ok when anda had anough of this heat come in first class in the air condishen.
Bridgette: I think i'm ready.
Chris: Than go in and lose.
Bridgette: ok ok i'm not!
Chris: good.
Natalie: anda do know we can die out here.
Chris: don't care.

*10 menit later*

Rayven: I need water!!!!!!
Ray: yeah me too!
Rochelle: Ok this is too hard i'm going in side. *walks in side*
Natalie: No!!!!!!!!!! Rochelle!!!!!!!!!!!
Jared: I can't stand it! but i need to win!!!!
Bridgette: me ether! *walks in side*
Ray: Ok ok! it'a way too hot.
Rayven: Ray! Not!
Ray: sorry Rayven! *walks in side*
Buddy: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......... I'm not going in!

*10 menit later*

Jared: Ok I'm going in! *walks in*
Rayven: I should have used my invenabuity pass.
Buddy: I wish i had one.
Alejandro: I can't belive anda havn't used that yet!
Rayven: I know.
Draven: This is easy.
Natalie: Your not sweating!
Draven: i can't sweat.
Buddy: *looks around* hey where is Jordan.
Rayven: *points left* over there laying down.
Natalie: I'm going to see if he is ok.
Raven: Ok.
Alejandro: I'm going in! *wlaks in*


Rayen: yes yes yes yes! he's leaving tonight!


Natalie: JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rayven: what is it?
Natalie: he fanited!
Drave, Rayven, and Buddy: what????????
Natalie: I'm bring him in.
Rayven: than anda will lose.
Natalie: I don't want that to happen to me!
Rayven: I'm with you. i'm going in too.
*Natalie carys Jordan in and Rayen follows her*
Chris: Ok it looks like Draven and Buddy: win invencabilty!
Draven and Buddy: YES!
Alejandro: Oh chris i have a invenbailty pass.
Rochelle: huh? Chris never gave anda one.
Chris he has one. so that means Buddy, Draven, and Alejandro win invecanbilty!
Rayven: man!
Bridgette: what about Jordan????
Jared: yeha what about him.
Chris: if he isn't dead he will wake up in an jam atau 2 atau 3.


Ok vote time! message me atau IM me your vote. here they are!

Alejandro (invecnabilty)
Draven (invecnabilty)
Buddy (invecnabilty)

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posted by -emofreak-
ok i no this is a bad spot but i just figured most of everyone i no is here so im not quitting im just leaving for the school tahun cuz im with my mom duznt aprove of fanpop so ill b back evry now and then in between the school tahun and then like the first atau detik week of june ill be back for tthe summer! k id just like to give a shout out to




and mcrluv122996!!!!!!!

~bye! :D

Ray: I'll miss you!!!!!
Noah: win for me!
rAY: i WILL!

Sadie: Hi I'm Sadie!
Katie: and i'm Katie!
Sadie and Katie: and this is the TDA aftermath show! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Eva: hey dumbos! where's Geoff????
Sadie: Like oh my gosh. I don't know!
Katie: Billy told us to be the host!
Eva: I will be the host.
Billy: with who?
Eva: where's geoff?
Billy: Crying.
Katie: Like oh my gosh about what?
Billy: I don't know.
Josh: I know!
Sadie: Like oh my gosh! It's Josh from CMH!
Josh: Yes i am.
Eva: I'm anda co-host! anda got it?
Josh: ok!
Billy: so why is he crying?
Josh: have anda seen Total draMA awsomeness??? Bridgette is cheeting...
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The rest of the date....

Storm and Cody

Cody: So swee- STORM... let's get the ride and hit the city!
Storm: Yeah, sure. *hits Cody in the arm* DONT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT! *ninja kicks cody*
Cody: Sure.... *falls*

Melody and Harold
*In Harold's car*
Melody: WHEN DID anda GET A CAR?!
Harold: I suppose most 16-year-olds -*chuckles* they're old!- have their own automobile. Check out this sweeeet ride
Melody: Just get us there and back....

Mizzie and Annie

Mizzie: *wearing a tie* Fine... Im the guy...
Annie: WHOOOOOO! Now pucker-up cause we're going somewhere
Mizzie: Where?
Annie: I dunno your the guy!
Mizzie: Taking...
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Chris: Welcome to total drama nightmare!

Chris: All of the contestants think this is called "Total drama money" But they're in for a surprise! In this new season of total drama there wont be ANY elemanation ceromoneys! Because the episode only ends when somebody gets killed. HAHA! i know this is going to be the BEST season ever!!! Here comes our First two contestants! Austin and Karen!

*Austin and Karen get off of the boat*

Austin: Whats up chris!

Karen: Me and Austin are gonna win this!

Austin: Thats right! *austin kisses Karen on the cheak*

Chris: Welcome! Please wait here for the rest of the contestants...
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Rayven:*sigh* as much as i cinta him ..... Duncan, because he made us loose....

Jax: see ya later man!

Courtney: I am not voting off Duncan! Zoey wrote the song, so Bye bye Zoey!

Zoey: Courtney. I like her but I dont wanna see Duncan leave.

Leeroy : I guess I'll vote off Duncan,because he didn't sing

Megan : I guess Duncan cause he doesnt sing...

Avan: I’ll………. I’ll say Duncan bye bye!


Chris: Ok anda all voted! thease people had no votes......... Jax
Jax,Gwen,Owen,Leeroy,Izzy,Megan: Boo ya!
Chris: down to the finale 6! Thease people had 1 vote Zoey,...
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posted by 123Jordan
rochelle: This is the total drama awards! We are going to have sepasle gusse today. they are Birdgette, eva, Noah, The whole team of Killer Bass, Trent, chris maclain, and more! The first award is for the best Team on season 1 and 2! The nomanes are, Screaming Gaffers, Killer Grips, Killer Bass, and Screaming Gophers. and the winner is...................... Killer bas, bass with 8 votes!!!!!
Duncan: We are so happy we won this award!
Courtney: I think I won it for us.
Duncan: Yeah how do u know that anda won it for us???
Courtney: cause i'm the onlt one on the team with brains.
Bridgette: are anda saying...
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posted by toofu
the first one to come to the island is Mason. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I can't believe i'm here!he screams. welcome Mason! Chris says. selanjutnya comes Vinnie. awesome! welc Vern. Chris says and where are all these girls at anyway? Just then Kara gets off the bus and Chris starts staring at her, lovingly. oh crapp! vinnie says. Chris does not know who he likes. then all kind of rock and rule musik plays and Devan R gets off the bus. 's up man. he says. I think there's a bird. Mason says. Devan stanps on his foot. Crapp, that hurts dude! Abby gets off next. Here comes Twinkykid. Mason whispers. hi...
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posted by dramalyric
Everybody was in the lunch room eating lunch.

Duncan: hey green boy! *gives BB an wedgie and throws him in garbage*

Lyric: Stop Duncan! Thats really mean. What if i did that to you?

Duncan: Whatever. See anda tonight babe. *walks off with Geoff*

Beast Boy: *trying to get out of the trash can and falls back in*

Lyric:*Gets bb out* Are anda okay?

Beast boy: Yeah. Im about sick of that criminal.

Jared and Dannie walk up holding hands.

Jared: hey Lyric wanna get lunch with me and Dannie?

Lyric: Ummm......... Sure. Ill catch up with anda later Beast Boy. Bye.

Beat boy: Bye.

Lyric walked off to lunch with Jared...
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posted by taytrain97
Okay, well, anda all know about the lots of Courtney fan on this spot, right?
And that people like me rebel against those fan because we hate the bitch? (no disrespect intended.)
Well, I'd placed a komentar on someone's picture a loooong time ago. It was a pic of how everyone's clothes were Courtney color-coordinated.
This was my comment:

Me: Oh, wow xD
Sara: Noah's gone to the dark side, what a shame *huggles Gordon* Guess I'll have to settle for this cutie xD
Gordon: O_O S**T!
Chealsea: OOH! I want one!
*we all stare at her*
Chealsea: ...what? I like Courtney!
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posted by kk99aa
Duncan sat there, absorved in the movie.
There was only 7 teens in the movie theater.
It was basicly Just all of my friends there.Crystaale was first,
then Ryan then me, (Vannessa),
then Duncan. And in the detik
row was Sasuke, Diamond, and Jason. We were watching " friday the thriteenth"
in 3D.Diamond went to the bathroom, Crystaale went to get jagung meletus, popcorn and sasuke went with her. Ryan had a "Tuxedo malfunction" and went halaman awal with Jason to change. It was just Duncan and me. "Soooo...." Duncan stammered, trying to make dumb conversation. "Shut up!" I yelled, and put my finger over his lips. His happy expression went from happy to shocked. But when i leaned in, his expression turned lusty....
posted by gwentrentever
 Jacki and Duncan
Jacki and Duncan
I took there smiles and i made them mine, i sold my soul just to hide the light, and now i see what i really am, A THIEF, A WHORE, AND A LIAR! I RUN TO anda (and run away from this hell) CALL OUT YOUR NAME (giving up, giving in) I SEE anda THERE (still anda are) FARTHER AWAY! i'm numb to you, numb and deaf, and blind, anda give me all but the reason why, i reach but i feel only air at night, not you, not love, just nothing. I RUN TO anda (and run away from this hell) CALL OUT YOUR NAME (giving up, giving in) I SEE anda THERE (still anda are) FARTHER AWAY! Tried to forget you, but without anda i feel nothing, dont leave me here oleh myself, I CANT BREATH!!! I RUN TO anda (and run away from this hell) CALL OUT YOUR NAME (giving up, giving in) I SEE anda THERE (still anda are) FATHER AWAY! I RUN TO anda (and run away from this hell) CALL OUT YOUR NAME (giving up, giving in) I SEE anda THERE (still anda are) FARTHER AWAY! FARTHER AWAY! FARTHER AWAY! FARTHER AWAY! FARTHER AWAY!!!!!!!FARTHER AWAY!
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Harold: Hi, little weakling
Me: Why do anda have Lady Gaga with you?
*just dance turns on and LG starts singing*
Noah: That's how I planned it.
Cody: Cuz I'm sexy *starts dancing*
Me: YOU'RE NOT SEXY!!!!!! not to me at least
Duncan: Hi anda guys!
Me: DUNCAN IS A GIRL!!!!!!!!
Dennise: It's Dennise.
Spondgebob: Hello. I am Edgar Allen Poe.
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last names of every camper
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